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Update -Zolala!- shop branches out: - outfit sets for Planetdoll Minis -

Jul 1, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Please see post #2 for news !

      Zolala! Separates Shop - for U-noa/Narae/Narin/MNF and similar girls and boys -
      - update: June 30, 2009

      There are quite some updates at the Zolala! Shop for the Summer Collection. New designs, and
      LE prints and colors, for Packer hats, Jodhpur pants, Strap blazers, Mini shorts, Newsboy caps, and more:




      Visit the Zolala! Shop for more pictures and ordering details.
      Please note: most prints and colors for the current items are limited!

      Thanks for visiting!
    2. [​IMG]

      August 28 -

      After a brief introductional presentation earlier this month, I'm happy to
      'officially' announce the new line for Planetdoll Minis from Sophie's Attic ! :)

      There are 3 categories in the new shop, that each feature OOAK ensembles in
      an individual style, like these:



      Le Boudoir



      Please visit Sophie's Attic for more pictures and details:
      http://www.zolala.nl/Sophie/ - and click on the Shop, or go directly to

      The shop will be updated with new sets every few weeks.
      Please take a moment to sign up for the Newsletter (on the Shop page) if you like to be notified about upcoming outfits.

      Thanks for looking!