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Doll In Mind
Head Sculpt:
DIM Love Body 2.0
  • Face-up artist(s):
    DIM Default
    Date of acquisition:
    31st Oct 2012
    Bought directly from DIM
    Reason for choice:
    I'd been looking to shell this character for a long time, and had found an ideal sculpt in SoulDoll Tae, however right when I got enough money saved up to buy him, they stopped selling him. So I went on the hunt for another asian looking doll to be my half Japanese/half American boy and luckily found Lyell quite quickly. He had the look I was going for and the rest is history.
    Best Points:
    His resin is very thick. His body and face are very well sculpted and they look natural and quite real. He also poses quite nicely. His hands and feet are especially nicely sculpted and look really beautiful.
    Worst Points:
    Despite posing fairly nicely, his torso can be a little bit of a pain to deal with. Other than that, he's really great.
  • Eyes:
    Soom R04 Haiti 12mm
    Sunnies Wonderful World 8-9 Black and Red Long Fur (Styled by me)
    Favourite colours:
    Navy Blue, Purple
    Fashion style(s):
    Sometimes he just wears basic modern clothing, hoodies, jeans etc but he occasionally wears a slightly more punk rock style of clothing. Ripped jeans, band tees, chains and piercings.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Bronze wing necklace, Black and silver key necklace, sometimes Army issue dog tags
  • Name story:
    Katana, aka Blade was named after my second oldest OC.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    This character is a doll based on one of my oldest OC's and my second ever Fursona, he is NOT available for anyone but myself and the owner of his other two partners to roleplay ever.

    Katana Tokari aka Blade.

    Blade is sweet, loyal to a fault and a little bit clingy. He enjoys reading books, going running and when they aren't teasing him too much, hanging out with Sarge's best friends teen girls Akasha and Raven and their best friend Nikita.

    Due to almost constant exposure to sarcastic, rude and often mean males however, he has developed a little bit of a backbone finally. It's hard to be around an ex-army sargeant and two mercenaries almost constantly without picking up a few of their habits and he occasionally snaps when wound up to much and will fight to protect himself or those he loves if he really has to.

    For the most part however, he is just loving, caring and and a complete cuddle bug.

    Katana, otherwise known as Blade is a shifter, what some may refer to as a werepanther (melanistic leopard) who was mistreated (and that's a kind term for what happened to him) by his father and older brother and ignored by his mother for being so weak and pathetic. Due to the late blooming of his shapeshifter powers and the fact that he didn't enjoy hurting others or the general cruelty most of his family seemed to revel in, he was considered worthless and fit for nothing but taking their frustrations out on.

    One day after a particularly brutal event, terrified and hurt, he ran for his life. He made it away from them and collapsed on the streets. He was found by a very grumpy and unlikely savior, an ex-army sargeant and a wolf shifter (werewolf) with a seriously bad attitude. And despite the other males wishes, his powers and his conscience (aka his friend and ex-girlfriend) pretty much forced him into taking the boy home and healing him.

    Once he was healed, Blade stayed, much to Sarge's chagrin and eventually realized the eternally snarky and irritable older male wasn't as heartless as he liked to think and pretend he was. They entered into a sort of psuedo relationship that to Blade truly meant something and to Sarge was simply a bit of fun when HE felt like it. Except as time went by things started to change and with the help of two other males (another wolf shifter/werewolf and a fox shifter/werefox) who also entered the relationship (that's a whole other story believe me it's seriously complicated) it turned out Sarge may be receptive to affection after all. Much to Blade's pleasure. Even if only a little bit and only sometimes.

    Of course he was still grumpy, mostly hated just about everyone and everything, but neither Blade, Conradd nor Dagger seem to mind too much. For the most part anyway, other times they thought he was a complete jerk, but they still cared about him. With the support (except for Sarge really) and affection of not just one special male shifter but three of them, as well as the support of Sarge's unwanted and often uninvited friends and family Blade finally began to heal and learn what it was to live and love.

    Even if they were unconventional, they still had his back and he is still learning how to do the same.

    Relationship to others: Sarge (Partner/Savior) Dagger (Partner/Snugglebuddy) Conradd (Partner/WhiteKnight)
  • [​IMG]


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