2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. This is how I’ve done so far...happily I’ve been making some great progress!:)
      1. First things first, pay off my final remaining layaway from 2018 (Volks SD13 F-15 Syo...Done!) Make her a new wardrobe of tie-dyed goodness (by joining in on the Sewing Project threads every month until it's done.) (5 made so far.) And build her a fun collection of colorful wigs and eyes to suit her retro 60s flower-child theme. (3 pairs of eyes, and 7 wigs with one more on order...so I can count this as done!)
      2. And once again Luts has snagged me during their winter event.:dohSo I’ll be taking the majority of 2019 to pay off a nice big extended layaway with FF&D for the new Luts sculpt (Senior Delf Kathy) as well as additional Luts items like wigs, eyes, and outfits I’ve been wanting for a long time. (layaway ongoing...) I’ll need to find the perfect name and character for her (Done!)
      3. Pay off the layaways for my Dollzone Tarot the Star head (Done!) and her Doll Chateau K-05 body. (layaway ongoing...) Then work on her face-up while refining my ideas about her name, character, style and display. (Done!) Make her a wig (Done...I actually wound up making her 3!)
      4. Continue working on my Chic Sparrow doll journal.:thumbup
      5. Now that I’ve purchased my account upgrade, continue updating my Doll Profiles until ALL my crew are properly represented. (I really hope to have this completed by the end of the year.) (Happily I was able to complete this ahead of schedule.)
      6. Re-do the face-up on my Volks MSD F-04 Mire. (Done!)
      7. Happy days! I was just able to snag a crucial member of my crew after a hunt that has lasted 7 years! My little personal fairy companion, Grannybelle, is finally being reshelled as a Fairyland Realfee June! So now she will need a face-up on all 3 of her face-plates, (Done!) a wig (I wound up making 3, one for each face-plate...so yep, done!) special eyes (Bought her 3 pairs of Oscar jewelled eyes in different colors...so definitely done!) and a display area (Done!)
      8. And because I’ve finally found this very important and pivotal character for my collection...NO MORE DOLLS this year!!! (I really mean it this time!!!):eusa_naug Yeah, right! This one didn’t last long...like only one week!:doh Darn that Doll Chateau for discontinuing so many of their lovely dolls at once, forcing me to jump on the layaway bandwagon once again in order to get their spider girl Elizabeth before she’s gone forever! I’m so weak...epic fail on this one!
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    2. Haha it's the end of March and I have made a bunch of progress on my plans already. So here's what happened so far...

      1. No impulse doll purchases. There's a specific list of characters I've been pushing back. They come first.
      Yeah... so I did pretty well with this one. Technically the 65cm I bought wasn't necessarily an impulse buy. Since his character was planned and I searched for his sculpt properly. But he did jump the ranks of priorities because he's the boyfriend of my new SD boy. And though I did have a YoSD planned, I didn't get the one I planned and ended up getting another. But Other than that, I got the two planned mnf boys and even thought the event head that I got to order with them wasn't planned for, it's not an impulse! Lol.

      2. Doll Bodies. Those floating heads need their own bodies.
      I am still working on this. Cashew got a new body and I'll sell her old one to get funds for shoes or to put towards another body. :3 but I have 3 more planned for this year. 2 dollzone and eirher a fl mnf moe or a fairyline.

      3. Shoes. Too many dollies without shoes. Buckle down and just order them.
      And here I made progress too. I got 10 pairs so far and still need several more. But the incoming boys and yosd are priorities now. Oh and since I got my kdf some heeled feet, she needs at least one pair of heels.

      4. Sew more clothes. Make your own and sell what you don't use to get some money back for materials (and anything else you need.)
      I'm making pretty decent progress on this. I've been joining in on the sewing challenges in the workshop to help motivate me and set goals for different kinds of clothes. Haven't gotten to the point where I want to sell anything yet and to be honest I probably won't.

      5. Make more eyes. Keep making and sell what you don't use.
      I have had to slow down on eye making because of the weather, but I fully intend to keep going when it gets warmer!

      6. Finish permanent wigs.
      Still need to do this. I have a few prepped, but I have a bit much going on, so I need to take a break for the moment.

