Event 【VOLKS USA】Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 16 - SD Luna and SD Lieselotte

Apr 3, 2019

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      The captivating Super Dollfie® “Luna” and “Lieselotte” from the “Harujuku Memories” series will be rereleased in honor of the Super Dollfie® 20th Anniversary at Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 16. These two girls were crowned as the Best of the BESTs in 2018’s “Dollfie® The Best Selection” survey!

      These two girls come dressed in delicate and lavish outfits designed by fashion brand GALERIE DE L’ESPIRIT. Their outfits draw inspiration by Parisian patisseries and come complete with plenty of included accessories. They even include original and realistic lingerie! You can mix and match their accessories to make your dreams come true.


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    2. Hello! I'm not very familiar with VOLKS lottery or special events. I was curious to know, are these girls each a one off, or are there multiple available for each? Sorry if this seems like newbie question. Thank you for your time!
    3. These dolls are a limited release, not one-off. The Volks JP site concluded their lottery for these dolls early in the week.

      Edit: a word; left out "not." :doh
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    4. @ShinigamiDuoLover are a Limited release so there are multiples of each (not one-off) though Volks never discloses how many are available for the event lottery. Good luck if you enter! If you want to discuss them more checkout the Volks Discussion thread: Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

      @honeyedbiscuit one-off means "one of a kind". So, it's seems incorrect to say they are "limited release, one-off" as you state above. Also, as the news announcement states, the VolksUSA lottery is open April 1-10, so I'm not sure why you would mention that the international lottery has concluded as ShinigamiDuoLover was probably asking about the US lottery? Maybe I misunderstand your response but it seems misdirected.
    5. Thank you for the info Nell! Yes, I was curious as to if there was only one Luna and one Lisolette each, or if there were multiple sets for each sculpt. And was indeed asking about the US lottery and have entered! Thank you for the best wishes. I too was a little thrown off by honeyedbiscut mentioning the JP lottery as Volks just posted this thread yesterday and it said the US lottery event was open until the 10th. Bummer they never disclose how many, but it's good to know each sculpt is not a one-off. Thanks again for the info! It was super helpful.
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    6. Oh, I know what it means, but I left out a word lol! I will edit my post.

      I mentioned the JP lottery for these dolls concluded, so it is NOT a one-off.
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