☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

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    1. Wow, he's a skinny guy. Is he standing on the pillow unaided? One of my guys would want this type of body but it's too tall for what he needs *sigh*.
    2. @Dead! - I had that feeling once before when a doll arrived without me knowing it had shipped. Sent the company an email and they were like, yeah that's yours, surprise! :lol: I look forward to seeing what you come up with for him.
      Ahhh I love the proportions of the Zen body but I just can't deal with the chiseled abs. They're so defined it's a little creepy and it bugs me because the rest of the body as a whole is gorgeous. :sigh
    3. Wow, thanks for sharing! Everything about that body is gorgeous (especially being able to wrap your hand around him, squee!) I guess the question becomes do I like everything else enough to overlook the arm joints, hmmm... (I like elbow joints to have 3 external parts, I've found it easier to pose and more stable for prop holding, and such)
      A little bit of light sanding should fix that, maybe? Does Granado use sandable resin? The lack of obvious seamlines is telling me yes, but I'm not entirely sure
      (Also, going to try to swap my Harlequin head onto a twigling body today. I'm having elbow surgery tomorrow, so it's down to now or 4 weeks+ later. Besides, it's not like I have to worry about straining anything, 2 weeks in a cast is plenty of time to recover from that ;))
    4. Ah, I wish! He’s actually leaning on the window a little :lol: aww are you looking for a 60cm body?

      Aww yeah maybe like Girrl said, you could try sanding it down a little! I think I read somewhere that Granado’s darker resins are sandable. Unless you’re planning to get the lighter skins then probably it wouldn’t be a problem ;)

      i loooove how lean he is! And I love his dainty fingers too, which is weird for me to say because I’ve always preferred bigger hands but wow, the sculpting on these ones are :D Hope your elbow surgery went well! Get well soon :aheartbea
    5. @Dead! Yes, Oleander (Angel Toast Crow head) needs a skinny, elegant body and he needs it in 60cm max. It's been tough to find because he's also got a fairly large neck opening so needs an absolute minimum 9.5cm neck (10cm would be better). He's currently on a Miro body but it's far too beefy for his character.
    6. @Girrl - I'm not sure about their resin, I hope it's sandable, because I'd be looking at getting the body in bronze, to match my spare Enoch head.
      (No stress, it's really just a pipe dream at this stage and I'm certainly not in a rush. Best wishes for your surgery! :hug:)

      @Dead! - I might end up asking them at some stage, just to be super sure. I don't want to spend all the extra money on bronze resin only to have it look terrible after sanding. :sweat But that's not a priority at the moment. I need to focus on finishing off my main crew before I start spending money on the unplanned ones. :lol:
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    7. Sorry to ask, but I didn't find a comparison. Maybe I was looking wrong... What is the difference between old and new normal skin?
    8. @Arengil I do not have a better photo, but this post on my IG shows a drastic difference between my 2016 Granado Michael (the gray-haired guy standing) and a more recent Granado Enoch on the front row. Both are supposedly New Normal, but my Michael is tanned by comparison. We even compared the inside of the headcaps to make sure that it wasn't just the blushing making the difference, but the newer New Normal is definitely on the pale side.
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    9. Not the best photo, but I just got my second hand Dollshe Mystic body for my second hand Uriel head, so now you get to see him in all his pale bald goodness! Right now he's just got some extra eyes in that I had lying around while I wait for his proper eyes to ship. I'll be getting his wig made and painting him up soon. . and maybe he'll get to wear clothes one of these days too. .
      [​IMG]Dr. Nikola Valentine unpainted by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    10. He's a-maze-ing! :D
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    11. Thank you! Good for me. :)
      My idea is a hybrid of PhoenixDoll Liu (oriental skin) and Granado nuevo female body.
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    12. Ooh, he looks great! The resin match looks spot on. How well does his neck fit?
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    13. I darkened the lips on my Raguel on Impldoll body and I'm pretty darn happy with him.

      [​IMG]Hoon In by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    14. It fits pretty well. The range of movement could be a little better due to how his neck hole is shaped, but I won't absolutely have to model anything. I did a video of the box opening for the body and the like. Both the body and the head are yellowed some so I don't know how the match would be without that.
    15. Sorry, if this was asked before, but I just found out about these VIP sales at Granado.
      Does anyone know how this works? It seems everyone who bought from Granado is a VIP (so I'm like thrice a VIP because I own three Granados already) but I didn't know about a certain sale and it annoys me a lot, because I would have wanted to participate. I wonder where they announce it and how I can be included in such a sale if it ever takes place again.
      Any help would be so appreciated...
      (guess it's hard to find these sculpts afterwards...)
    16. @DeanDynamite , they will generally email you about the VIP events. It's possible they don't have your correct email, or it landed in your spam folder??
    17. I checked.
      They have my mail and they did not write me. And nothing in spam ...
      I'm a little annoyed.
    18. I am not getting any emails from Granado either, so not sure what's exactly going on with their newsletter service.

      I finally got the courage to give my Michael the same ventilated wig treatment as my other dolls. It's far from done, and the lighting makes it appear paler than it should, but I'm quite happy with how it's looking so far. He's been with me for the longest time (and is also the most picky with wigs), but he was conspicuously the only one in the current crew not wearing a wig I made by myself. Wigmaking experiments resulted in faceup damage to my favorite doll, so I wanted to make sure I already have a good hang of the method before I put him through the wringer. :horror:

      Guoren wig WIP
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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