Zin's Feedback

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Hope you'll be honest and hopefully I was good to trade with...

      Thank you very much for writing :p

    2. I sold a wig to Zin, and she was an absolute joy to deal with - thanks, hon!
    3. I bought a pair of delf hands from Zin for an amazing price and they arrived well-packaged and promptly! I'd happily work with Zin again. Thank you!
    4. I bought a Souldoll Soulkid New General Body from Zin. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Very friendly and quick with her replies, and she packaged the body well and sent it out promptly. Highly recommended! Thank you very much. :)
    5. I bought a minifee boy body from Zin, what a wonderful transaction! Couldn't have gone more smoothly and the body is like new. Arrived quickly and safely, I couldn't recommend her more <3 Thankyou so much Zin!
    6. I did some modding work for Zin, and she was very pleasant to deal with, even when my work schedual went crazy and I didn't couldn't get her doll back to her as fast as I'd wanted to. Very sweet and friendly. :)
    7. Zin bought some wigs from me and everything went just great. immediate payment and very nice communication. Thank you for all!