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Soom released Special Order Smokey Onocentaur in October 2011. He was a Teenie Gem sized centaur doll, using the same centaur lower body as MD Pyrol and Minette and Special Order Aloa & Sov. Only exception was his tail, which was that of a donkey, making Smokey an Onocentaur.

Online order version of Smokey came in cream white skin, with a grey lower body centaur parts. Soom also released a New York Comic Con 2011 limited version of Smokey that had a purple centaur body. This version was only sold at the Comic Com.

Order Periods

Original order period was Oct 19th to Nov 9th 2011 as an Online order. Smokey was also sold as a limited purple version at the New York Comic Com 2011.

Fantasy and Optional Parts

Fantasy parts that came with the dolls:

  • centauroid body with donkey tail, NOTE that Smokey didn't come with a human lower body
  • donkey ears

Extras that could be ordered with the doll:

  • Face-up
  • Body blushing

Extras that were also sold separately:

  • Soom eyes in 14mm; large pupil light blue
  • Limited wig
  • Limited outfit