☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. They want what they want and damn all your plans. I hadn't thought Wisp would look so good in a black wig and tried one on him on a whim and... he now wears a black wig. With curls no less when I'd had his previous wigs straight.
    2. That's the truth!!! I am so glad I found out before I ordered another wig.
      So he is speaking to me now, I'm ready for the ride into his past and future. I'm holding on to my wallet until he is through with it all. :aeyepop:
    3. Huh, my Galileo is in their white resin, and I have a Gabriel head in their new normal, and I can say this: the white doesn't match my Ringdoll RGM-3 in normal at all. The white is very light, with a tiny hint of pink to it from my experience. The Gabriel head, however...his tone's closer to the likes of Resinsoul's normal pink and others in a similar tonal range.

      I was mainly going off what I had on hand for comparisons. I have a Dollstown head in Dollshe's Oriental, and it was similar in tone to my Gabriel head. Does the oriental vary between batches, or it different between the companies?
    4. I think they vary a lot! The Gabriel head (above) is in new normal on the Dollshe pure oriental and they look like a 98% match, ignoring his blushing.
    5. @xyuemoto - Granado white is a natural pinkish white - not stark paper white if that makes more sense. Ringdoll white is stark paper white. Granado normal is a natural pinkish hue, a little darker than the white.

      @SteamWitch - He looks super cute in the blue! :D

      @jade-eyed-cat - Ah. They must have changed their resins then. Dollshe resins are all very stable in colour, but Granado differs batch to batch. I have two different "tan" tones. One matches their site advertisement, the other (newer) one is much lighter.
      Hand is Granado white from 2015, body in Ringdoll normal from 2015.

      [​IMG]RingDoll normal vs Granado White by Liz, on Flickr
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    6. There is a slight variation between batches of Dollshe resin over the years. Or at least that's my experience. I bought a head and then about 3 years later a body for the head (both oriental) and the colours were ever so slightly off (maybe... 98.5% matched). Completely within easy blushing range but also easily noticeable even in my crud apartment lighting. The head stayed in the Dollshe box in a drawer the entire time before I got the body for him so any mellowing would be barest minimal.
    7. @Quiet and Insane - Ok, thanks. I didn't pick the wrong colour then if white is definitely a white colour.
    8. @Iron_Dog - Most curious. I got my two copper oriental guys about 2-3 years apart and they match perfectly, plus various other matching parts in raspberry fresh and pale tan over the years, I've not had an issue with the resins not matching. Most curious.

      @xyuemoto - It's a creamy white, but white nonetheless.
    9. @Quiet and Insane I checked my records last night and I bought the parts 2 years apart (2016 & 2018) direct from Dollshe so it's not even like it was a super amount of time between them. I thought it was odd that there was a slight but noticeable difference since I'd heard Dollshe was very consistent in their colour. The head (and sleeping face plate) are lighter than the body, which if mellowing was the issue, the 2-year older heads should be darker than the newer body, right? It's also possible that one of them was from a slightly wonky batch colourwise. *shrugs* his face-up covers the slight discrepancy and it's not like it's glaringly obvious so I'm not bothered by it.

      And to remain on-topic to this thread, the tan of Granado is lovely. I like how rich and almost cinnamony it looks. Somebody in my local group has one of their chocolate boys and he's plenty gorgeous, too. I was relieved that the crowdfund Napoleon didn't tweak me but if they decided to do Galileo as a crowdfund in other sizes my wallet might be in some deep trouble because I have such a terrible weakness for tan/grey/coloured resin (5 tan, 11 grey and probably 12 different coloured dolls; yes, I'm aware I have an addiction).
    10. AH! This is where you guys went!
      =^.^= I wasn't notified of the last few messages and I missed the thread switch.

      Galileo looks so delicate, I bet he was made in pair with the Zen body!
      I really wish to see pictures of those two together <3

      @Quiet and Insane Thank you for sharing that Granado white resin picture.
      I've been curious about it for a while.
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    11. @Lawrichai I'm pretty sure that the Galileo head is the same head featured on the current Zen body pictures. Greenteaslug's post number 27, and my post number 49 have links to additional pictures of the Zen body, with what is mostly likely the Galileo head.
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    12. OH NICE!
      Thank you very much @Cloudedmind <3

      I'm almost surprised to see all those pictures out on other sites before Granado revealed it on their own website.
    13. @Iron_Dog - Most curious indeed.Anyway, I feel like if it's something that can be rectified with just a face up then it's not too bad. It's when the parts are a patchwork of colours that you know something has gone terribly wrong.
      Granado tan is gorgeous, and their bronze is really lovely too! Hopefully next year I can get my Neptune/Enoch their long awaited tan Embody. <3

      @Lawrichai - Hello again! Yes we've been hanging our here for a little bit now.
      Keep in mind this photo is from Granado (and Ringdoll's) resin batches from 2015, so this may no longer be quite as accurate. :sweat
      Athanatos is so gorgeous! I adore the sword and wings you made for him!! :D
    14. Hey sorry to just randomly drop in here (as I do), but I was thinking about my Galileo head and what to do with him and his future massive body, and do you guys think he could pull off Superman?
    15. yes, absolutely Yes.
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    16. Hmm depends on the neck? He seems to have been made for their new slim body. D:
    17. :XD:

      He fits the impldoll idol I have that he’ll inherit when the current owner vacates XD it’s big so I was having trouble coming up someone who is Batman sized that he could be that’s that pretty. Superman fits that description!
    18. I made the wings, yes, but the cyber swords are the work of Dragon's Shell Doll <3
    19. @VampireAngel13 - Ohhhh! Well that works then! :)

      @Lawrichai - Oh wow! I didn't realise they made the swords. That's so cool! :aeyepop:
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