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Remiel Bain

Head Sculpt:
Normal Pink / Pure Fresh
73cm Dollstown 18yrs boy body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    April 8, 2016
    Head purchased from Den of Angels marketplace; body from Dollstown website.
    Reason for choice:
    Dollzone Cosmo probably became one of my grail heads as soon as I saw it--which was unfortunately after he'd already been discontinued by the company. I was lucky enough to snatch one secondhand, and I desperately wanted to hybrid him on the Dollstown 18yrs body.
    Took a bit of research and praying that the resin match and proportions would work out alright, but luckily they did and he's absolutely perfect.
    Best Points:
    I was pleasantly surprised by the near spot-on resin match between Dollzone and Dollstown (normal pink and fresh skin, respectively), and also how well the head worked on the body.
    Worst Points:
    The Dollstown body is rather weak in the knees and required great amounts of felt sueding to stand properly.
  • Eyes:
    Mako 12mm Owl-005 urethane
    Handmade feather wig
    Favourite colours:
    Black, white, and red
    Fashion style(s):
    Formal wear and overcoats. Likes to dress in layers.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Outfit: Dollmore Model M Epaulet Uniform coat, Luts SSDF suit set shirt and pants, Iplehouse EID four button vest
    Shoes: Iplehouse EID LHS_L004 dress shoes
    Accessories: Dollmore Model size red necktie

    Remiel is fond of utilitarian, usually all-black ensembles, often donning only a plain dress shirt beneath a duster jacket, with maybe a waistcoat in between. What he wears now is what he died in, and he's probably never bothered to peruse his memories for anything different.
  • Name story:
    Remiel - means "thunder of god", a fallen Watcher and angel from the Book of Enoch
    Bain - possibly of Northern English origin, taken from a nickname meaning "bone" or a word meaning "welcoming"; possibly a variant of German "Behn", a diminutive of Latin "Benedict/Benedictus", "blessed".
    Character age:
    Appears around 40 years old, chronologically 4 million+
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Remiel Bain, the man who could see through worlds. Also the surrogate father of Samson Aster. He was an ancient being in his own time, but ever since selling his soul to the "greater god" Pyranoscope (in return for a miracle), he has been forced to watch the rise and fall of countless Earths for the last three million or so years, and will do so, helplessly, for the rest of eternity.

    Full name: Remiel Bain
    Species: Godtype
    Domain: Second sight
    Status: Deceased; in limbo
    Age: Appears around 40, chronologically 4 million+
    Sex: Male
    Birthday: April 6 (Aries)
    Hair color: White
    Eye color: Blue with orange rim, often appears black
    Height: 6'6" / 198 cm
    Weight: 229 lbs / 104 kg
    Myers-Briggs: ENTJ
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Family: Iophiel Bain (wife), Samael and Sachiel Bain (adopted sons), Hanael Bain (adopted daughter)
    – Sticks to his convictions and sees them through to the end
    – Confident, giving others a sense of security
    – Highly protective of his allies
    – Eloquent and concise when speaking
    – Is an intellectual at heart, wise and well-learned

    – Distant in communication
    – Occasionally condescending or dismissive
    – Loses his temper if pushed too much, says things he'll regret later
    – Blinded by his ideals, willing to off anyone in his way
    – Uses people however he sees fit
    Remiel Bain looked like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, probably because he believed he did. His domain as a god allowed him to see the past, present, and future of every world in the multiverse, and thus granted him insight on how his own world may meet its demise. Remiel seldom lived in the moment, and every action he took, every word he spoke, was calculated far in advance to achieve the goals he had in mind. But no one ever knew that. In fact, he gained more renown for his followers than anything else, and even then not many people, not even the followers themselves, seemed to know his true motives.

    He built an army, something like a cult of personality, and it grew like a wildfire. With access to the knowledge of everything, Remiel knew the patterns, and he knew how to present himself. He was a wise, benevolent deity; he took in anyone and everyone and provided for them in his kingdom, the Land of Ivory Bone. Remiel Bain gave the helpless a way to feel strong, and become strong if they desired. Many a powerless god swore the world away to him, simply for giving them a purpose in life. And that purpose was to prevent the collapse of the Earth.

    Of course, he didn't let on quite so quickly. He began by giving his soldiers a portion of his power, slowly though, and kept them on a short leash. Their bodies became weapons to kill other gods, and Remiel invited them to target those that wronged them and scorned their weakness--the strongest gods. In many worlds he saw the strongest gods turn their backs on humanity, but it was the ones where man was destroyed that ended up as desolate wastelands. The gods Remiel knew had grown proud and arrogant, and once they came to sporting violence upon the humans, he had to play his hand.

    The same doomsday scenario from other Earths began unfolding. The gods could not exist without mortals, and yet Remiel's warnings went unheeded. Even when his soldiers killed ten gods, ten more were reborn due to the recycling of souls, with just as much arrogance and wanton cruelty as their predecessors. What he needed was a means to destroying the essence of these problem deities.

    Remiel chose two heirs centuries ago, a pair of bonded gods he named Sachiel and Samael, their only real specialty being immense durability, altogether useless in every other way. Revolting against the natural order, he forced his own flesh and blood into the brothers, slowly branding the sin of destruction into their being. What resulted was a debased power born of savagery, designed to erase targets from existence, as if they had existed in the first place. The brother with the most potential, Sachiel, was first to be completed, and Remiel had high hopes of creating the perfect god-killer. Despite an initial success, to Remiel's dismay, the acquired power rebounded with use and started eating away at Sachiel's existence too. Remiel's eldest son, Samael, immediately volunteered to take his younger brother's place, and survived activation to become everything Remiel ever wanted.

    Unfortunately for Sachiel, the damage to his soul was already done, and Samael would simply have to fight alone, forced to bear countless acts of violence, despite his hatred of Remiel and his seemingly noble cause. Remiel, on the other hand, saw his plans falling apart before his eyes, as the warring gods mounted even larger attacks as retaliation. The humans were dying, and Remiel needed more than just Samael, who was beginning to wear down himself. His ultimate decision was to summon an indestructible savior, a being not of their planet, but to do so he would have to sacrifice himself to the only all-powerful force that would listen: Pyranoscope.

    Pyranoscope, powered by Remiel's core, his very being, granted him the endless possibilities of the Liminal Rooms: a way for human "saviors" to transcend parallel dimensions. Remiel's Earth received the perfect savior, a knightly fighter imbued with Pyranoscope's energy, fully equipped to solve all the evils and prevent the ultimate end. Yet what Remiel failed to anticipate was the mere notion of failure--it should've been impossible for their new savior to die. He just didn't foresee it, how his followers would betray his heirs, and how his son, raised specifically to destroy his enemies, might turn against the savior, ruining their last chance at survival. She killed the one person Samael had left, his brother, and so he killed her in turn.

    When Pyranoscope refused to grant the world another savior, seeing as the fabric of its reality might tear in two, Remiel could only look on, unable to do a thing, as his last son attempted to slay the opposing gods on his own, only to die from despair halfway through. Remiel's story came to a close right then and there. From his vantage point inside the Zeroth Room, he saw Pyranoscope condemn Samael Bain's existence to 533 million years of servitude to future saviors, unable to move on and join his brother in the void.

    He still watches, but he can't say a thing. He can't apologize to his son for ruining his life, and getting his brother killed, and also failing to save the Earth. Remiel Bain still waits for the day when Samael is freed from limbo, either to live or die however he chooses.
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