☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. Oh, Granado male body is on my must-have list. Black Friday sale was very tempting, but I must be patient and wait for next year best offer (maybe some of Chinese holiday will bring great deal for me). I have Vindoll and it is still hard to decide between evoll or embody. Zen body has nice sculpting, but I am definitely on the muscle side. So it will be more than year to get body to me, but as Lawrichai posted, Granado is worth the wait. So I am very happy for every new photo.
    2. Oops. It would be around 5 months for those that ordered layaway. It should be 2.5 months if you pay in full! :)
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    3. No problem! Thanks for the help.:)
    4. Not a problem! Hopefully you can find someone with the right resin for you. :)
    5. Reading this thread I feel the common confusion about skin colors...

      I wish Granado would upload a more recent picture of their skin color palette or even mention in the profile of their dolls what skin color is used in the pictures.
      It's really hard to choose the right one... T_T
      I just ordered a Lads Plus body in new normal, but I'm not sure if it's too dark...
      I want it to be like Dollshe Oriental, otherwise it won't match with the head I want to use.

      Does anyone have a picture of a doll ordered in 2019 in new normal?
      That would really be a help ...
      I don't know if I should change the skin color...

      Nevertheless... the bodies really look amazing, Zen is so beautiful - unfortunately too big to match my head, otherwise I'd probably also thought about buying this one... They look so natural and the jointed hands option is great! I love jointed hands, they bring so much life to all doll's personality and Granado's jointed hands look very elegant (not to round or thick)

      It's my fist time ordering at Granado, I heard they're very reliable and a high quality company. I really hope so, because that body cost more than a full doll at other companies...
    6. I only noticed a change in the Syringa resin colour... which is now a taddy-bit more purplish than their original warm grey.

      Beside that I own mostly New Normal and Bronze, and I haven't noticed a change in the last years.

      Lighting isn't ideal, but you can check on three Granado resin colours here:
      Granado heads eyes tests

      Pluto and Charles are New Normal
      Enoch is Syringa and Andrew is Bronze.

      Only the Neptune head has some blush on it.
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    7. Liroshan is syringa and he's one of the Crowdfund 53cm Lucifer's from last year and he most definitely has a purple-ish tone to his grey. But considering that syringa is the family name for the lilac, it makes sense to me that there are purple tones to it.
    8. I got my Jane head from the face up artist. She is currently borrowing a body. I hope some day to get her a body of her own. I name her Xena :)

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    9. Thank you. :)

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    10. It's been very quiet in here. :( I'm in the middle of moving so there are boxes EVERYWHERE. I tell you what though, I'm super glad I saved the large shipping boxes from my dolls because they've been super handy!

      Hopefully once I'm all set up I can take some nice new photos of Iwan, and start working on Jin'Yuu and Isilme's face ups. And despite the crazy moving, if all goes to plan and I can find a decent new job, I will finally get a body for Claudio and Jin'Yuu.

      I hope Crocus and the rest of the Granado team are ok over there. :(
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    11. Congrats on moving @Quiet and Insane! I know how handy those boxes can be when moving. I hope you have better lighting for indoor photos (than the bathroom) in your new house, lol. Also thankful your new house wasn't in a fire zone.

      I am waiting on a head and the new Zen jointed hands and a couple of the vinyl handsets for my vindolls but I'd rather wait so they can be safe. Though, I know living with fear and without a paycheck has to be pure hell, my best wishes for them too.
    12. Thank you @SteamWitch! It's super exciting! So far it looks like we've got good lighting, but the side fences aren't up yet so whether that is still the case once the fences are up remains to be seen. :sweat We also don't know whether our side neighbour will be going double story or single story. Ah the joys of brand new housing estates. That said, we're still in a fire zone - the area we're in was old farmland, and ancient grassland, so uh, grassfires are still a big problem. Though all the rain over the last week has been wonderful. <3

      Oh yes. :( I can't imagine how the Chinese people must be feeling at the moment. Especially those with little children like Crocus. Poor things.
    13. I'm thinking some families must be very stressed wondering how they'll buy food and pay rent on top of the worry about contracting the virus. It's a horrible situation that I hope gets better soon.
    14. Somehow I missed that they had jointed hands again. Have they been available long? I need to buy more hands, and I'm having a hard time deciding on ones I want.
    15. @VampireAngel13 The new ones are the Zen, thin fingers and hands I thought they'd be perfect for one of my guys. They still sell the regular jointed hands too you just have to pick them out in the drop box on the order page.
    16. PLS is there knowledge about FreedomTeller jeans for EID body fitting to Granado Evol Male body? I like their jeans and jeans jacket but they are quite expensive so I appreciate any answer.