Junior Ai

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Junior Ai

Junior Ai are a doll line created by Custom House. They are 42 cm tall. Suggested eye size is 16mm, and suggested wig size is 7-8".


The sculpts with (m) and (f) are the same sculpt, with different faceups and bodies to make one male and the other female.

This list may not be complete or accurate. Please feel free to edit where necessary.


These are the measurements as given by Custom House FAQ (web site no longer active):

Height: 42cm

Neck circumference: 7.3cm

Chest circumference: 17.5cm

Waist circumference: 16.5cm

Hip circumference: 19.6cm

Wrist circumference: 4.7cm

Ankle circumference: 5.8cm

Knee circumference: 8.1cm

Shoulder to Elbow: 6.5cm

Elbow to wrist: 5.5cm

Shoulder to wrist: 12cm

Navel to knee: 12.8cm

Knee to feet: 12.2cm

Navel to feet: 25cm

Shoulder width: 7cm

Shoulder width including arms: 9cm

Head size: 7~8inch

Feet size: 5.6cm

Eyeball size: 16mm