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Mercy Chun Mendoza

Head Sculpt:
nYID girl (59cm)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Iplehouse default (Makeup A)
    Date of acquisition:
    June 11, 2015
    Iplehouse website
    Reason for choice:
    I definitely wanted an Asian-looking sculpt for this character, and she needed to be both gentle and strong to play my protagonist. From Mari's story by Iplehouse, I thought the sculpt would match very well.
    Best Points:
    Her adorable face, and the versatility of her expressions. <3
    Worst Points:
    None. =) Although maybe her arms could use some restringing~
  • Eyes:
    12mm Almost Real Dk. Violet acrylic (left), 12mm MoC Fantasy Gray (right)
    Crobidoll 8-9" CRWML-87 light black
    Favourite colours:
    Maroon and earthen tones
    Fashion style(s):
    Favors tomboyish outfits with an additional feminine touch
    Key fashion accessory:
    Scarf and shoulder bag
    Outfit: Volks Leaf Green Tartan set with shirt from Volks Classical Charlotte dress
    Volks Azurite Blue Pretty set (“Palatine Guard” uniform)
    Volks Quintetto of Beauty set (“Noble Guard” uniform)
    Shoes: Volks SB-SD-088 brown lace-up boots
    Accessories: scarf from Volks Summer Breeze set, Nine9Style cross square bag, self-made key necklace
  • Name story:
    Mercy - "compassion" (you can probably guess her personality already)
    Chun - Hong Kong form of the Chinese surname 陳, which is my ancestral family name/lineage
    Mendoza - Basque surname meaning "cold mountain", also a common Filipino surname
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Room One's latest Missionary: a gentle and kind-hearted, if somewhat meek individual sent to save a dying alternate Earth from destruction.
    Learning that her missing little sister had undertaken this Mission beforehand, Mercy accepts the daunting responsibility with as much courtesy as she can muster, and journies alongside her enigmatic guide, Samson Aster, into a world of magic and intrigue, with far more questions than answers.

    Full name: Mercy Chun Mendoza
    Other names: Merce (nickname from Samson)
    Species: Human
    Nationality: Filipina-Chinese American
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Affiliation: None, later Pyranoscope and God’s Pledge
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: June 11
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown (right eye appears milky white due to a childhood injury)
    Height: 5'1" / 155 cm
    Weight: 105 lbs / 48 kg
    Myers-Briggs: ISFJ
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Orientation: Asexual, heteroromantic
    Relationship status: Harbors feelings for Samson Aster
    Family: Mother, father, younger sister (Mara Mendoza), maternal and paternal grandparents
    + Selfless, puts others’ needs before her own
    + Tactful and good at diffusing conflict, especially through reasoning
    + Sees the best in everyone, continues to do so until proven otherwise
    + Puts a lot of attention into her actions
    + Nurturing, gentle and forgiving

    – Will acknowledge but ultimately neglect her own troubles
    – Fearful of attachment
    – Low self-esteem, reliant on external affirmation
    – Sensitive, easily hurt but reluctant to point out any problems
    – Excessively critical about herself
    Likes: Sunny days, tranquil atmosphere, seeing others smile, taking hot showers and long naps
    Dislikes: Situations that make her feel trapped, motor vehicles, any sort of violence and being told lies
    Hobbies: Writing poetry

    Traits: Good-natured, nurturing and friendly, yet guarded and cautious when it comes to anything about herself. Fiercely, perhaps even unreasonably loyal to her loved ones, a little low on self-esteem and actually rather lonely since she likes staying emotionally distant.

    Personality: Engaging and supportive, Mercy is always willing to help others with their problems, though she is somewhat detached from herself and introverted on the inside, rarely disclosing detailed personal information to anyone, even close acquaintances. When trapped in a heated or uncomfortable situation, she will attempt to diffuse the atmosphere or otherwise divert attention elsewhere, with varying degrees of success. Despite her wariness of getting close to others, she will open up in heart and soul to those she comes to trust.

    Despite her usually cheerful affect, Mercy still struggles with the trauma of her accident, as well as feeling like a failure to the rest of the family, especially her little sister. More than anything she fears losing the trust of others in the event she opens up to them, and thus tries to keep a safe distance from an emotional standpoint. She desperately wants to reach out and talk to someone, but her anxiety often keeps her from doing so. Instead she chooses to help those in need with their own problems, feeling happy when she sees that they’re happy too.

