story wilson

Head Sculpt:
mirodoll 60cm small bust
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    2 june 2016
    purchased from nomi800 on the marketplace
  • Wig:
    licht bjd
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    punk (i have literally no clothes that suit her atm)
    Key fashion accessory:
    chokers, heavy makeup
  • Name story:
    i was deciding between "story" and "knowledge" :P then i wanted a surname that would flow
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    story has a younger brother named merit who looks just like her. their parents were very neglectful when she was growing up. they were always working and when they were home they spent most of their time fighting with one another and they eventually separated when she was 15 and her brother was 11. there was a lengthy custody battle, which caused story a lot of emotional stress. she went to live with her mother, but she would still see her father on weekends. merit stayed with their father. story used to be bitter, but she moved on. she remains on fair terms with her parents and no longer holds any resentment. she is very supportive of her brother and his figure skating career.

    story has a very strong personality and is very opinionated, which turns a lot of people off. she doesn't care about that, though. she is a firm believer in sticking up for what she thinks is right. she is happy to support anyone in need. as much as her and tommy fight, if she sees that he is in trouble or upset she leaves her bitterness behind and will help him out (if he lets her, which he typically will when he's feeling vulnerable enough). story isn't particularly emotional herself, but she knows how to handle emotional situations.

    story likes: dancing, music, sailor moon, feminist lit, good conversation, tomboys, cute stuffed animals, cardio
    story dislikes: terfs, any kind of prejudism, rainy days, online dating

    other stats:
    - story is canadian
    - story is a gemini
    - story is 5"6'
    - story is an extrovert
    - story is a pescatarian
    - story is agnostic
    - story has an uncharacteristically deep and raspy voice
    - story is very social and enjoys the local music scene
    - story avoids drugs, but likes to drink socially on weekends
    - story only smokes when she is incredibly stressed out
    - story is gaaaay
    - story collects pins
    - story is a tattoo artist @ adept studio
    - story lives in the same apartment building as tommy and thinks he is foul (they fight constantly)
    - story is an intersectional feminist
    - story is close friends with shane (and has given her some of her tattoos)
    - story calls lilith out often for her poor behaviour
    - story dates charlie for 2 years
    - story has naturally straight, black hair (like her brother)
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