1/4 vampire dolls

Mar 5, 2008

    1. awww ya thanks guys I thinking of getting aMNF woosoo Vamp I saw him and almost died on how cute he is

    2. yes! lol, i have a woosoo vamp sleeping male head...and hes to DIE FOR...he just radiates cuteness ><

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=265906 *listens to Oresama Shikou* you can check him out there hehe
    3. now "that"! is interesting, i wonder why no one has mentioned this here yet, FYI it does not appear to be available yet.
    4. Oh, wow, EARS! He (?) does have some fangs, too, so I'm not sure what they're going for, but he's quite the unique sculpt! He'd make a very interesting vampire.

      (I kind of want one now.)
    5. Hee, I just found Lu, the Resinsoul doll, and posted in great excitement, and to the large dolls first because omg, love, I am starting saving TODAY. But she's a girl - same body as Lan - so she's an ickle 40cm mini. I want her SO MUCH it hurts. And $135!!!!!!!