      I can't believe the progress I've made so far or the amount of incoming dolls! I'm kinda overwhelmed by 1. The amount I've dropped. It's definitely the most I've spent on dolls in one year. 2. The amount of new faces that will be coming home around the same time! I've only ever had one doll at a time, besides the two SD girl kits I got years ago. There's always been at least a few months in between or years even.
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    3. @PoeticSoul @Zavrinas (and everyone else that's been updating their posts in this thread!) congrats on your progress! it's always fun to read people's plans but I also love seeing updates and knowing I'm not the only hobbyist who gets kind of meticulous and analytical about tracking my hobby goals and progressions throughout the year :3nodding:
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    4. @thedarkeststar13 thank you! I'm surprised that I have actually stuck to my plans like this. Usually I make a list of things and it sits around untouched. Most of my items this year are things I've said I'll do for most of the time I've been in this hobby. It feels good to actually be able to do these things :)
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    5. I have a lot of plans, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans...

      Most of all I want to focus on my current crew. Which is huge.
      I have four more dolls incoming, and no further plans - but there are some sculpts I really want, and will buy if they become available this year.

      I think the rest of this year is going to be devoted to clothes...
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    6. my plan is to make my Pukifees a room box, and try to continue to improve taking photos of them.
      I have some BJDs on order and im process of doing a layaway for another two so I think I need to have a short time away from buying (unless I see a centaur tiny) which is my dream one at moment.
      I also would like to learn to crochet some dresses for my two littlefees but not sure how to start as im new to crochet
      Think that is about it
    7. March update!

      No concrete new goals to add this time. I'd definitely like to add more fantastical dolls to my household going forward. Bring on the beastfolk!
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    8. My 2019 doll plans were to stop buying any more dolls and complete my character shells which i have done so! > < although, i got 2 other dolls this year but i guess that would be it for the big Uncle sized dolls! I’m considering shelling deku, bakugo and todoroki from BNHA into dollfie dreams or maybe yosd? It’s a wish but we’ll see!
    9. So for the 2019 year I plan to:
      Update 2019-03-30
      1. Buy a cheap 1/3 girl body, preferably a sd13. I am thinking of sculpting one instead. Anyway, I will not be able to do anything until the end of the year.
      2. Get/Make a head for the body, which I already own. I plan to get Ringdoll Jason/Messenger head Ordered through taobao
      3. Make a taobao order in process
      4. Learn to make shoes in process. I have bought some pieces I have been missing, made patterns and tape forms.
      5.Sew some clothes in process, Got the textiles. I need to decide on style and what patterns to use.
      6. Maybe get another 1/3 doll/body? I want DF-A Su Yan :D I do not know, which year I will get him, but I am definitely getting him. I am moving this point to 202? plans. I am no longer sure I could handle such a big doll, too. :sigh
      7. Make more jewelry and accesories I have bought some rhinestones and other components for jewelry making. I still need to buy chains, cords and one more thing.
      8. Give my Harucasting Adori a new faceup
      9. Acquire bodies for my Unoa faceplates Moved to 202? plans
      10. Make wigs for Messenger. Made I wig stand. Will start making wigs in May
      11. Sculpt new and finish old dolls!
      I need to buy new glasses and new computer. :sigh
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    10. I just ordered my fourth doll. This year, I am going to focus on really building their characters and finally going to start dying one of my girls to fit her alien persona. Focusing a lot on wig making as well. Super excited for this coming year!
    11. my plans for 2019 is to really begin the customization stage of the hobby. so far I have managed to buy 4 dolls (mostly tiny's but still) but I have practically no face-up supplies nor any clothing, any eyes or honestly anything for my dolls.
      I do want to bring more dolls into my collection but at the same time, I need a job to get the money for those big purchases.
      I know one thing for sure though, and that is that I will either start a layaway or purchase in full: a dollshe robin and a somniacrawlerdoll Nara.
    12. First quarter (ish) updates!

      Faceups: Sano, Tendaiji, Chuo (all new kids coming in blank), redo Otakar, Dagny, Visha, and do at least three #looks with practice head Taotao. Maybe give Boris some blushed hair? Sano, Tendaiji, and Chuo's faceups have all been done! I've yet to start with Taotao, but I will. After that, it'll be time to redo a lot of faceups (more than the three listed) but I'm not sure where I'll start... Additionally, I've got one new doll on the way, so I'll have to do that too!

