Head Sculpt:
Light Brown
EID Superhero with Strongman Arms
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    June 30th, 2010
    Bought directly from Iplehouse during Kamau's first, limited run of the original Kamau sculpt.
    Reason for choice:
    He fit the character so perfectly. He was available in the gorgeous brown skin my Native boy needed, his face sculpt was gorgeous and just screamed Sarge and his body was just right for my fitness fanatic, ex-army Sargeant.
    Best Points:
    Beautiful colour, wonderfully realistic in both body and face, stands like a rock.
    Worst Points:
    While he stands great, he has issues sitting up and posing in many other positions. He really doesn't pose that well, but I'm getting used to him slowly, even if I do wish I could swap his body for another one.
  • Eyes:
    Soom CL10 Violet 12mm
    Coolcat 9-10 Black and Purple
    Favourite colours:
    Purple, Black, Red, Grey
    Fashion style(s):
    Basically just jeans and uh that's it. He doesn't really wear shoes unless he absolutely has to and he prefers not to wear tops either. Honestly, people are lucky he puts any clothes on at all.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Army Dog Tags
  • Name story:
    Well he's been with me as a character since I was 18 and at the time naming my ex-Army Sargeant, Sarge seemed like a good idea. He does have a real name but he never reveals it so as he spent so long going by Sarge, he only answers to that now.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    This character is a doll based on one of my oldest OC's and my first ever Fursona, he is NOT available for anyone but myself and the owner of his other two partners to roleplay ever.

    Sarge is large, seriously grumpy and very much in charge. He enjoys exercise, fighting and just generally snarling at pretty much everyone and everything. Oh and being alone, he likes to be as away from the entire world as it is possible to be.

    He's snappy, snarly, angry and he swears, a lot. He's also prone to lashing out and is basically just the kind of guy you talk to and go 'Wow what a completely unpleasant guy!' or you know something to that effect but much stronger. He's just not very nice for the most part and he doesn't like anyone or anything.

    He does however occasionally have fits of what could almost be called protectiveness, though it's much more akin to possessiveness than anything else. If he does decide he wants to keep a hold of something or someone (hey these things surprisingly happen) then it's best to get out of his way as the large shifter doesn't so much work around his problems as plow right on through the middle of them. And it's not pretty.

    Born into the tribe as the son of the Chieftain and raised to be the next leader, Sarge was always a loner. He much preferred being away from everyone and was never really sure he wanted that position, even from a young age. The only person he could ever really stand was the ancient herbalist and medicine man. As such, Sarge studied to become the next chief simply because he had to, but he also learned mystical and magical talents from possibly his only friend (if he could even be referred to as such) Amaranth. His father treated him more as a prized possession than a son however and some of his personality certainly rubbed off on the angry boy.

    As he became older and larger, he made it perfectly clear he held no desire to take over the leadership of the people and his father began to resent him for it. There was however one thing the wolf shifter was interested in and as soon as he was of age to do so, Sarge followed in the footsteps of many young warriors in the tribe and signed up to the US Army. Furious, his father, uncle and a few older members of the tribe went after the young male and attempted to remove the tips of his pointed ears, a symbol of his shifter powers and also of his other mystical powers as well. Through perseverance and a lot of both luck and power, he managed to escape with only minor wounds. His father unfortunately, was not so lucky. The young male didn't much mourn his loss however, the man had never treated him as if he cared for him, so why should the young warrior care in return. He simply left and in his absence, his uncle took up the mantel of leader.

    As evidenced by his name, he became a valued soldier in the army and even earned his own squad. He was tough and often times cruel, but for the most part, his squad oddly grew to like the stern disciplinarian. His time in the army however changed him, and Sarge became cold, cruel and pretty vicious. When the war was over, he was honorably discharged and despite their antagonistic relationship, discovered his father had left him a rather considerable amount of money as well as a very large house, often referred to by his friend and fellow soldier Kesshi as a mansion. For reasons beyond him Kesshi, his wife Chandra and their two girls Raven and Akasha moved in with him, despite his wish for them not to. No matter how many times he fought with his 'friend' over the issue, the other refused to leave and he gave in.

    He attempted a relationship with a woman named Jet, who also came to live in the house, but they both agreed they were better off as friends and surprisingly, she was one of the few people he actually got along with and didn't have an urge to hurt. After some time, he was out one day (having been quite literally dragged out with Jet) when they stumbled across a teenage boy of around 18 or so. He was hurt, badly and close to passing and Sarge turned to walk away, content to leave him to his fate. Jet however had other ideas. They fought, she as usual won and the grumpy male gave in. They took the boy home, and listening to his instincts even if he didn't much like it, he tapped into his usually dormant healing powers and fixed the boy up. Much to his chagrin, Katana aka Blade unfortunately developed quite the crush on him and even his usual cruelty wasn't enough to dissuade the boy of his affections.

    The younger male followed him almost religiously, like a little lost puppy, or perhaps kitten was the more appropriate term to describe the panther shifter and he discovered much to his annoyance and Blade's contentment, that not even he was immune to the boys charms. Their psuedo relationship was put to the test when two new males entered the picture, sent to harm his little panther, except they befriended the boy instead and eventually wormed their way into Sarge's affections as well. Somehow, with their help, and their entry into the already confusing relationship, Sarge is slowly learning to be human again and not to be quite so cruel to Blade or his other two partners as well as the other people, who, much to his annoyance, refuse to get out of his life! But it's a long process and things are still very complicated right now and occasionally he still thinks he hates, Blade, Conradd and Dagger. He's wrong, but he thinks it anyway. (Yep it's seriously complicated, not even a facebook status can explain how complicated this really is.)

    Relationship to others: Katana (Partner/Annoyance) Dagger (Partner/Pet) Conradd (AlphaMate/PeaceMaker)
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