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Dollheart is a BJD clothing and accessories store. It was opened in 2003 and is located in Hong Kong, which is the first Brand in Hong Kong focused on BJD fashion and accessories. Dollheart organized the first BJD-themed activities in Hong Kong - Dollism Plus.


Other than Gothic, Lolita & Punk design, Dollheart have introduced more than 1,000 different designs. Also, DollHeart always have cross-over project with famous BJD artist, designers and companies.

One popular line of clothing that Dollheart produces is their usually-limited fer dresses.

DollHeart existing doll clothes size categories include:

  • DDdy
  • DDM
  • SD 70CM BOY
  • SD17BOY
  • SD16 GIRL
  • SD13 BOY
  • SD13 GIRL
  • SD10/13 GIRL
  • MSD
  • Unoa
  • YOSD
  • AZONE Pureneemo
  • Lati Yellow

Other than clothing, there are also BJD accessories, shoes and wigs etc. In the recent years, DollHeart started to develop human clothing.


In 2003, DollHeart was officially opened.

At the beginning, DollHeart was set up as an online business, selling BJD clothing, shoes and wig. The Online store gained support from different countries, including Europe, the U.S., China, Japan and Thailand and other countries.

In 2004, DollHeart was assisted by a foreign doll company, and start the first physical store located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The physical store is also a DollHeart showroom, selling DollHeart products and provide a leisure place for BJD lovers.

In 2006, DollHeart gain support from partners and clients. They organized and held and organized the first large-scale BJD exhibition, Dollism Plus in Hong Kong. Dollism Plus is the first BJD event held in Hong Kong and in China. Doll Companies from other countries come to Hong Kong and share their doll culture to all the visitors.

2011, DollHeart launched human clothing series. They are divided into two:

  • The Alice Dollism - Gothic and Lolita style series
  • DollHeart Couture - Haute couture, wedding and evening dress series

In 2012, DollHeart cooperates with the world-famous Cosplyer Alodia Gosiengfiao. DollHeart cooperates with DOLK and held the first Dollism Plus in Tokyo.