thomas "tommy" warner

april story
Head Sculpt:
new adrian
normal skin
peakswoods dandy
  • Date of acquisition:
    24 March 2016
    purchased straight from april story
    Reason for choice:
    april story was having a 1 and 1 sale, so me and my sister both impulsively purchased a doll each and i figured new adrian would be perfect for thomas
    Best Points:
    body aesthetic, gorgeous facial sculpt (those lips!!!)
    Worst Points:
    he is build so small in comparison to my other dolls his size, so things don't fit!
  • Eyes:
    by platform via legend doll
    Favourite colours:
    he likes all colors
    Fashion style(s):
    shabby-chic, grunge, vintage, 90's
    Key fashion accessory:
    nose ring
  • Name story:
    i wanted something proper to clash with his improper behaviour
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    though he’s still young, tommy had a rough life. his mother was a junky and, though she loved him, it wasn’t enough. tommy’s stepfather was abusive towards the both of them in every way imaginable. he was a drug distributor and dealt with a lot of shady characters. tommy grew up seeing a lot of grim things happening in his own home and when he was still a child, he witnessed his mother overdose. he used to think it was an accident, but now he considers it a purposeful suicide. after his mother’s death, he was left alone with his father in their large house in the bedford ravines. the abuse grew worse and tommy found solace in sports which is where he met his best friend.

    tommy would seek solitude by going to the ice rink alone. he learned how to skate and many of the regulars there would teach him what he didn't know about skating. he was a natural and many thought he had it in him to compete, but he couldn't afford more than a few local competitions. he continues to skate for fun, though.

    tommy has a very low tolerance for mental pain, but can easily tolerate physical pain. he suffers from borderline personality and goes to therapy weekly, but he doesn't feel like he is getting better. he still allows himself to be completely ruled by his emotions.

    everyone considers him to be good looking, but he is never satisfied with the way he looks and sees himself as ugly. he has a lot of self-image problems and sometimes he doesn't even recognize himself when he looks in a mirror.

    in the future, his ex-girlfriend lilith resurfaces to surprise him with news that she's carrying his son. at first tommy is distraught because he fears fatherhood, believing he'll be a bad father because he HAD a bad father. he never wanted to bring a child into the world, but he eventually copes with the news and begins taking his recovery seriously. tommy ends up in a relationship with his best friend, he returns to figure skating and he opens up a few art exhibitions, also selling his paintings in artsy touristy downtown shops. he becomes somewhat locally renowned and finally has the life he wanted, but often worries his past will come to light and ruin all that he worked for.

    tommy also cuts his long hair short and starts dying it a darker shade of brown in an attempt to change his appearance and escape his bad reputation. eventually he goes back to his dirty blond color, but still keeps it shorter.

    tommy likes: art, his family, disney world, making people laugh, finley, skating, law and order SVU
    tommy dislikes: older men, when parents treat their kids poorly, when finley is mad at him, any form of rejection or perceived rejection

    other stats:
    - tommy is 5"8'
    - tommy is an aries
    - tommy is canadian and unsure of his exact roots (later in life he learns his mother was of german descent and his birth father is greek)
    - tommy is catholic (but he grew up in an atheist household)
    - tommy is extroverted, possessive, blunt, promiscuous and extremely emotional
    - tommy is insensitive towards others but sensitive when he's with himself
    - tommy smokes heavily, drinks often and used to use drugs
    - tommy has his nose and his tongue pierced, plus a few ear piercings
    - tommy has a cracked upper front tooth, caused by an angry client - it was accompanied by a split lip, which he still has the scar from
    - tommy often hurts himself on purpose and other people by mistake
    - tommy has borderline personality disorder (and undiagnosed PTSD, DPD) and is chronically suicidal (tried to kill himself three times so far)
    - tommy has a hard time remaining faithful in relationships
    - tommy dates lilith from ages 16-20
    - tommy has a half sister named mary (not yet shelled)
    - tommy considers himself a bad person, though he wants to be good
    - tommy's hobbies include painting and collecting rocks
    - tommy flops back and forth between acting childish and acting mature (he regresses often in times of extreme stress)
    - tommy's best friend/FP is finley, who he is very possessive of (they fall for each other in the events of my main novel and end up marrying one another)
    - tommy was brutally initiated by cecil and some other seniors during his first high school year (resulting in their strange and deep friendship)
    - tommy secretly hooked up with cecil when he was eighteen
    - tommy works merchandising in a warehouse as a teenager but does other things at night (he is more straight-laced in the future and gets a government job)
    - tommy lives in an apartment on argyle street where all the bars are
    - tommy fears abandonment and latches onto people in his life
    - tommy lashes out when things go wrong
    - tommy is a big disney fan
    - tommy spends a lot of time either at the hospital or at the police station
    - tommy has been arrested countless times for destruction of public property, public intoxication, possession, etc (by now all the cops at the station know him by name and usually let him go the next day)
    - tommy has an ED that he has consistently struggled with since the age of 15
    - tommy is very afraid CJ, who he compares to his twisted father
    - tommy has a son named teddy
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