Preorder · She is a Dragon - pre-order · 10 - 31 of August

Aug 11, 2017

    1. Hello!
      I'm happy to announce a second pre-order
      from the 10 to the 31 of August 2017

      This pre-order has a 20 dolls limit


      Height: 32 cm (standing)
      Length: 45-47cm (from nose to tip of tail)
      Eye size: 10 mm (flat back)

      * One faceplate with opened eyes at your choice
      · Dragon assembled body with curled tail part
      · Second type of tail part (straight)
      · seams sanding
      · 1 pair of eyes 10 mm, random color, flat back (printed iris, uv-resin base)
      · Packaging materials, box and certificate

      Production time is approximately 60-80 workdays.


      Pure White - $480
      Unique Violet - $510
      Unique Picot Blue - $510
      Forest Green - $525
      Medium-tan - $545
      PayPal fee included!

      Additional faceplate +$40

      Doll body sueding +$25
      If you order 3 additional faceplates - sueding is free!

      Full payment
      2 parts payment
      3 parts payment

      Shipping - EMS $45 worldwide

      Email me at [email protected].
      Please title an email: "She is a Dragon - Pre-order” - your name.

      More information here!
      Check My Flickr for more photos​
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    2. What is her basic price?
    3. Her basic price is $480 for white. It goes by color. ^.^ You should check out her little info page she has linked at the bottom of her thread~ <3
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    4. Thank-you for responding so quickly. I did check out the "info" but did not see the basic price - only the added options.
    5. Haha, Its just above the options on her full-scale image on flickr. ^^~ Figured i'd let ya know since I ordered one! :D
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    6. Is there a discussion for her yet? I got mine in the very first pre-order and I've been dying to share her with everyone!
    7. Hello everyone!
      I am very pleased with your interest and have created a topic for discussion. :) Thank you!
    8. Did you go through a different casting company this time? It looks like you may have gone through Haru Casting, like you wanted.
    9. Yes! This time dolls will be casted by Haru casting company.
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