Boris Aristanovich

Head Sculpt:
Impl 72cm Boy Body_TGB
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    January 5, 2018
    Direct from Impldoll
    Reason for choice:
    He fit the character, was affordable, and had easily accessible jointed hands.
    Best Points:
    Handsome, with great body aesthetics.
    Worst Points:
    Heavy, not the best poser, quick to pinch. The jointed hands are pretty bland, too.
    ☣ The Story ☣
    On a snowy winter day, in a country tipping towards civil war, a mercenary finds a young girl fleeing from the government.

    Boris Aristanovich has never had much of an opinion on the political tensions that permeate his country. He gets paid to fight the tsar's quiet war against the rebels, and that's all he cares about. That is until he finds Nadezha Orlova, the daughter of the rebels' missing leader, hiding in his truck. Nadezhda offers Boris a job: bring her to the hopeful safe-haven of Vostok, and be paid up front. A good job – except for the part where it would put him up against the men of a god-like emperor. But Nadezhda is just a small girl with no voice and more magic than anyone knows what to do with, and Boris finds himself caring for her more and more. And when Vostok proves itself more traitorous than they had hoped, Boris goes on the run with his new adopted daughter, into a future fraught with uncertainty.
  • Eyes:
    Shrike Aesthetics basic/brownie 14mm small iris
    Favourite colours:
    Neutrals (grey, white, black) and army green
    Fashion style(s):
    Combat gear; plain, practical daily clothes
    Key fashion accessory:
    Aramid vest
    ☣ Comments ☣​

    So far all of Boris' clothing is handmade by me, with much yelling. Because I'm not great at fitted Western clothes, I'm borrowing a lot of influences from traditional Slavic clothing constructions. His boots are from Alice's Collections.
  • Name story:
    "Boris" is a common Russian name, possibly from a Turkic word meaning "snow leopard" or "wolf." Aristanovich is a patronymic from a Qazaq name meaning "lion."
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Cis Male
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    ☣ Mercenary's Honour ☣
    Boris is one of the main characters of my short story, "Mercenary's Honour." His parents, a labourer and a carpet-weaver, were immigrants and neither they nor he ever really saw their new country as their home. With only the minimum requirement of education, no magic, and a limited number of job options, he became a mercenary - an occupation always in demand. Living out of a camper-truck with a surprisingly large collection of weapons, he managed it well. That is, until after a battle against a rebel faction, he returns to his truck to find a young girl hiding in his closet and pursuers hot on her trail. In a split second, he makes a choice: instead of handing her over, he puts his own life on the line to keep her safe.

    Boris is Nadya's guardian and adoptive parent, a mutual decision they came to after the realisation that Nadya had no family to return to. While he has no magic of his own, he is extremely supportive of her studies, even when he doesn't understand them. To support the both of them, he works primarily as a construction worker, only returning to his former work as a mercenary when it's required of him. He and Nadya pretend blood relation, aided by the fact that Boris very quickly learned her unique form of sign language. If people question it, they keep it to themselves. Boris' natural tendency to stick to himself and his gruff, straightforward personality also help keep people at a distance.


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