      Body blushing: Sano (at least his scar), maybe Boris. I haven't started either, but now the list is Sano and Soujou, and I might start blushing some hands.

      Restringing: Boris (the bottom of his torso needs to be replaced), Otakar. I haven't started, but this list also includes Dagny.

      Clothes: Chuo (first outfit), some day clothes for Dagny, get Boris some actual ding-dang pants, maybe a nice shirt or two. Get Sano his Shinsengumi haori and generally keep practising Japanese clothes. Sano got his haori! Boris has some really rough pants. But uhm yeah I've still got a lot of clothing to go through.

      Bodies: Bring the Money Mug to the bank and use it to buy Sojobo and Mugetsu's bodies and Nadya's hands. I got all of the above! I'm still unsure about the body I got Mugetsu, but that can wait. But this point is done!

      Mods: look into getting some less expensive modding supplies and sand out Vit's head/headcap. (If this happens, he also needs a new faceup). Maybe also Taotao's. Bought a dremel! The list is also now Vit's head/headcap seam, possibly Taotao's, removing Nadya's bust, fixing Visha's hip, sueding Soujou and Dagny, and wiring Boris' hands.

      ... Man I have a lot to do. I can't really start yet, but as soon as I can, I might just pick a doll and work on them until they're done. Hmm, now, how am I going to choose who to work on...
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    13. I hope I can own another babylamb this year.
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    14. I will finish sculpting and buy a body for that head. I need to buy some stuffs after that.
    15. Based on some of the goals I set I'm doing pretty well! I'm focusing more on buying things for the dolls I have instead of buying more dolls :sweat For the rest of the year I want to continue on this trend, And if I do want to buy dolls I first have to settle on bodies for my floating heads!

      Once it gets warmer out I want to get back into doing faceups as well!
    16. Updated again because I did some stuff

      Decided to do a new post with updates since a lot of my dolls got finished, and I have decided that the four heads I have left that need bodies are it for this year! yay!

      ~ 2019 ~

      Dollshe Grant Phillipe (using him for his body)
      Granado Lucky Bag (I have a body I'm not going to bother to sell so why not?) ARRIVED
      Meeksdoll Harlow head (poison ivy?)

      Need to buy:
      Body for my Death of the Family Joker (Dollmore Glamor Model in WS)
      Body for IOS Jaguar mod (Dollshe Pure Pale) (The Batman Who Laughs)
      Body for Rumpeldoll Morfeo (Dollshe Classic or Pure) (Man-Bat)
      Body for Narin61E head - highest priority (Superior Spider-Man) Ordered
      Second head for Narin (can be anything) for him to wear under the mask

      Jointed hands for Harley (SDF F)

      Mods and projects: Started
      IOS Jaguar is getting modded into The Batman Who Laughs.
      I am modding an Iplehouse Luo head to mod into Batman -- he done.
      My original sculpt, who's temporary name is Lump (his real name is Jack)
      Eye making. I kind of fell off doing this, but I want to continue and get better
      I have a crazy mod I want to try to my favorite subject – a Ringdoll K head DONE
      * maybe make a new tail and arm for 5Star Aiden
      Neck mod on my Dollshe Rhythmos body so the head will fit DONE

      Faceups and makeovers
      2 Ringdoll K heads DONE but I have another one that needs work
      Granado Xavier: face and a new wig. Not sure how to do the hair. I'll have to look into maybe getting a wig commissioned for him D: Faceup Done
      Musen Dual
      LTF Luna (Chibi Aishe) – faceup and scars
      LTF event that I can’t remember. RF? (Chibi Uriel) Faceup
      CP Delf Breakaway – wig, eyes, faceup
      Serenade doll rabbit - faceup, eyes
      Dollzone Carte
      Dollzone Carter on Hermit body
      Luts pumpkin head on Doll Chateau body

      Unoa Lusis
      Migidoll Miho (was in the head drawer and I decided to bring him back on a body also in a drawer)

      I have a few other dolls who need tweaking here and there, but this is it. I am more finished with my collection as a whole than I think I've ever been. So go me!!

