☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. Hii everyone! I guess I'll be joining this group with a few questions and the like now. I just ordered a Uriel head on the second hand market, and now I'm trying to find a body for him. He's the white resin so I'm not terribly worried about resin matches since it'll all be blushed anyway. Mostly I'm concerned with shoulder width and neck. I want him to look realistic and not require much if any modding to fit. I'm considering a couple options right now, RGM-3 is one, but I'm not totally sure the shoulders work for me. SID model's neck size looks about right (the muscle version is too big) . . . Suggestions appreciated <3.
      Oh! Also, eyes! What size should I be looking for for Uriel?
    2. My heads (Raguel and V-10) look great on my Granado bust but I'm not sure which body this represents.
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    3. @TatterPunk My Uriel is on an IoS Class 70 body (which isn't actually 70cm but closer to 68). I could try him on the Model SID, but the old ("muscle") SID's neck didn't fit so I wouldn't hold out much hope.
      I have an Enoch on the AprilStory Senior body, but I'm not sure if those are still around.
    4. Forgot to say my Raguel looks good on my Dollshe Arsene body but boyish rather than buff. (I want buff.) You can check on my Flickr public photos (if you want to see and forgot my real name dm me).
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    5. If you could try him on the model sid it would help definitely if it's not too much trouble.
    6. Sure thang. Gimme a sec. :)

      ... nope. No fit. Proportions are okay, but the head sits on top of the neck, the opening isn't large enough. The neck would need to be sanded down a fair bit. (I did snap some pics but they're awful, I still haven't figured out lighting in this place ...)
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    7. Thanks so much! Does anyone have some pics of a granado head on the rgm3 body without a wig or shirt?
      Edit: I decided what I'm doing so I don't NEED the photos now, but if anyone wants to show em for future projects, that'd be fine.
      Now what I need is spam of beautiful Grando dolls please.
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    8. That is such a lovely photo, @AntarelNefertili ! I think he looks a bit flustered at having become a cat bed too. . two minutes after this, he's covered in cats.
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    9. I have this incase anyone else wants to see it. Raguel on rgm3 Kylin body
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    10. Funny you should mention a cat wanting him for a bed, because the actual cat at home is especially fond of the big dolls during photoshoots. The sequence below is like a "Seconds From Disaster" short, because she later snagged her claw on the makeshift rug, taking him down with her (caught the guy just in time, whew).

      A Sequence of Lilybombs
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    11. Ahhh, cats. Kizmet is currently annoyed that I have 2 dolls sitting on the loveseat. Never mind that there is plenty of room for him on either side of the dolls and the entire backrest and arms of the loveseat are free (which is where he usually likes to sleep). They're apparently sitting on HIS loveseat and the indignity is not to be borne without withering glares at me for allowing this travesty to happen right in front of me. He doesn't touch them but he is offended that they're sitting there.
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    12. @AntarelNefertili - Oh wow he does look rather flustered! :lol: Your cat is a great way to show perspective on how large these dolls can be to non-doll people!
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    13. @Quiet and Insane And non-Titan Granados aren't even the largest boys out there. :XD: Interestingly enough, even though my Granadude isn't the best-liked of my crew among the local community because of his realistic manly sculpting (definitely quite niche in the BJD hobby), non-doll people appreciate him a lot more.
    14. I got my Granado V10 back from Pepstar. I won her faceup give-away. I wanted him to look like Godfrey Gao, RIP. She did an amazing job on the faceup and his unique beard.
      I haven't decided on his name yet.
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    15. @Mahgiep I love your guy and thought about Xiao Zhan also, but had to go with Godfrey and his sexy bearded face. He may get a photoshopped cosplay photo as Magnus Bane with glitter and cat eyes. :whee:
      I don't know what body to put him on. The Migidoll 65's neck is too big, so I'll have to pull everyone out of their boxes and see if I have to buy one for him
    16. Hallo, PLS which size of Freedom Teller jeans sits best on Granado Evol's body? They quite expensive :shudder.
    17. I can't think of a name yet but I keep calling him ten so maybe that's his name.
      [​IMG]Ten by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. I took @AntarelNefertili 's advice and got a secondhand Impldoll body in the mail today. It turned out the old "new" normal was very tan and I had to change Raguel, my Hoon In's skin tone completely, but the head fits well and I'm able to happily pose him. Very happy with my hybrid.

      [​IMG]Hoon In (Raguel) gets an Impldoll body by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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