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Eon Harken

Head Sculpt:
Volks SDGr (62cm)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Company default
    Date of acquisition:
    May 4, 2016
    Purchased on Migidoll's website
    Reason for choice:
    The sculpt was perfect for the youth and boyish charm of my character, plus the default faceup worked in favor of his serious but endearing personality.
    Best Points:
    Everything~ Jina is adorable, the resin is lovely and the faceup by Migidoll is even more gorgeous in person! I absolutely love their paint job, and the faint shimmer on the cheeks makes for a nice touch.
    Worst Points:
    None at all. =)
  • Eyes:
    Enchanted Doll 14mm red urethanes (Milky #37)
    Monique Gold 7-8" BJ (Chestnut Brown/Black blend)
    Favourite colours:
    Ultramarine and crimson
    Fashion style(s):
    Suits of any kind
    Key fashion accessory:
    Outfit: Iplehouse SID Marien uniform, pants from Volks Bourgeon de Rose Jeune Homme set
    Shoes: Luts SBS-117 S.Black
    Accessories: Iplehouse Leonard rapier

    Appearance: With piercing red eyes, a proud bearing and solemn demeanor, Eon is a relatively short young man who always maintains a formal air about him. He keeps his dark brown hair trimmed to the nape of the neck and has longer bangs curtaining his face, the features of which being rather pretty and youthful for his age, as such adding to the boyish aspect of Eon’s overall build.
    Attire: He is most commonly seen wearing a high-collared navy blue shirt and a long-tailed white jacket featuring brocaded silver accents and epaulets. A black leather belt and his signature weapon, the rapier Trauerdegen, complete the Count Palatine’s ensemble at almost any given time. On off-duty days he often trades his aristocratic garb for a white dress shirt and a black two-piece suit with a lacy cravat.
  • Name story:
    Eon – possible corruption of Ian, meaning “God is gracious"; also the term for an indefinite or very long period of time
    Harken – literal definition: “listen”, may come from a Norse-Viking personal name which translates as “one of High Race” or medieval surnames that mean “son of the hard man”
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Male (FtM transgender)
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Count Eon Harken, a young transgender nobleman wielding the legendary god-sword Trauerdegen. Currently holds the rank of Captain within the Palatine Guard, the God's Pledge Peacekeeping division.

    Full Name:
    Eon Harken
    Other names: Eden Harper (possible alternate counterpart, "identical stranger")
    Species: Human (Thaumaturge/magic-user)
    Birthplace: Southeast Sector, Nascent Empirical Union / NEU
    Affiliation: God’s Pledge
    Title: Captain of the Palatine Guard, Count Palatine
    Age: 21
    Birthday: May 2
    Hair color: Chestnut-brown
    Eye color: Red
    Height: 5'6" / 168 cm
    Weight: 133 lbs / 60 kg
    Myers-Briggs: ENFJ
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Orientation: Gay
    Relationship status: In a relationship with Sovran de Vaux
    Family: Ricia Fraga (guardian), unknown parentage
    – Level-headed
    – Reliable, hard worker
    – Well organized
    – Straightforward and honest
    – Altruistic, believes in the greater good
    – Supportive and knows how to provide comfort
    – Too idealistic
    – Will compromise his beliefs to satisfy others
    – Becomes indecisive with moral dilemmas
    – Overly critical of himself
    – Struggles to recover from failure
    – Doesn’t do well with change
    Likes: Orderly spaces, giving others advice, and feeling in control of himself
    Dislikes: Difficult decisions
    Hobbies: Fencing
    Traits: At times somewhat aloof and uptight, but at the core very empathetic and gentle, to the point he hates killing and avoids it all costs, despite his line of work in God’s Pledge, protecting the human populace as a Peacekeeper.
    Personality: Both he and Sovran de Vaux share the same work ethic and dedication to their cause, yet their approaches differ greatly in that Eon displays a far more serious, no-nonsense attitude outlook on life, exhibiting a sense of gravitas that may be considered rare for someone his age. He can come off as self-righteous about his own morals yet also tries to understand other viewpoints, acknowledging that there are some things that he cannot change–or should not be changed–especially in terms of Rem uprising in the State. A genuinely compassionate and caring person, Eon abhors violence due to the destruction he witnessed as a child and strongly values the sacred and irreplaceable aspect of all life, human or not.
    As a Thaumaturge, Eon is able to create Bindings, or spells that compress all of the caster’s will and intent into a single word. The two current Bindings in his roster include “Boost” (which temporarily increases strength and stamina at the cost of stamina) and “Restore” (used to repair cuts, bruises and fractured bones, but only for himself).
    After further empowering his restorative Binding with Godtype Ricia Fraga, Eon is able to heal most damage to his body and staunch the flow of blood from flesh wounds, but at the moment he cannot repair severed limbs or stop internal bleeding. This particular Binding actually operates on a mechanism of selective time-reversal rather than actual healing, although Eon isn’t fully aware of this.

    Classical (Elemental) Magic

    When the Godtype Fulcanelli Paramirum recognized potential in Eon as a sorcerer and element-wielder, they proceeded to train him in “classical”, or magic controlling the elements: water, fire, earth, air, and quintessence (atmospheric magic, or the Fifth Element). He was able to wield all four normal elements, quite rare for Thaumaturges, with his affinity for ether being even rarer. As ether is the divine “air” only the gods breathed, by channeling its power Eon is able to use “quintessence”, or quin, to enhance his elemental magic and also fuse it with the other elements to generate what Nell has dubbed “prima materia”, a physical form of ether. Prima can take many forms depending on each particular fusion (Eon himself favors crystallized earth-prima) and has a multitude of uses, such as energy storage or even offensive ability. However, Eon’s control over it is relatively poor and he cannot maintain it for longs periods of time, usually hurling it at enemies in a spherical crystal form for powerful but non-lethal attacks.

