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Props are items that complement or are used in a scene, background, or the doll itself to add to its detail. Props are slightly vague in description since it can be considered an accessory for a doll/outfit or something added to a "room" or scenery, depending on the prop itself and how it's used. A definition could be that accessories are worn on or near the body (such as jewellery, headbands, gloves, socks etc) and that props are not, such as miniature instruments, cards, dishware, and furniture. Nevertheless, the term 'prop' and 'accessory ' can be interchangeable and in some cases, depending on a person's point of view, a prop is not much different than an accessory.

Most dollhouse miniatures are made to scale 1:12 or 1:16, and therefore generally work best for tinies. Outside of ABJD-companies that offer props and furniture, it can be tricky to find the right scale of props for your dolls, especially those fit for MSD, SD and up. Most ABJD-companies that offer more than dolls do sell simple props such as mini cameras, but some even sell ready-made furniture such as Dollmore and Iplehouse. Note that most companies only have a category for accessories, where props can be found - this adds to the vague distinction between props and accessories.

Doll-sized props from non-BJD companies

There are various companies that sell miniatures not specifically intended for ABJD, but that do work great for all sizes. Below an (incomplete) list of some of those companies, but a search on eBay, Etsy and comparable sites, or even in your local shopping district can turn up some great finds too!

  • Re-ment [1] (1:6 to 1:12 scaled sweets, baked goods, furniture etc.) Re-ment Items Food and Accessories are usually 1:6 scale, but some of their furniture are 1:12 Scale - in particular sets);
  • American Doll [2] (some furniture works for MSD and SD);
  • Coalport and Spode, among others, are English china manufacturers which produce lines of miniature teacups and saucers. These are high quality miniatures intended as collectibles rather than toys (toy china tends to be bulkier and not to scale). Coalport and Spode pieces happen to be well proportioned for use as props with 1:3 scale (SD) dolls, and are generally priced between $30 and $70 for a cup and saucer at antique stores and on internet marketplaces.
  • (please add more to this list!)

Although not on topic to sell on the Den of Angel Marketplace, food erasers often have the appropriate scale and come in all types, such as soda cans, (Asian/fast)food sets, cakes, vegetables etcetera. A know maker of food erasers is Hapa Culture .

Doll-sized Pets

Calling a pet a prop might sound inhumane, but unless you are planning on giving your SD an actual miniature animal, they generally fall into the 'prop'-category. Again, this can be a vague line since some pets do in fact fit the description of ABJD - whether this is a doll or a prop depends on a persons use for it.