    Appearance: Has a healthy, pale peach complexion and dark, chin-length hair with long bangs parted to the right, sometimes used to hide her damaged eye. Petite build and average weight; moderately slim figure She inherited her mother’s side’s thin bones and fast metabolism.

    Attire: Usually found wearing a long-sleeved beige blouse beneath a brown dress vest, a mahogany scarf and dark green, beige-accented pants. Her favored shoes appear to be a pair of brown lace-up boots.

    During her time on the alternate Earth, she is gifted a customized uniform by the Palatine Guard of God’s Pledge, which consists of a black ruffle dress shirt, leather boots, a matching navy blue vest and pants and a long train of dark, lacy material.


    As a Missionary, Mercy received the smallest fraction of power from the Rooms, which allows her to very briefly halt time across the entire world, although she's only able to affect/alter the immediate vicinity. Due to the immense strain this operation places on her body, she's only able to use it once per day, after which the ability locks itself entirely.

    Mercy received a key to hail Room One as did all other Missionaries of Pyranoscope, but it seemed to be gold in color unlike the standard silver models or the somewhat rarer “brass” ones. It wasn’t until after dying on her Mission that Mercy discovered this special key allowed her to “respawn” or warp back in time to a point shortly preceding the death. (Under normal circumstances, a Missionary killed on a Mission is immediately sent back home by Pyranoscope and loses any recollection of Room One and the parallel worlds.) This also means that Mercy cannot return home until the Mission is either completed or failed entirely.

    Akashic Strain

    Though her home world lacks an atmospheric ether field, Mercy learns that she is capable of using magic in the alternate Earth of the gods due to possessing the Strain. After temporarily joining God’s Pledge to complete her mission she learns the proper techniques towards building a full-fledged magic binding, although it’s a slow process and she lacks mastery over their usage.


    Mercy was born in Boston, Massachusetts in America, to a Filipino father and a Chinese mother After the birth of another daughter, Mara, the family relocated to a quiet suburban home, where Mercy would spend the duration of her childhood. She cherished her younger sister dearly, feeling a very instinctive urge to nurture Mara and make her feel loved.

    On one particularly snowy night in winter, a nine-year-old Mercy and her parents were involved in a five-car pileup which blinded Mercy in her right eye and left her mother, a beloved illustrator, paralyzed from the neck down. Mercy’s father insisted upon quitting his biomedical engineering job out of concern for the family, but his wife insisted that he continue with work, even though it involved him traveling to hospitals worldwide. The family relocated from Boston to Winter Harbor, Maine, moving into an apartment complex with Mercy and Mara's maternal grandparents living downstairs. Despite their mother’s optimistic bravado, Mara and Mercy noticed her becoming notably more withdrawn and morose, even more so when their father left on travel.

    Though both daughters had a very loving relationship with their mother and each other, the two of them drifted somewhat as teenagers, with Mara becoming moody and overly clingy, actually driving people away with her attitude. In the meantime Mercy grew much closer to her mother, who offered mutual support over what happened in the accident. It was at Mercy’s urging that both mother and daughter started counseling to cope with their frustrations and fears.

    Academically, Mercy was always very bright, but her concentration suffered badly due to severe insomnia, and she later dropped out of college when sleep deprivation got the better of her. She decided that, during this personal break, she would try to re-connect with her then 14-year-old sister, only to fail miserably as it seemed Mara grew even more irritable when they talked, which culminated one day in a heated argument over Mara’s displeasure with her life circumstances.

    Immediately afterwards the younger Mendoza sister fled the house and disappeared into the woods of Maine. What concerned Mercy even more was that she hadn’t returned the next day, and even worse, it suddenly seemed as if Mara never existed in the first place. Mara’s bedroom had turned into a storage closet, with everyone else in the family denying there had ever been an occupant, or another daughter besides Mercy. Neither the local middle school nor the police station had any records of someone by the name of Mara Chun Mendoza, and Mercy began to fear.

    The distraught young woman began to scour the woods where Mara first disappeared, desperately hoping she might be hiding near the spot they loved, but all she could find on their favorite boulder was an odd golden key–which then whisked Mercy away to the Liminal Room where she would meet Samson Aster and learn of the parallel Earths.
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