2D Doll Limited Dolls

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2D Doll's Limited Doll line includes 25 cm dolls, limited resin colors, and limited full set dolls. Dolls that are Limited and not 25 cm are listed under their doll line as such.


  • Sakura - Full Set Limited to 50 Releases
  • Yuyu - Full Set Limited to 50 Releases
  • Kelp
  • Plum


25 cm Special Body

Height 20 cm w/o Head
Neck Circumference 5.6 cm
Chest Circumference 11 cm
Waist Circumference 10.5 cm
Hip Circumference 14.2 cm
Shoulder to Wrist Length 6.5 cm
Length of Leg 11.5 cm
Foot Length 3.2 cm