☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. My Raguel head suddenly appeared in NYC almost a month since the last tracking notice. He's expected TOMORROW! Yesssssss.
      Hoping for the rain to stop soon so I can do his faceup.
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    2. Thank you @Alewife, they don't get as much exposure as they should.
      Congrats on the sudden movement of your package @Mahgiep I wish you good fortune for faceup weather!!!
    3. @SteamWitch - We don't see nearly enough of them in the pub. No doubt they're off on other adventures? ;) Bummer about the hands though.

      @Mahgiep - Ooh that's super exciting! Hopefully the weather starts to behave for you.
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    4. Hoon In is here and I already did his face up. I think he should have a Granado body. Can anyone advise me what bodies match his neck hole? I need around 70cm height. He is on a Dollshe Arsene body here.

      [​IMG]Hoon in (Raguel) by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    5. Yay! He looks great! :D
      I believe Raguel was originally made to fit the Evol/Embody.
      Hybriding Dollshe and Granado doesn't always quite work out...hence all my poor floating Granado heads...
    6. I think it's mostly the neck length (12.5cm neck on Arsene, 11.8cm on Evol) The incompatibility makes the neck longer. I also have a Loongsoul body coming with 11.5cm neck but the Granado bust that came yesterday looks really good! Please excuse the dark photo. It's an early rainy morning here.

      [​IMG]Granado Bust Stand by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    7. Neck length, yes that'll do it. He does look good on the bust! Is that one of their newer ones? I've been meaning to get my hands on a couple for making wigs and displaying my floating heads.
    8. Brand new, big size. It came with a peg attachment. Not sure why. Maybe for vindolls? Do you have pegs?
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    9. Oh gosh, he's just so handsome. :D
    10. Can anybody tell me the shoulder size of the evol body with arms? It can't be 15cm...
    11. do you mean the width?
      the torso alone is about 14 cm wide at the shoulders.
      If you add the arms, it's around 19 cm.

      It's very large

      [​IMG]Motesto - Shoulderblades by Annie Richer, on Flickr
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    12. Starwind in winter.
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    13. Does anyone have a resource for Raguel on different bodies (or a comparable neck size)?
      I'm looking for a muscular mature dancer body @70cm. Evol and embody seem too weight lifter.
    14. Here's another hybrid. Not a Raguel, but a Michael (they're from the same series tho, so quite comparable). He's on the IMPLdoll Idolman FGB (70cm-ish). Head's actually a bit small for it, but since my guy wears his hair long anyway, I could still make it work. Limited head mobility easily remedied with kips.

      True Lion 03
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr

      I have a Loongsoul body that's also in the 70cm range, and I can say without putting the head on that it's probably going to be awkward with petite Granado heads. I'm putting this in a spoilers tag because it shows a newer LoongSoul head (that's slightly bigger than my Michael's) on that very body, and it's already quite giraffe-necked.

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    15. Thank you @AntarelNefertili
      Yes. I just got my first Loongsoul (Wolf Kui Mu Lang) thinking my Raguel could share the body but it is a bad match. The 11.5cm neck tapers to much smaller. The Wolf head has a very small neck hole. I wish neck measurements were standardized more!

      Raguel works okay on my Dollshe Arsene's body, but I want a more muscular body.
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