LittleFee Lishe

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Littlefee Lishe is a LittleFee doll by Fairyland. The Lishe sculpt is also offered in several Fairyland sizes; in addition to this size, Lishe is also available in Lishe (Chic Line) size and Lishe (MiniFee) size. Lishe is ALSO one of the first dolls offered through LUTS in the Delf size. She is currently offered only a girl. Littlefee Lishe currently comes in 2 skin tones, Natural and Beautiful White. There are currently 2 different Lishe sets.

LittleFee Lishe Full Package (Alice) LittleFee Lishe Fullset (Alice) includes:

  • LittleFee Lishe [Default face + Girl body(#1 hands)*]
  • 14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
  • Sleeping Face
  • Optional hands (#4 hands)
  • Default Face Makeup
  • Wig (random)
  • Outfits (Alice)
  • Shoes
  • Plate, Box

LittleFee Lishe Basic LittleFee Lishe Basic set includes:

  • LittleFee Lishe [Default face + Girl body(#1 hands)]
  • 14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
  • Box


  • Default Face Makeup
  • Sleeping Face
  • Sleeping Face Makeup