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Zuzu Wolffy

May 15, 2009

    1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      News thread here. Click images to go to individual sales pages.

      OMGOMGOMGOMG~!! Wolf bjd! Finally! I can't wait to see what they look like!

      The grandmother one is amusing... little red riding hood, but without devouring of grandmother ;) I think I'd love to get the postman one, postman delivering my little postman <3 <3 <3

      June 1st seems like a lifetime away, *twitch* and I'm guessing they're going to be $250 just like all the other zuzu limiteds.
    2. I'm pretty excited about these guys - I love the illustrations for them! So cute. WANT! ;)
    3. Aww~ I want one! Wolf bjds are awesome.
    4. Oh yep I definitely want one of these!!! :D
    5. OMG wolf O_O!
      I love wolves!!!
    6. I am very intrigued by the hunter... I wonder if he turns out to be a must have if I could squirrel the money away quickly enough.
    7. If he had like, mo-hair on his chest I probably wouldn't be able to stop touching him.

      I have a wolfie already, he is a beanie baby, and I just lay him on his back when I'm stressed out and just pet his furry belly =3

      I'm kinda worried though, I've spent alot of money of new doll releases recently, so if he turns out to have a must have, I might not be able to get him :(
    8. I'm so happy to see tiny wolves! I'm really looking foreward to them and the Frise Red Riding Hood. They are bound to be insanely adorable!
    9. These look very promising. And the hunter's art reminds me a lot of one of my old dogs, coloration-wise.
    10. They all look so cute *-* But my favorites are post man and pasturer <3
    11. Oh wow... wolves! :aheartbea I can't wait to see actual photos of these guys. :D
    12. interesting. If i have a good job by the time they release them I might get one if they are as adorable as their pictures ^o^
    13. Ooooh Nooooooo!!!! I love the Hunter! I hope he is really painted grey and looks all stoic like that! I would love a Wolf O'Donnell from StarFox! And cowboy gear! *squee!!*
    14. yup...I think i must have a wolfy! not sure which though..i like them all!!! I'll have to see actual dolls before i decide :D yay can't wait to see them! Luts is doing a HUGE release of new stuff.
    15. I like the new way you organised the main post, Anistasiya. It's so cute with all the icons to remind us of the wolfy goodness. ;)

      At the moment I think Hunter is giving me the highest squee-factor, but I'm sure it could all change when they show the actual dolls (I know I went from Pirate to Duke prefence after the actual Lio dolls were shown). ^^
    16. yay can't wait to see the sculpt. Bet they're super cute like the other zuzus. Hopefully they'll be colored and not just white resin. But then again I hope I find reason I don't need it cuz of moneez.

      I also appreciate the spelling Wolffy cuz the unique names are needed for search tools
    17. OMG! Finally a wolfie BJD! I really wanted a Bao, and was pretty sad to see there would apparently be some wait for me to get one. But I love the zuzu kitty bodies, over the pipos. Zuzu's seem to have less of a beer belly. The hunter seems to catch my eye. Finally, someone awnsered the call of the wolf! These are too cute. I can't wait to see more.
    18. Finally, I never thought they would make wolf-like bjds, but I'm really happy they are. Can't wait to see them.
    19. very cute! I can't wait to see them in resin!!
      I hate waiting for release pictures, lol. It's so hard!
    20. I am so doomed! I love wolves! I can't decide which is my favorite, I guess the actual pictures will be the deciding factor. I can't wait until June 1st! and then 40 more days to wait... groan*

      I haven't ordered from Lut's for a long time, do they still take paypal? I remember at some point they didn't.