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* [http://www.dreamhighstudio.com/ Official website]
* [http://www.dreamhighstudio.com/ Official website]
* DoA database: [http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?597634-Dream-a-Little-Dream-of-Me-(A-database-for-Dream-High-Studio-Tinies-and-Micros) Tinys and Micros]
* DoA database: [https://denofangels.com/threads/597634/ Tinys and Micros]

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Dreamhigh Studios is a Surabaya, Indonesia-based ball-jointed doll company run by Donny Harijanto and his wife, Linda Riswanto. Dreamhigh Studios specializes in Tiny-sized BJDs and their dolls tend to be highly detailed and articulated for their small sizes. At one time, they also offered hand-made miniature foods. All of their dolls are made with a unique resin which the company invented and calls Dream Resin. They describe Dream Resin as "a new resin that its characteristic is just like plastic, but still looks and handle like resin". The characteristics of Dream Resin are further described below;

  • Slightly flexible and won't easily chipped on the thinner cast, so its perfect for Tiny BJDs.
  • Though its almost like a plastic, It is still a resin can be sanded, drill, etc. weigh like resin and the texture is just the same like DHS older Resin.
  • It's solvent proof not like plastics that will melt down if dipped into solvent (thinner, turpentine, alcohol, etc)
  • It's way far more durable against bump or fall from high place than normal resin. (we've tested it by drop the head cast into hard solid ground from 2 meters high)
  • It's still have that beautiful resin colors, translucency, etc. It doesn't yellowing as much as french resin
  • For custom uses I might even adjust how flexible it should be and how hard through tweaking the formula.

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