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LadySaiyuki is an American dollmaker that started producing BJDs in 2007. All Lady Saiyuki dolls made after December 2009 are banned on Den of Angels. Dolls made before December 2009 are still allowed on the forum.

The ban

In January 2010, Asleep Eidolon announced through their dealer Mint on Card that LadySaiyuki's sculpt Serenity was a modified recast of the Asleep Eidolon sculpt Pear. Due to the evidence, Den of Angels banned LadySaiyuki and all her dolls made after December 2009. LadySaiyuki insisted that she had not modified and recasted Asleep Eidolon Pear and posted photos of her making Serenity. The timestamps on the photos proved that she had sanded the Pear head and not sculpted it. The photos were removed then reposted with the no time stamps. She also slandered Den of Angels, its moderators, and its owner, which banned her permanently from the forum.

After the ban

LadySaiyuki continues to make BJDs and attend BJD conventions. She has a Facebook page that showcases the dolls she makes.

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