lilith rita khoury

Head Sculpt:
normal skin
mirodoll 62cm large bust
  • Date of acquisition:
    15 november 2016
    ordered straight from supia
    Reason for choice:
    i liked her big smile - her character is very smiley and manipulative
  • Wig:
    alternates between a few different styled ones (all black though)
    Fashion style(s):
    she likes to wear revealing/tight clothes
    Key fashion accessory:
    she wears a lot of jewellery
  • Name story:
    i wanted to name her lilith, after lilith from the bible c: it suits her character perfectly
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    lilith immigrated to canada from lebanon with her family when she was thirteen, after the july war. she adjusted well thanks to the large local lebanese community.

    lilith has always been the "it" girl and a total diva with a major attitude problem. everywhere she goes, people flock to her and trail after her. she uses her pretty face to her advantage. she is very manipulative and likes to play around with peoples' emotions. she finds it entertaining. she turned cynical after leaving a toxic relationship that messed with her state of mind years ago. at age twenty-one she is eventually diagnosed with borderline personality, yet another things she ends up having in common with her latest boyfriend. her therapist thinks it is related to the fact that she survived a war and was seeing and experiencing horrible things. she keeps all of this a secret and doesn't talk about it with anyone. tommy doesn't know what she went through and he doesn't know about her personality disorder. instead, she tries to help him through his issues but she often ends up making things worse when her emotions get the best of her.

    lilith considers herself to be fake as hell. she's a catty, petty person and she gets in a lot of fights with most people she meets. she is currently working on controlling her temper and is doing therapy. she feels like she is ruining her boyfriend's life and it is making her feel horrible. she cares about him sincerely, though most people who see them interact might think the opposite because they fight so much about every little thing.

    lilith likes: cute and stupid boys, making lots of money, treating herself, red wine, her family
    lilith dislikes: being criticized, being broke, being yelled at, anyone who is smarter than her

    other stats:
    - lilith is 5"8'
    - lilith is a scorpio
    - lilith is lebanese, but moved to canada when she was in her early teen years
    - lilith is fluent in arabic, french and english / has a thick accent
    - lilith is a maronite christian
    - lilith has a younger brother named anthony
    - lilith is very extroverted
    - lilith likes to party, but eventually grows tired of it and begins a more mellow lifestyle in her twenties
    - lilith has a very dominant personality and doesn't like to be controlled or pressured into anything
    - lilith works as a dancer at an expensive club
    - lilith went to school with little c, kyle and klaire
    - lilith considers klaire to be her best friend, though they are very opposite she loves her dearly
    - lilith dates the very submissive tommy from ages 17-21
    - lilith has a very foul mouth
    - lilith is incredibly smart and skipped a grade when she was younger, finishing school a year earlier than she should have
    - lilith is very tight with fellow leb immigrant, charlie

    in the future: raising her son teddy
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