Maoyou Demon Ver. LE100

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Skin tones – Normal, Normal Pink, White, Tanned ($60), Grey ($60)

Faceup - $52

Clothes, leather cuffs on neck, arms and legs - $40

Body blush - $40

Eye size – 12mm

100 sets worldwide

Comes on special demon body


Height: 65cm 
Head Circumference: 18cm 
Neck Circumference: 9cm 
Shoulder Width: 11cm 
Chest: 24cm 
Waist: 18cm 
Hips: 26cm 
Arm Length: 20cm 
Leg Length: 39cm 
Tail Length: 40cm 
Shoulder to Waist: 12cm 
Waist to Foot: 45cm 
Thigh Circumference: 16cm 
Calf Circumference: 9cm 
Foot length: 7cm