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Cia is her name for now .

Gem of dolls
Head Sculpt:
Normal yellow
Original body
  • Date of acquisition:
    March 11 , 2017
    I ordered her through Alice Collections and she arrived probably 2 weeks after I ordered her so she came very quickly .
    Reason for choice:
    Saw her and fell in love and immediately knew what I wanted to do with her as far as character design.
    Best Points:
    She'd be adorable with the right faceup and shadowing. I love her sturdy resin . She doesn't feel delicate like some of my other dolls and has a nice thick resin feel . She sports the cutest little elf ears which I like the sculpt of and is probably the best thing about her .
    Worst Points:
    I'm not going to lie she has a lot and the list is long.

    To start She's not the nicest sculpt and Quite frankly the company still has a lot of practice and perfecting to go . Especially compared to other companys like D.C. and dollzone who have pretty much fine tuned what they put out . The quality is beyond better then gem of dolls and for the same price. So I honestly believe they charge way too much for their product/ dolls when the sculpts are of lower quality.

    Head wise: looking at the pictures online verse what I got . they don't really show how much her lips protrude out like duck lips. She has an ugly side profile to be honest and the online pictures are a bit blurred . She is my only doll that I've gotten and did not look exactly like what you think your getting from looking at the pictures online .I thought she would have more of a flat rounded shaped nose similar to people of Asian descent but it's honestly not really sculpted much at all ,and is more pointy .Pretty much it's a triangle with two holes . I own a few smaller dolls from D.C. That have better sculpted the noses and actually gave them a realistic nose shape compared to her . The way her nose is I don't think I could mod it either without ruining her sculpt, other wise I would try to file it down and shape it a bit .

    The company also sent the wrong hands with her as I mentioned before .

    Moving down further ,her biceps should really be a little bit longer . It's not too bad until you bend her arms completely towards her face making her arms look short and stumpy. Your bicep is slightly longer then your forearm but hers are equal in size making it look off when fully bent . the other positions are fine as the joint add the length missing .

    Her body is not symmetrical on the sides and if you turn her around it's the same with her rear end.

    The hip joints are not well thought out and just horrible . Overall the sockets are too deep and I know the body is made to be unisex aside from the girl having a slit or a bump for the boy but....Ehh the slit looks bad and the part is just too long for the girl . I'm contemplating filing it down .

    the joints are uneven / unsymmetrical and have points on them that scrape inside the hip sockets. I guess the purpose is to catch and help her sit other wise she can't make a complete L when she does sit.

    Still Its horrible . Because the hip sockets are too deep unlike other company's you may see like the D.C. or dollzone dolls , plus with the points it just really limits the possibility and it just doesn't look good . It's not well thought out and they seriously need to look at other companys like D.C. & doll zone sculpts and take a hint when sculpting this portion.

    When she's in the sitting position there is extreme gapping and like I said earlier you need the points to catch to help her sit . It looks uneven when you do and just awful . Her legs also have this pulled in look that looks funny .Almost as if I was squeezing them together .For a moment when I first unboxed her I thought I got two left legs or something.

    Lastly I did already know this about her so I don't care about it and it works for the types of shoes I want to make her . Her feet aren't well sculpted. Pretty much they are bricks with a somewhat toe shape at one end .

    Ultimately I would not buy her body again if I had a choice. Its badly designed and sculpted poorly and quite frankly the $ cost is too much for what you get . I like her head sculpt if only I could soften and slightly improved her mouth and nose features but For now I hope to do that with pastels when I work on her face up.
  • Eyes:
    Sprouty doll
    Lillycat-but the wig is too large and I'm trying to make her one similar to it
    Favourite colours:
    Golden, golden brown eyes . Black , white , golden , warm brown colors for her hair
    Fashion style(s):
    Kimono, Oriental style clothing .
    I want her to be similar to toft the character from the avatar. She has a gentle soft and graceful side like a geisha would have but also a stubborn in your face tom boy attitude . She can be Hyper active and yet calm and almost meditative when observing the beauty's of nature. She's ying and yang at the same time and I also plan to make her an almost ying yang wig . She represents the different facets someone can have in their personality , balance and reflection.

    For her name I was thinking cricket or song like song bird . Something simplistic and with meaning . Or maybe I can find a name that means ying and yang in Japanese ...
  • Name story:
    My dolls don't really have back story's or connect but who knows that could change . Right now my dolls are canvases that I want to represent positive things or to be reminders for myself everytime I look at them . I want to be inspired or motivated or to just feel happy when I look at them . Kind of like a gratitude rock . They will be there to help me remember what to be grateful for or maybe Cia is a reminder of reflection , acceptance or balance ... I haven't quite settled on what she means to me yet and what she will remind me of but you get the point .
    Character age:
    She's probably 11-12
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.


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