2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. Whelp, for my mid-year update I’ve made... six successful doll wigs with another in progress (and two that were total duds, but that’s part of learning), so that skill is coming along nicely. I’ve only sewn one item that I need to revise and try again on, largely because I bought some patterns for my tinies that don’t seem to actually fit them. :doh I have bought some really neat clothing items for my dolls (my fave boy is collecting leather jackets at this point, haha) and I’ve swapped out some dolls, which led to some faceupping time. I’ve decided I need to work on new faces for my main guy and his brother on their spare heads, which also means I have to make them wings. Eek.

      I’m glad I didn’t say I wouldn’t buy any new dolls this year because that would’ve been a lie. :XD:
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    2. Re-style 3 of my dolls (one of which needs re-stringing): my KDF Bory, SD65 Bory and my Volks Super Dollfie Midi Dai.
      Get a new head for my Spiritdoll boy body
      Finish up my 2 recently arrived dolls and buy clothing for a doll I have on layaway
      Get a body for a doll head that is currently out for a face-up
      Get a body for a blank head I currently have ordered
      Finish purchasing face-up supplies so that I can finally start practicing face-ups

      Lol, some of this will extend into 2020, but these are pretty much my current plans ^^
    3. Ah, the mid-year update. It's come so fast.

      1- I've changed plans yet again for that one doll. I decided the head I already had worked fine for a different character without having to mod the head. I also found a sculpt that fit the first character. That head has been ordered and I'm still waiting on the shipping notice. The head that was already here already has a body, but I need to take him apart to dye him blue, and I don't have the wrist strength to restring yet. (I broke my wrist in February, not a good thing to do when you have ten dolls to restring...)

      2- I kind of shoehorned a character in because I thought about her and fell in love with the idea of her. So I set out to find a sculpt and Dikadoll Olivia fits what I'm looking for. I ordered her as well as the other small doll that I was thinking about adding to my wishlist at the start of the year. The Dikadoll is fully paid, and the other doll, a Resinsoul Pixou is currently in transit. I'm hoping to have a box opening on Monday!

      3- I'm down to needing only two bodies for floating heads. My Rumpeldoll Abaddon is here and waiting. I'll be ordering his body with the next paycheck. The other head (the one I just ordered for the doll with the changed plans in 1), hasn't arrived yet though I expect I'll be getting a shipping notice sometime within the next month. I'd like to try him on a few of the bodies I have already to see which one might work best for him.

      4- My photo project is a little behind right now. Vacation kind of threw me off, but I plan to catch up within the next couple of weeks. I do feel it's sort of silly now since I can't do half of the work I had planned (refer to 1 again - broken wrist earlier this year), but there's still a lot that I CAN do. I just need to make a point of getting the photos done.
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    4. My plans are simple. Just to buy a friend for my current doll :lol: she is pink themed so I am
      Planning to prepare for her blue themed counterpart.

      And of course tonfinish her diorama. The wood is almost ready to be assembled then I have to do walls painting, furniture, pillows etc.
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    5. 2019 will do make up for all my dolls..
      8 of them don't have makeup so I think that is a big problem for me...
      If I can finish makeup for them maybe I will buy one more yosd.
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    6. My plan for 2019 includes:

      Getting my first handmade BJD Casted in resin and holding preorders for them.
      Learning how to sew doll clothes, make doll wigs an eyes!
      Work on sculpting my second BJD
      and ordering a commission from one of my favorite doll seamstress!
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    7. I've completed all three of these goals! :thumbup
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    8. Since I am into this hobby this year, I am not quite clear with my plan. I am sure I will get IOS 80 boy Lacrimosa, and I am waiting for a chance to get soom Zak. They will come to Dollvie fair this weekend, I will see if they will bring Zak with them.
    9. I honestly had none, lol, but then DS Dolls rereleased Ferret as an MSD and I decided to take the plunge not just on the sculpt, but on a new size as well.
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    10. Last time (a looooong time agooooooo!):

      I am not planning to buy any dolls this year, though there are many I wouldn't mind owning.
      I have taking such a back seat concerning sewing and making things for my current BJDs that I don't think I could cope with getting one more unless one left my collection.

      So back to my 2018's projects that never got finished or even started!
      1. F60: vest, Beanies, medieval top, medieval shirt with decorations.
      2. Twigling/TL3: legwarmers, pullovers, jeans, dresses, hats, winter hat, wipe off her face up, new face up, dreadlock wig with beads.
      3. Timeless Body: shoes, boots, beach bracelets, tight top, tight vest, space tights, space headwear, space top.
      4. Feeple65: tighten fire wig, winter hat with long sides and pompom, long pullover, jacket, long-ish knitwear dress, skirt to wear with leggings, cheerful hood, brown shorts for steampunk outfit, weapon holder, steampunk/cyberpunk weapon, goggles/glasses.
      5. DC: boots, shoes, sandals, 'back/butt cover', wig, tops.
      6. MSD: leggings, jeans/trousers, a basic top, skirt, sandals, dentelle shorts, wig, grey boots.
      7. YOSD: Halloween pyjama set, Halloween sweatshirt pyjama, short white wig, LTF new face up.
      8. Super tiny: shoes, boots, coat.
      9. Improve on face-ups.
      10. Tackle 'how to make boots'
      11. Tackle 'how to make wigs'.
      12. Tackle 'how to make eyes'.
      13. Tackle ''how to make a head with multiple eyes".
      14. Tackle 'how to make a BJD".
      Aim: SciFi outfit for Timeless body, outfit for TL3, Steampunk outfit for F65, 'cool' outfit for B60-005, Woodman/Archer/Medieval outfit for F60.

      At the moment, I am concentrating on:
      14. How to make a BJD (it is so hard!)
      5. DC: making shorts for 'front and back ends' (I have an Amos).
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