☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. I actually incorporated the yellowness of Edenlei (Unidoll UH-08 Elf) into his character. I describe his skin tone as being the colour of pure gold. Unidoll "normal" was fairly yellow to start with and they were made waaaay back in the day before companies started putting in UV protection to help slow the mellowing. He's completely even in colouring but he's definitely got some unique colour happening. Kathiel (Unidoll Ark) is "WS" but he's definitely not white (unless you're being very generous) even when compared to some of my similar age guys who are WS.

      I'm glad I don't need to worry about that with Liroshan as he's grey. I just hope the purple undertones to his resin (which I love) don't fade over time. But, my camera does try to "correct" his skin tone regardless of lighting, which is it's own annoyance.
    2. I got a decent camera and a photo light, and my pictures still suck. So I guess it's operator error. *_*
    3. Really it could be any combination of things. :huh?: Some days my photos look great, other days they're terrible.
    4. Photography is art and even at the best of times, producing art is hard work. Sometimes it turns out how you wanted. Sometimes it makes you want to throw things because it just refuses to cooperate. Sometimes its not at all what you were trying for but it turned out beautiful despite your efforts.
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    5. I thought I'd do a drive-by of my boy now that I have him mostly situated. I think mine may be one of the few (only?) Granado Claudes in the hobby. He came on the Supermodel body, but I've put him on a Volks Graffiti instead. The Supermodel just didn't work for what I wanted.

      I'm so, so happy I was able to get him.

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    6. @mosaicwolf - Very cool colour scheme, love the wig. Where did you get those awesome dark green eyes?
    7. He's a character doll, Deku from My Hero Academia. :)

      The eyes are custom Enchanted Doll. I've had really good luck getting customs through them.
    8. Did you send them a colour sample? Are they custom sweety or ED or completely separate type?
    9. Nope, they're 18mm small iris Sweety #25 with a #44 rim.
    10. Thank you! Those green colours look so cool.
    11. @mosaicwolf - Aww, he's cute! :D Would you be able to share some photos of the supermodel body if you still have it?
    12. Does anyone have the Zen jointed hands?
    13. I'm waiting for mine to be shipped, they asked to make sure my address was correct but I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet.
    14. Cool! Please share photos when you get them. :)
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    15. Yes definitely share photos! Apparently those hands can be made compatible with the Embody/Evol and I'm super curious about how in-proportion they look.
    16. Yes, I will do a bunch of comparison photos when they arrive. I have no idea who they will fit.
    17. Still absolutely no movement on my poor Raguel head that shipped 3/28. The first head was sent to Hawaii by mistake end of last year. I didn't find out till March. This one is the second head. I'm going to throw a party when he comes!
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    18. @mosaicwolf I love his sweet, slight wistful expression. :D
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    19. Ahhh, the owners/proprietors of the Pub, Nox and Drake.
      [​IMG]Night lights by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      Still no tracking numbers for my jointed hands.
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    20. Good to see the guys, and that awesome pub set. :love
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