      Superheroes/Villians who STILL need their costumes -- all these guys are mostly done. Moved to bottom of list
      Batman – has most of his costume but I need to tweak it.
      Moon Knight (regular costume-I haven't decided which one I want - white. I've decided on the white one)

      Clear out some of the things I don’t want anymore. Which means seriously selling some heads, and at least one body, and a lot of clothes. A lot of clothes. Maybe wigs too. Meh, why bother.

      Take better photos
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    17. Halfway through the year so I'm gonna be a giant nerd and make another quarterly update on my 2019 doll plans!

      Here's the original list of stuff I had planned, with updates:

      -get my Souldoll Robb painted and make him a decent outfit to replace the placeholder junk he's been wearing
      Still need to make him clothes...

      -finish modding my Granado Nightmare Boyd head, get him colormatched to the body I have for him and get his face painted, buy him eyes and new hands, make him a wig and something to wear
      Almost everything is done on this one; he's modded, sueded, colormatched, faceupped, has new hands, I ordered him eyes, I've sewn him a shirt, made his wigcap and the fiber for his wig just arrived yesterday. Just need to finish the wig and make him a pair of pants while I wait for his eyes to arrive.

      -finish the leg replacement mod on my Elfdoll Rita hybrid that I've been dragging out for absolutely ever because it takes a LOT of sanding and dremeling; restring her and buy her a new pair of eyes.
      modding completely successful! I got the Angell-Studio heel legs carved down small enough to fit in her Mirodoll body hip joints, sueded her whole body, and restrung her. Everything fits really well and she's totally functional with mobility and posing. The only thing left to do on this item is order her a new pair of eyes; I'm just trying to decide whether to stick with the same color she's always had or redesign her look a tiny bit.

      -replace my Supia Muriel hybrid's super wonky Doll Family hands and do some body blushing on her
      still haven't touched this project other than buying the hands....

      -redo the tattoos on my Islanddoll Noah hybrid
      I sketched out a design I was happy with and started to apply it to the doll...at which point I was extremely NOT happy with my own paint job and wiped it right back off before I got too far in. It was looking really thick and blobby and flat and not at all what I wanted. I'm definitely going to keep working on it; I'll get it right eventually.

      -learn to make shoes; I've been wanting to do this anyway and now I have the perfect motivation in the form of an Iple girl with huge feet who can't wear any of the shoes in my kind of large shoe collection
      still have not touched this one yet either.

      I'd also like to continue improving my photography and my pattern-making skills, and to make some headway on the torn-apart travesty that is my art/sewing/doll room. It's in mid-renovation and it feels pretty chaotic and isn't the most user-friendly work space or a particularly nice setting in which to photograph my dolls and doll projects right now.
      I completed two sewing projects for my dolls that I'd decided on specifically because they'd challenge my pattern-drafting abilities, and they both came out well, so I'm calling "improving my pattern-making skills" a win. I haven't taken nearly as many photos as I'd like to, but I have liked the ones I've done, so...that one is kind of 50/50 so far. Art room is still a completely gutted construction zone...progress has happened, but it's slow.

      And then there's also the head I want to at least start on trying to sculpt....! I've made quite a number of very blobby, very ugly practice heads in the last year and a half, and I wanted to hopefully get at least the beginnings of a decent one made in this coming year..
      I started her! And I don't hate how it's coming out! It's not perfect, but it's workable...it has at least enough of the rudimentary shape of what I'm after that I can keep working at it with some hope.

      -get my new, completely blank Angel of Dream Yuki painted, buy her eyes, make her a wig, and make her something to wear
      She's coming along slowly but surely....she's been painted for awhile, but I finally ordered her eyes from Soulinabox and her wig is around 50% completed. I had to scrap my first attempt because of wig cap fit issues, and the second try is coming out really well but I ran out of fiber and had to order more. It just arrived, so hopefully she'll have her completed wig in the next week or two. Then to sew her something...

