☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

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    1. I just to chime in a little, as I am searching for a slightly shorter body for an IOS Jade head. I do not want to put him onto a 80 cm. Among others, I have also looked at Granado man bodies. Now I wondered how the big Titan body is indicated with only 19 cm shoulder width (for orientation: IOS says for their 80 cms 21 cm shoulder width).

      The Granado Vigor is indicated at only 15 cm? I hardly can believe it is that narrow at that point...Maybe somebody can confirm that Granado generally indicates their shoulder widths without arms? That would change the whole game. I really like the posing of the Vigor body.

      I also saw a Jade head on a big boy body with 19 cm wide shoulders. So I think anything at or above that with a good overall volume should work. I can change neck length and neck holes. But shoulder widths are a different thing.

      If somebody could confirm that, that would be great.
    2. Looks like we're all waiting for someone to share pictures of the Zen body!
      I've received my Granado Lads Plus bodies yesterday and I'm very happy with them.
      I consider buying the Zen body for one of my other dolls who has a very bulky body that does not match his delicate face. Zen seems so thin and elegant
    3. Thank you!
    4. My Michael took a mini outing on the balcony. It was quite cloudy at the time, so the sunlight was very nicely diffused.

      Moody Closeup
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    5. He's so handsome!
      And I love his hair =^.^=
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    6. I got my Vigor body in for Sir Thomas, and I tried out some poses with him.
      He stands really well on his own.
      This squat pose is a little strange but he balances on his own and holds it well.
      Neck is a little stiff to make this one look completely natural. Should probably pair it up with a pillow.
      Yup I got the handy hardy package, and couldn't resist a saucy pic
      If there's anyone wondering whether the Vigor can pull off a certain pose just ask and I'll try it out.
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    7. @AntarelNefertili - Gosh he's stunning! :D I really love his scars.

      @SteamWitch - They look deep in conversation. Though not quite so serious that it might be business related. :)

      @PennyForTheGuy - Oh wow, that body does pose quite well! I've seen the smaller ones hold some great poses, but its great to see the big version matches that! :) Also, heh heh, peens. :lol:
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    8. He is absolutely perfect! Oh, my God, those eyes!!! :З
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    9. Sorry for double post.
      May I present my Granado man. I made a hybrid with Ringdoll RGMbody-3 it had ideal skintone matching with head.
      His name is Gösta Söderberg, he is a glassblower in Stockholm. So, greetings to residents of my favourite city! =))
      [​IMG]IMG_6563-1 by Dr Mur & AZURRA, on Flickr
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    10. Oh wow, he's incredibly handsome! :D
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    11. He is beautiful.

      My Raguel, Nox, is on a Ringdoll 3 and I agree that the resin match is pretty wonderful.
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    12. Ringdoll x Granado do have a good resin match. Not too sure about their tans, but the lighter colours do wrk very well with each other while is very helpful for hybids.
    13. RD's and Granado's tans don't match at all ...
    14. Ack, missed some messages! Wow, those are some pretty awesome poses on the Vigor! So far LoongSoul is the only other company I'm familiar with that could pull off those poses for that size. <3

      Thank you @Quiet and Insane -- it was really fortunate that he was given the opportunity to have his face refreshed by the artist. :D

      Aaaaand handsome guy you got there, @azurra (and thank you, too)! Re: my Michael's eyes, he's actually using 10mm Soulinabox eyes. Teeny Granado eye sockets are quite difficult to find good eyes for, whoopsies.
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    15. @Jany - Not even Sunshine vs Tan? Hm, they're both on the orangey side of the scale. Ah well.

      @SteamWitch - Oh they look so graceful! Are you able to get some comparison shots for different bodies?
    16. I don't have sunshine. But RD tan and Granado tan don't match, at least not the batches I have (which are a few years old by now).

      edit, found the pic:


      The hands are Iple RS, body is a tan Granado Nuevo, head is RD tan Norman Light 2.0.
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    17. More Zen updates! ... also from me, since I got the body recently:

      I moved my Telesthesia Wei Yue Jin SP head from Telesthesia's 72cm body to Zen, which worked well. The skincolor is very much alike, but the proportions are quite different.

      Zen is 70cm and very thin, very delicate, even next to my 66cm dolls he looks small and slender.
      The posing ability is good, as you can see (though in comparison to Granado lads, Zen sits and stands a bit different, the leg movement is not as good as Lads, but still pretty good, the arms can be moved closer to the body than Lads)
      I also own the jointed hands, but since I like the normal hands very much, I haven't used them yet.
      (If you are interested I can post more pictures in the box opening thread.) Hope this was helpful!
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