1999 Volks Megu Questions

Aug 27, 2019

    1. Hello! I've recently been offered an original Volks 1999 Megu as a trade, but I have a couple of questions for anyone familiar with the super old original versions of Volks dolls vs the newer girls before I commit :) I'm having a hard time finding any answers online.

      First off, I was wondering if there is a size/height difference between an original 1999 Megu and a more recently produced Four Sisters/F-01/SD10/etc, and if so, how much of a difference? If anyone has measurements, that would be even more amazing.

      I'm also curious about how much different the jointing is - I've heard its really hard to restring much older Volks dolls because they have more complicated/less streamlined joints than the newer versions.
      Thanks in advance for any info!
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    2. If it's on the original SD body... It's honestly a terrible body, namely the legs. (Unless it's on one of the old SD13 bodies which is highly unlikely, which is actually probably nicer than the modern ones.)

      The older SD bodies are slightly shorter and thicker than the modern ones, particularly around the torso, wrists, and thighs. Tight outfits in these places may not work. The feet are slightly shorter and thicker too and can have difficulty fitting some shoes because of the thickness.

      The leg joints are pretty much the worst.
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    3. A 1999 Megu would be on the original body. It has none of the niceties of a modern body, so be prepared to struggle a bit with getting it to do much other than sit or stand(assisted by a doll stand). But what you get in return is a gorgeous solid torso with the most delightfully arched back, and a piece of bjd history.

      I have an old SD10 boy body(same arms/legs and jointing), and he feels more like an antique doll than updated bodies do which can feel more like action figures with the range they can achieve. I find him delightful, but I also don't expect death defying poses from him and that's alright because his aesthetics lean more towards just looking pretty in clothes anyway.

      The joints are literally balls, so not very streamlined. The hip joints are the ones that cause the most headache, but I wired mine with a good thick gauge wire and he's been fine since then. The wire gave him enough structure for the legs not to spin around, and enough tension to sit.

      Honestly the SD10 original torso is my fave doll torso ever. For me, I think it's worth owning a piece of history and appreciating the doll for what it is.

      I have the newest sd10 girl body as well so I can provide measurements for any parts you can't find, if you need them!
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    4. Thank you both for the info @Melissa and @nakitama!
      The "BJD history" aspect is really drawing me in. I don't think I mind if she's a difficult (worthless :sweat) poser, as my most recent dolls have all been single jointed so I'm kind of used to it. I enjoy the simplicity and almost floppiness to an extent.
      It sounds silly, but my main concern would be that she should be shorter than my Delf Soony because her character would be her younger sister - I know the newer SD10 bodies are shorter than the old CP Delf bodies, but I've heard the old original SD10s are "bigger" than the newer bodies. I just don't know if that means taller or just chunkier haha. If like Melissa said, they're shorter, that'd be great!
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    5. I can't help but laugh because I offered you the trade! Bahahahah!!! I can measure her for you and take more detailed pics as well:lol:
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    6. That's me!! Messaged you on FB ;)
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    7. These threads may help you visualize the differences between the oldskin SD body and the pureskin versions:

      https://denofangels.com/threads/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-sd-bodies.39768/ (even though this one starts off with a question about SD boy bodies, it very quickly expands to include girls)

      the "plug" hands/feet of the original oldskin body -- the photos are of my 1999 Sara: https://denofangels.com/threads/old-volks-can-anyone-show-me-how-sd-old-volks-hands-work.572718/

      And then just for historical value, a thread discussing/illustrating the differences between SD and SD13 bodies: Difference between Volks SD body and SD13 Body?