      Overall I'm really happy with how well I've managed to stick to my hobby plans this year and how much I've gotten done, especially since I've been doing a lot of non-doll-related art (drawing and painting) this year and still managed to find time to work on my doll projects. I have great hopes of being able to finish the whole list by the end of the year, or at the very least all the parts that had to do with finishing unfinished dolls. I really dislike having a bunch of unfinished (blank, bald, eyeless) dolls, so ending the year with everyone painted, wigged, wearing their proper eyes, and dressed would be a huge win for me!
    18. Mid-year update! I've made some progress. :D
      • Bring home at least one of the following bodies: Switch 65 boy, Switch 57cm girl, SD16, SDGR Girl, or Sadol63. Girls are my priority this year! I've brought home two bodies! I'm saving for the third: the Switch 57cm girl. Then I'll just have one floating head left...
      • Face-ups for Oasisdoll Natalie, Migidoll Jina, Edelweiss Gideon, and Rosettadoll Zio. I picked up another head (Rosettadoll Agave) and she and Migidoll Jina are off for face-ups.
      • Taobao order for clothes - I did a small order from Greentime and I'm planning another for shoes!
      • Enchanted doll eyes order - Sooonn
      • Doll profiles!!
      • Practice sewing and face-ups
      • Attempt wig-making
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    19. So now it’s time to update my list for the second half of 2019

      Layaways are really killing me this year (too many company cancellations and cute, unplanned tinies suddenly jumping on board)...!:o
      • Continue paying off my layaway for Chinoiserie (Luts Senior Delf Kathy.) Done!
      • Continue paying off my layaway for Bellamorte’s Doll Chateau body. Done!
      • Continue paying off my layaway for Elvira (Doll Chateau Elizabeth.) Done!
      • Continue paying off my layaway for Candy Pop (Sio2 CrazyBear.) Done!
      • Continue paying off my layaway for (Soom Glati/Alk.) Done!
      And the rest of my current creative madness::)
      • Rework my extensive collection of Lego Elves as a special display for my 3 BJDs who rule that world (Lady Shalimar, Georgie, and Lady Shandre.) This is a huge undertaking because it entails redoing an entire room, building shelves, etc. Done!
      • Continue working on Patchouli’s (Volks F15 Syo) tie dye wardrobe. (15 outfits made...this retro fashionista is beyond done!)
      • Work on a special hat collection for my larger girls. (10 hats collected so far...and 2 more made.)
      • Continue taking part in the sewing workshop threads here on DoA, making outfits for any dolls who need them. (1 dark mori outfit made for Bellamorte, 3 fairytale skirts with matching head-bows made for Candy Pop, 3 more tie dye outfits made for Patchouli, 2 carnival outfits made for Aubergine, 5 Bohemian shabby chic outfits made for Birdie, 1 mori/dolly kei outfit made for Bellamorte, ...)
      • Create a very special display space for Chinoiserie (Luts Senior Delf Kathy) and refinish my grandmother’s old asian-inspired jewelry box as a sentimental and integral prop for her character. Done!
      • Continue working on my Chic Sparrow doll journal. (This simply wasn’t working for me...in the end I found writing their individual stories down in hard copy to be too finite and limiting. I missed the overall ebb and flow of my more fluid and unstructured imagination, which seems more representative of my dolls having real lives that are constantly evolving. Perhaps one day I’ll rethink this project...but for now, I’m putting it aside because I found it was actually hampering my creativity with my dolls.):vein
      • Face-up and body blushing for Candy Pop. Done!
      • Come up with a name and character for my Soom Glati/Alk. Give her a new face-up and body blushing. Done!
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    20. I see everyone else is doing their mid-year update, so here's mine :D
      1. Paint my Supia Rosy - Well, I started to but needed to wash it as it didn't look good and I couldn't come back to it since.
      2. Wait for a body to arrive (my Christmas self-gift) DONE (wasn't too difficult though)
      3. Do some manicure on my two big girls (oh Gosh... I even forgot I wanted to)
      4. Sew some clothes for them (dresses, skirts, tights, blouses and long-sleeved tops) - YES I DID IT :D Some dresses :)
      5. Take out for photos more often - In relation to the past year, I have indeed been out with my dolls more often. Not as often as I'd want to, but still :)
      6. Sell other dolls and acessories so as to have money for mine.- I partly managed to do it with some, but one person flaked on completing layaway, so... I sold less than I'd expected.
      7. Avoid buying new resin - I failed, but just a little. I only bought a mnf head :D
      8. Get in touch with some local meetup group - I failed at this one, but I moved meanwhile, anyway.

      So, out of 8 I managed to fill up at least a half, and since it's the middle of the year - it's not too bad. Still... many of those were just easy. Those that still need to be acomplished are tougher :/
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