☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. @Quiet and Insane Oh please! I'd love to see him~ :D i'm already plotting ways for me to pay off this layaway faster. hahaha.. Where is money when I need it... :eusa_pray
    2. @Jany thank you for that explanation! It makes perfect sense that they have those windows for international shipping. I really like Jane and her body shape, so Im very curious how she will look in comparison with the other realistic dolls. I recently got a Miracle doll 65 woman and her body shape is beautiful and very natural - but that ankle design is horrible, its a sphere so it wobbles all over the place.

      @Quiet and Insane have you seen @Tsuyu 's doll on their instagram dollnoize? I would love to one day get it in tan. Currently they have only made a big MSD version, but they would consider making a big version if theres enough demand, if it interests you, please let them know because I personally would love to get one in a bigger scale!

      About the Zen body, I love everything but the very washboard abs. I think maybe its the blushing that makes it look more severe than it really is. Only thing that would make it cooler to me is if he came with high heel feet. Granado heads are pretty small, so I wonder if their older heads like Enoch would fit that body. I have one in bronze that I think would look nice on that body :)
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    3. I'm really intrigued by an Idealian75 outfit that just came out... can anyone tell me how well Idealian75 shares clothes with Granado Evol/Embody?
    4. I'm so glad Granado has another non-muscle body. The abs are a bit much, but maybe if not blushed and lighted differently they wouldn't be so obvious?

      I'm tempted... but already have too many dolls! :frownyblush:
    5. We all say we have too many dolls.... and then we buy more dolls.
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    6. Shameless enabler. :wiggle
    7. @kagami - He's very much blank at the moment unfortunately. If all goes to plan he'll get a body next year. Doll Chateau's discontinuation event robbed him of his body this year. :sweat Poor guy.

      @GreenTeaSlug - I have!! :D He's sooooo gorgeous and if he were available in SD I'd love to have him as an alternate head for my Enoch. That way I wouldn't have to mod him quite so much...all he'd need is horns.:evilplot: Would I just send them a DM?

      @Iron_Dog - Just get one they said, it'll be fine they said...;)
    8. @Quiet and Insane I thought I'd only have 2 because of the cost of them. But I was sent the free head in the wrong colour and when I got the right colour, the character refused to be shelled in that sculpt so I had to look for another. When I stopped trying to force the one character into that sculpt, another character piped up that it was him and now to please be finding him his husband. And their children. And while looking for said husband I saw another sculpt that screamed out who he was and since it was limited it was buy now or regret forever so I bought him. And now he needed his partner. And thus the vicious cycle began to endlessly repeat itself.

      Goes to show how bad my resin addiction is that I'm not even mad about it. Or that I've aided and abetted others in their addiction by either buying resin for them or linking them to sales for dolls that I know they've been searching for.
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    9. Granado's weibo page has some additional pictures of the new Zen body. Sina Visitor System
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    10. @Iron_Dog - I've been known to enable people...ended up convincing a friend they needed two more dolls! :lol:

      @Cloudedmind - Gorgeous body but I with the abs were not so pronounced. :(
    11. @Quiet and Insane I went to the grand opening of a local doll store and I felt personally attacked when the owner offered to make me a deal on 2 gorgeous dolls she had for sale in the shop, one of them being a Granado Lucifer 30cm boy in tan (the other was also 30cm and they would make a lovely couple, damn it!). After seeing him when I first walked in, I refused to look at him the rest of my time there because I am weak against resin in general and my will power is more flimsy than a wet paper bag when coloured resin (or fantasy parts) is involved. I left the store without buying him but I thought about him (and his potential partner) all damn night.

      I firmly believe we're all enablers.
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    12. I can't speak to the falling to temptation thing, as I'm pretty particular with who/how I collect bjds for my crew. I can see why it can be almost addictive for people though :XD:

      I've finished up my Galileo boy, but I sorely need to set up a photoshoot with him. I've just either not been motivated or had the proper setup to get it done. On a note related to the sculpt: in regards to that new boy released, Zen...does anyone else think he looks like Galileo? Is it just me? The body looks nice, awesome to see more slender options being released...but I'm not taking the bait. He's too short for any possible characters he might work for, and the shoulder width's...kind of narrow for my tastes.

      Digging those jointed hands though:thumbup
    13. @Iron_Dog - Ohhhh you have a local store? I am incredibly jealous. But my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief. :lol:

      @jade-eyed-cat - I wonder if the jointed hands will be available to buy separately...I have a mighty need.
    14. Yep. If I was motivated enough (and the weather was pleasant) I could walk there (it's roughly 3.5km from my house). It's not a big store but they've got a decent selection of clothes (more will be in-coming but their shipment got delayed), shoes, eyes, accessories and also have some dolls on commission as well as brand new dolls. I bought a wig, several silicone wig caps, some stockings and 2 outfits. My wallet will probably hate this store with a passion.

      Anything you want to try on your doll is encouraged, too. While I brought a doll and 2 heads with me looking for wigs for all of them and only found 1, I did find out that the one head will require some sort of mod to his off-the-shelf wig because of his odd-ish head size and ears, so that was sort of good news-ish.
    15. Is granado new normal a yellow, pink, or neutral colour?
    16. The new normal is more pinkish. Not too far off Ringdoll normal, or Dollshe Oriental (I think).:3nodding:
    17. @Iron_Dog - I am rather jealous! Would be great to wander in and try wigs and clothes (especially shoes and pants!!) rather than buying them and waiting only to find out they don't fit.

      @jade-eyed-cat & @xyuemoto - Dollshe Oriental is more on the yellowish side and would not work. Ringdoll normal matches Granado white exactly.
    18. @Quiet and Insane One of the things the shop owner wants people to know is that it's okay to take stuff out of the package to try on your dolls because as we all know, "Standard sizes? We don't need no stinkin' standard sizes. We laugh in your face at standard sizes."

      I think I've bought 6 pairs of boots for Khale (Leeke muscle body) and only 1 pair fit because he's got ginormous feet and that includes some supposed "uncle" sized boots. Shoes are the bane of my doll life and the majority of my boys are shoeless because my wallet can't take the frustration/disappointment of buying something and it not fitting.
    19. @jade-eyed-cat - Thank you.

      @Quiet and Insane - Thank you. Would you say granado white is actually a normal colour then? Would white or new normal better for generally matching other non yellow normal resin? I'm starting to think I might have picked the wrong colour for the head I ordered...
    20. I wanted to get an auburn wig for Seth (Galileo) but I tried this blue wig on for fun but he looks great in it. I think he likes it.
      [​IMG]Seth by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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