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2018 Mirodoll 1/4 Discussion thread

May 29, 2018

    1. This is the new discussion thread for Mirodoll 1/4 dolls. Please see the following Announcement for important information regarding Mirodoll and their ban from DoA:
      If you would like to discuss the situation specifically, please do so in the Announcement thread.

      Certain Mirodoll items are banned. Only the following heads and bodies are allowed to be discussed on DoA:
      (this list of allowed dolls is subject to change)

      1/4 boy body
      1/4 girl body
      44cm boy body
      New 1/4 Girl Body


      If you have a Mirodoll head on one of the banned bodies, please do not discuss that doll here.
      If you have any questions about this situation, or concerns that you would like to address with the mod team, please create a new thread in Ask the Moderators. We will be happy to help you there.
    2. Hi, does anyone know if all MSD clothes fit the 1/4 Lele body? Mine is supposed to ship on June 12.

    3. I bought the 1/4 boots for 1/4 Lili and they are tad on the big size. I hope making thick socks will improve the fit. They're now laced as tight as can be and are still loose.

      Also I was bit disappointed in Lili sculpt as the eyes weren't identical. With OCD I can't have different shaped eyes. I have now sanded them to be of better fit to each other. Hopefully the faceup will also hide the differences. :) Otherwise I really like the doll.

      I haven't yet made the clothes for Lili (or even took measurements) as I just got it and am squeezed under work so can't answer your question hollym, sorry. :)
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    4. No worries, he is not even here yet, lol. I bought him some shoes, a wig, boxers and pants and am hoping that they all fit. I'll let you know if they do. The shoes are 7.5CM outside measurements and they looked a lot bigger than I thought that they would but I really love them so hopefully a pair of socks or ten will help out. Also he could be bigger than I think? No idea yet!

      Thanks a lot and good luck with workload!!
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    5. Hi! I was wondering if Mirodoll is giving a doll certificate (CoA) now?
      Thank you.
    6. No, the dolls doesn't come with certificate. Which was bit of disappointment (as I thought all dolls from makers comes) but I just have saved all information of the purchase to show I have bought them as legit dolls.
    7. I find regular msd clothes to be too large on the original 1/4 body. I find the size to be closer to the slim-mini’s or 16” fashion dolls. I actually have quite a few hybrids with FL Chicline heads, and they can share most clothes with my Chicline boys. They have to have slightly larger shoes, though...
    8. Thank you! I will look into your suggestions. I think I will order shoes from Miro Doll website if I want more or if the ones I got don't fit.
    9. I haven't posted anything since the banned issue.

      Anyways, here is a picture of my Lili in her new outfit:
      - Shirt: Barbie x Sanrio collection
      - Skirt: Handmade by me

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    10. Does anyone know how well the 44 cm boy body poses?
    11. Wow! She is so beautiful! And so different looking from mine. It's amazing that the same sculpt can be made to look so very different.
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    12. Mine tends to fall forward. I think the muscles make him front heavy. He poses a lot better with shoes on. The stringing has to be redone from 'factory settings' as then the knees easily give in if posed standing but knee bent.
      I do like the body the little I have used it (he doesn't have a head) and am satisfied with the posing. The body just needs to getting used to. :)
    13. Question: What other companies have good resin matches colorwise with Mirodoll? I have a Lili sculpt (in NS I believe) I want to get a new body for, but I'm unsure what would color match her well. Thanks for any help you can offer!
    14. From comparison photos I've seen, Resinsoul matches pretty well! It might help to look up resin comparison photos!
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    15. Thank you! I also tracked down a Mirodoll hynrids thread on here which should help :D
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    16. I hot-glue sueded my Lili today and that helped a ton, because her joints all wanted to buckle instantly. I really need to make her some clothes that are made for her, specifically, because her body is such a unusual slimness. Anyone have tips on good patts to fit Mirodill MSDs? It was cool to see that Barbie stuff fits! So far I almost exclusively make my own stuff, but I'll look at what's out there. :) Here's what she looks like right now, with some ill-fitting clothes that fit my other MSDs.
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    17. @Geekmama : Oh, she has a lovely faceup! As for clothes, look for Minifee to fit. I have a small bust top I was just barely able to fit on my Mother's Lili. Medium bust would fit nicely! Sometimes Tiny/YOSD clothes also work. It's all trial and error!

      On a side note, for anyone who finds the hands... lacking... Resinsoul hands work perfect as a replacement.
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    18. Thank you! She has a factory faceup as I have only a teensy bit of experience with doing my own, and I loved how her promo pics looked.

      Thanks so much for the size info! I have some amazing patterns from Sejong Studio that are made for Minifee, so I will use those! So far, I've been able to use them on my Dollzone girl body, which is also very slender. That doll is basically married to the shorts I made, so I never even thought to try them on the Miro body, LOL! I haven't made a ton of the patts yet, but everyone I've done so far (I have some of her YoSD patts, too) have been amazing to make. Sounds like I've got a fun project for after work today! ^_^

      I bought my girl in pink skin. Does anyone know if the Resinsoul pink hands match Miro pink?
    19. Mirodoll Pink or Normal Pink? I know RS normal matches normal pink within reason, considering Miro resin colors have never been really stable. I've dolls in normal pink and classic, and the brightness does fade a bit anyway over time.

      And you are most welcome! If you find the pattern is a few millimeters too small, you can always cut the pattern a little larger to give you a bit of wiggle room. Good luck on them! You should show them off here when you are done.