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* Eun-Ryoung
* Eun-Ryoung
* Mong-yu Eun-Ryoung
* Mong-yu Eun-Ryoung
* Seo-lin
* Seo-Lin
* Eun-ho
* Eun-Ho

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This line of dolls shares similar design and engineering traits with OceanMoon's 50cm Girl line.

OceanMoon 26cm dolls were available in Normal and White skin. Currently the line is being redesigned for future releases.

As stated by OceanMoon, "Mong-yu" translates to: wandering in dreamscape. Mong-yu sculpts are versions in which the eyes are closed/nearly closed and appear to be dreaming/sleeping.


  • Eun-Ryoung
  • Mong-yu Eun-Ryoung
  • Seo-Lin
  • Eun-Ho