    Regenerative Spells

    Eon had learned a number of regenerative, or self-healing, spells from Ricia Fraga during his time with her, although he lacks the ability to proficiently heal others using them. He is able to heal most damage to his body and staunch the flow of blood from flesh wounds, but at the moment he cannot repair severed limbs or stop internal bleeding. These spells actually operate on a mechanism of selective time-reversal, although he isn’t fully aware of this.
    Eon wields a dress sword known as Trauerdegen, or the “Mourning Dagger”, gifted to him by Ricia Fraga. It is known for its blunted blade, allowing Eon to incapacitate enemies without dealing fatal damage. Trauerdegen is actually a soul-forged weapon that once belonged to famed necromancer Ark Townsend, and the reason why Ricia would give such a precious treasure to a mere boy is still unknown.

    Eon was brought to an orphanage while still a small child, sent with a handwritten letter containing the words "Eon Harken" and a blotted suspected middle name, "T." The younger children considered Eon their protective big sibling, since he cared deeply for everyone and, despite his young age, insisted the adoption of others came before his own. He became somewhat of a permanent resident at the orphanage, able to console grieving orphans in a way the grownups could not.

    Eon’s town, a fringe settlement of the Nascent Empirical Union's Southeast Sector, bordered a quiet part of the Remnant territories but was considered completely safe, especially since the Sector strongholds were far more often targeted than suburban areas. However, this assumption changed completely when a horde of Remnants breached the meager defenses of Eon’s community and ransacked everything, with little to no regard for the lives of the townspeople.

    The night ended with massive casualties, including Eon’s caretakers, orphanage friends, and just about everyone else. Seven-year-old Eon was one of few people left alive, and the first to be discovered by a young girl named Rihtwisnes Iusticia Fraga, or simply Ricia: actually a surviving Godtype from the old era. She had anticipated the attack and had patrolled the area in hopes of saving its occupants. Upon encountering a half-conscious Eon, the young Godtype began to compliment the child’s fortitude, but then spotted the wreckage of the orphanage nearby, causing the child to nearly break down. He truly hated the fact that he was still breathing, wanting to die simply because everyone he loved, likely his birth parents too, were somewhere he couldn’t go.

    After hearing the child’s laments, Ricia mentioned her observations about his latent magic powers, and when the child expressed a wish to ensure this tragedy never happened again, she attempted to reignite his will to live with a bargain: become her champion in exchange for the lives lost that night. Eon, not knowing that Ricia was a god, didn’t entirely understand but agreed to it without hesitation. The last thing he remembered before passing out was Ricia asking his name, and approaching the bodies of his friends, but he lost consciousness before he could respond.

    When Eon awoke, he found himself in a makeshift infirmary along with his parents and the rest of the townspeople who died, all bruised and battered but somehow alive. Eon didn’t see Ricia Fraga again for almost an entire year, after the town was for the most part rebuilt and back to normal. When the news never reported any deaths or resurrections following the incident he started to believe that the girl he met didn’t even exist at all, and that he only dreamed everyone had died. However, Ricia eventually came to collect her champion and, after a brief discussion with Eon, brought in a recruiter from God’s Pledge to discuss relocating him to the Northeast Sector so he could begin training as a Thaumaturge, or sorcerer. Eon initially wanted to refuse the move, until Fulcanelli Paramirum, the Pledge Regent themselves, showed up with a proposition of their own: to fully fund the orphanage and help find homes for the other children. After a long debate, Eon agreed to the deal, and later received a home in the Northeast Sector where he was introduced to God’s Pledge as a Peacekeeper in training, and also given a sword by Ricia Fraga, known as Trauerdegen–the “Mourning Dagger.”

    Fulcanelli took a great interest in Eon, mainly because they sensed his affinity for ether, or the divine substance which allowed the performance of “miracles.” Pursuing the path of a Thaumaturge, or magic-wielder, Eon studied elemental magic under them for many years, teaching himself Bindings on the side and also carrying on in God’s Pledge to learn swordsmanship from another Godtype, alongside combating the Rems. Along the way, he made numerous friends and progressively opened about the dysphoria regarding his body and gender, receiving nothing but support from the other members, who all had their fair share of struggles and wanted to understand his.

    At the end of his eleventh year of studying and service, Nell Paramirum began to speak with Eon about his sword, which was actually a god’s weapon, one they never thought Ricia would give away. Its most notable feature was the blunted blade which could incapacitate opponents without killing them, suiting the technical-pacifist style Eon learned from Ricia. While mastering the sword under Lady Veer Thakur’s tutelage, Eon grew even more proficient with manipulating ether into the fifth element, quintessence, and proved himself worthy in both leadership and skill. With his humble heart and love of all life, Eon’s popularity around God’s Pledge and the NEU surged, surprising him greatly yet also helping him to see that he had bettered the lives of many. After turning twenty-one, Eon was given the high noble title of Count Palatine, a position within God’s Pledge that had been previously occupied by Fulcanelli, whereupon Eon declared a desire to live fully as himself, a young man dedicated to serving his country and protecting the people.
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