ReRelease Zuzu Delf full set released + special gift

Jul 31, 2018

    1. Thank you for your loving our dolls always.
      We announce the sale of 'ZUZU Delf Full set'!

      Full set A <- click!

      Full set B <- click!

      Full set C <- click!

      Full set D <- click!

      Sale period: 31st July 12:00 , 2018 ~ (KST)
      Discount rate: offered as about 10% discounted price form total.
      * not limited item, sold as basic items

      For the Full set customer, we offer special gift!

      Event 1 Free deer horns+ears parts (limited quantities event)

      Limited version 'Deer horns+ears parts for ZUZU Delf' is presented for only 100 worldwide customers in order.

      Period: 31st July, 12:00 ~

      * Event horn+ears parts are offered without painting. If you add painting, it would be charged $5 more.
      * this item is 100 limited one, we make notice if they are ran out.

      Event 2 Free gift clothes (limited period event)

      Target: All Zuzu Delf full set order in the event period
      Item: One free full set clothes from the other unpurchased full set randomly
      Period: 12:00, 31st July, 2018 ~ 17:00, 31st August, 2018 (KST)
      - the event 1,2 are able to be applied together
      - (e.g. if you purchase the full set within a month and order is counted as under no.100, you can receive the limited parts + free clothes)
      - the clothes are offered in random, not selectable.
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    2. Hi! I’m confused by the makeup + parts selection.

      I want to order Rumi with make-up D. Will she still come with the dragon parts?

      Thank you!
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    3. Can you order the just the sets?
    4. Yes, the makeup and parts selection is a bit confusing.

      Do the options A-E refer to the makeup, or the parts, or both?
      If that is the case, is there a no makeup option for the parts, or no?
      Also is there a way to see additional photos of the face options?

      Thanks! :D I've wanted a Zuzu delf for awhile and I would love to get one of these adorable outfits~

      Also, does shipping count toward the 300$ price required to qualify for layaway?
      Thanks :)

      -Edit- Maybe its better to ask these questions directly on the Luts website?
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