ZuZu Delf Discussion Part 5

Nov 30, 2015

    1. REALLY like the new Rumi.... though shes going to be impossible to get.
    2. I expect there might be more less limited Zuzus later in the event. The limited Rumi is very sweet though
    3. I hope you're right RubyHeart... It's been so long since i've gotten a zuzu and I'm a sucker for dragons...
    4. Definitely hoping for more (less-limited!) Zuzus to be added to the event. I'd love a Christmas reindeer Nor!

    5. THAT would be adorable! :D
    6. Fínn picture for the new thread ^^

      She got wings today, little angel-kitty x3

    7. I third the idea about more unlimited zuzu's. They're releasing some more clothing for them officially which is nice. I personally love the fact that Fenny is unlimited because I plan on getting her next-- and next won't be until September 2016. Vanori, your Finn is just beautiful!! Did you make the dress?
    8. They changed the limited number of Rumis from 10 to 30, so she didn't sell out right away...which made me glad because she's so cute that I decided to nab my first Zuzu. :) Anyone else?
    9. Whoops, sorry, wrong forum
    10. Vanori - OMG, I love your kitty! She is so precious. Love her little dress too!

      A Christmas Nor would be awesome. I keep dreaming of one!
    11. Out of curiosity, is anyone here a Fenny owner? What size eyes would you say fit best? (And if you have pictures of that size in your Fenny that'd be even more awesome. :D)
    12. @Mizukichama I have a Fenny (The Sweets)! She's wearing 14mm Mako eyes :)

      I'll post a link since I can't copy the image link on my phone lol~

    13. Thank you! That helps a lot. Sometimes when looking at company pictures and ones across the internet, it's hard to tell whether eyes are 14mm or 16mm. >.<
    14. So there hasn't been an Oink release since mid last year? They probably wont release another till winter, will they? (if they release one they have lots of sculpts to chose from now, don't they.)

      I'm really pining for an Oink over here!
    15. Hah.... When it comes to their pig sculpts, I'm still hoping that Ggul will get a second release. She suits my preferences more than Oink. That said, you're right. Their sculpt library has increased drastically since they first started producing them. Not counting dreaming and romance versions of existing sculpts, there are now 23 different Zuzu Delf sculpts. (Though, you might be able to cut three off that list if you consider Cathy and Toya the same, Rabi and Persi the same, and Bichon and Frise the same, since they do share faces...) Still, they've come a long way since the days where they only had two cat sculpts.

      ....Just randomly thinking here, but I wish that dressing Zuzu Delfs in masculine period clothing wasn't so hard (and that I wasn't so picky about quality). My Lio could really use an Edwardian suit. :(
    16. My Fenny Station Master is still wearing his default eyes, which are 16mm.

      I love cosplaying my anthro's... I dunno, it just seems cuter. I mean, they're already cute enough but this pushes me over the cuteness threshold. I'd love to see your Lio in an Edwardian suit! I go nuts for period costume. I've been planning a Sherlock/Watson for awhile, but I have no idea where to begin and give up :sigh And I won't deny that the idea of a Pride and Prejudice cosplay hasn't crossed my mind a few times.
    17. Thank you! He's about 5 years old now, I think? He doesn't get as much attention as some as the others, but he's always been very special to me.

      So I noticed they updated basic Mati's face-up. He? is a girl now, and super cute. I really liked the previous face-up though :( I wish we could've had 2 face-up options...
    18. Aw Mati is adorable! Mati did used to look more masculine. I love how they can change that just by the skintone and faceup.