Casper James "CJ" Sawyer

april story
Head Sculpt:
new raven
  • Face-up artist(s):
    april story
    Date of acquisition:
    4 march 2018
    from my sister who purchased him directly from the company
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    CJ is a really mean guy. he grew up in a rural area with a family full of conservative christian yokels. he was in the same high school clique as cecil. he has always been a bully and doesn't take rejection well. he was one of the seniors who initiated tommy, who was a freshman at the time. as an adult he works as a mechanic at an autoshop. in his free time, he repairs old junkers. it's his hobby and probably the only thing that genuinely relaxes him.

    he has a complex history with tommy, insisting that he hates him but he truthfully has an unhealthy obsession with tommy. it stems from when CJ was seventeen and tommy as fifteen. CJ attempted to put the moves on tommy, but tommy rejected him. CJ didn't like that and he never got over it and now acts very villainous towards tommy. since then, he has exacted many forms of revenge on tommy (embarrassing him, beating him up, manipulating him into doing stupid things), but he is still never satisfied and is constantly striving to do worse. tommy, being two years younger and from a dysfunctional home, was susceptible in the past and often fell for CJ's traps. as adults, CJ still acts out towards tommy when he can, but the two see one another a lot less than they used to since they live in different towns. when they do see one another, it is usually at a downtown bar or a party. tommy is weak willed and makes for an easy target still.

    cecil hates CJ passionately and knows exactly what kind of person he is and exactly what kinds of games he plays with tommy. this leads to cecil punching him in the face.

    CJ likes: craft beer
    CJ dislikes: tommy

    - CJ is 6"
    - CJ is a pisces
    - CJ is Canadian, of English descent
    - CJ is gay
    - CJ is very pushy
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