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Sovran de Vaux

Head Sculpt:
New Normal
Ringdoll 72cm RGMbody-2 (old pure normal)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    April 28, 2015
    Reason for choice:
    Sculpt struck a fine balance between youth and maturity, and the limited edition faceup was far too beautiful to pass up!
    Best Points:
    His realistic faceup and subtle smile.
    Worst Points:
    The eyewells are a little deep and require some trial and error to find a good fit.
  • Eyes:
    Glib 10mm Pale Blue Acrylic, Eyeco 11mm Dreamy soft glass
    Tata's Paradise 8-9" WTM076
    Favourite colours:
    Burgundy purple
    Fashion style(s):
    Military uniform
    Outfit: Ringdoll Rc70-13 uniform
    Shoes: Ringdoll Rshoes70-2 boots
  • Name story:
    Sovran - derived from the Old French word "soverain", simply meaning "sovereign"
    de Vaux - English surname of Norman French origin meaning "of the valleys"
    Character age:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Current Captain Commander of the Noble Guard within the God's Pledge organization. After his father, Reynaud de Vaux, was killed in a Remnant attack, Sovran thrust aside his self-indulgent lifestyle and joined the Peacekeepers, rising to the rank of Captain over a number of years. He strives to someday attain his father's rank and better the nation as much as he did.

    Full name:
    Sovran de Vaux
    Other names: Sachiel (alternate universe)
    Affiliation: God’s Pledge/Peacekeeers
    Rank: Captain Commander of the Noble Guard
    Title: Earl of God's Pledge
    Species: Human
    Nationality: French-Empirian
    Birthplace: Northwest Sector, Nascent Empirian Union / NEU
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Birthday: April 18
    Hair color: White blond
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 6'5" / 196 cm
    Weight: 197 lbs / 89 kg
    Myers-Briggs: ISFP
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Orientation: Pansexual
    Relationship status: In a relationship with Eon Harken
    Family members: Reynaud de Vaux (father; deceased), Liliane de Vaux (mother; currently estranged), Samson Aster (parallel family member)
    Likes: Doing his best at all times, good food and fine dining, cheering people up
    Dislikes: Neglect of important work, excessive self-indulgence, the way he used to act in the past
    Hobbies: Hosting parties and wine tastings
    – Enthusiastic and warm, treats everyone like an old friend
    – Works hard at everything he does
    – Good at improvising
    – Highly observant but nonjudgmental
    – Lenient and forgiving of others–it’s hard to get on his bad side

    – Can come off as flippant or overly lax
    – Often self-indulgent
    – Strongly emotional, too spontaneous; leads with his heart instead of his head
    – Afraid of confrontation, especially on interpersonal levels
    – Does not do well with tedious routines
    Appearance: Sovran’s most distinguishing feature is his white blond hair, apparently a hereditary trait from his father’s side. He styles it in side-swept bangs that partially fall across his eyes, which are a striking sky blue color framed by long, snow-white lashes. He cuts quite the imposing figure, tall with a slender yet muscular build.

    Attire: In memory of his father Sovran wears the traditional military uniform of the Captain of the Guard–a teal overcoat over a burgundy dress shirt–although barely anyone else in God’s Pledge follows the old dress code.

    Weapon: Flintlock pistol
    Sovran dedicates himself in both heart and soul to his job, carrying on his father’s legacy as Captain Commander of the Noble Guard within God’s Pledge, a national peacekeeping association founded to protect endangered “gods.” Even though the position has been relegated to little more than a ceremonial title (only requiring that he attend an occasional meeting and ensure the safety of their “Princess”) he’s known for expending outrageous amounts of energy on even the smallest of tasks. If it weren’t for his friendly personality, Sovran’s insane work ethic would probably intimidate or possibly appear as a threat to the other organization members. He’s actually a big goofball deep down, often poking fun at his friends and coworkers in a way that makes them smile and laugh a little more.

    Prior to earning his position Sovran had rejected the organization entirely due to his father’s work-related absences growing up, this resentment only worsened when Sovran’s infant brother died from illness while Reynaud was away. His mother constantly abused the family wealth and later influenced Sovran to do so as well. Growing more and more listless, the self-centered and hedonistic Sovran rarely considered the immense problems within the NEU in a poor attempt to completely dissociate from his father. It was only when Colonel Reynaud de Vaux died protecting his home sector from an unexpected attack that Sovran realized the error of his ways.

    Seeing how little his mother grieved, the young man promptly resumed his neglected studies and trained vigorously so that he could strive for his father’s position and perhaps then make amends for the past. Not long afterwards he was promoted to the lower rank of Captain on his own merit alone. He left behind his life of carefree luxury and made a promise that he would uphold his father honor until the last breath. His dedication and drive inspired many within the organization and later attracted the attention of Eon Harken, the Count Palatine in God’s Pledge with whom Sovran would later share a loving relationship.

    Alternate Universe (spoilers)

    Samson Aster recognizes Sovran de Vaux as a parallel-world version of Sachiel Zechariah Bain, Samson’s own surrogate brother, also called Sacky by friends and family. Rather than being a human, Sachiel was one of many invulnerable superpowered beings known as Godtypes, having lived in an isolated clan that supported peace and cooperation with mankind. Sachiel himself never aged past his late teenage years, and Sovran appears to be a reflection of what Sachiel would have grown into, had he been human.

    The Godtypes of Samson and Sachiel's Earth viewed humanity as tainted and corrupt and actively encouraged extermination as a means to begin the world anew. Because Godtypes cannot be killed by normal means, the human population rapidly declined, its ultimate destruction only hindered by the interference of Sachiel’s clan, who by Remiel Bain's machinations obtained an anomalous god-slaying mortal through the Liminal Rooms.

    This “savior” and Sachiel had grown close and eventually fell in love, but their fleeting romance ended in disaster when she slew him and the rest of his clan for reasons still unknown. The only survivor, Sachiel’s older brother, killed the savior out of hatred and vengeance, thereby extinguishing the world’s last chance at salvation

    What disturbs Samson most is that Eon Harken, Sovran’s significant other, resembles the savior to such a degree that he believes they may be parallels, or otherwise identical strangers. Despite recognizing Eon as an entirely different person and a very kindly young man, Samson can’t help but feel unnerved by their relationship, seeing as the savior essentially killed one of Sovran’s incarnations.
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