2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. Hmm, as far as 2019 doll plans, I think these are my goals.

      -Clothing/Accessory budgeting.
      I have a tendency to be super impulsive about filling out wardrobes, I need to be stricter about that. Spreading things out is better.
      -No impulse dolls. No long pre-order dolls.
      I want to pretty much buy no new dolls for a long time, but I also know that would be super hard. If I have the budget and it's a doll on my wishlist, I'll let myself hunt for it. Otherwise no new critters, I can't start that vicious cycle again of super in love then they get tossed up for sale a few weeks later.
      -Make my own doll!
      The hardest one on the list. I have an idea that there is no doll remotely close to it available, so I have to start from scratch.

      Anything more than that and I feel like I'd just be setting myself up for failure :sweat
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    2. My 2019 plans look a lot like my 2018 plans, but with new and better willpower??? ~( * 3 * )~

      1) Make wigs.
      2) Purchase permanent eyes.
      3) Sew clothes.
      4) Face ups, body blush, eyelashes.
      5) Dye my FL Rens (when she arrives) and colour match my hybrids.
      7) Sell off any wigs/eyes/clothes that I don't need/want.
      8) Collect ALL THE PROP WEAPONS!
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    3. This year went by so fast...too fast! And here it is time to set new goals for the upcoming year already. I always make myself do this in order to stay focused and on task...it's like my secret little doll hobby trick for actually getting things done.;)
      1. First things first, pay off my final remaining layaway from 2018 (Volks SD13 F-15 Syo.) Make her a new wardrobe of tie-dyed goodness (by joining in on the Sewing Project threads every month until it's done.) And build her a fun collection of colorful wigs and eyes to suit her retro 60s flower-child theme.
      2. And once again Luts has snagged me during their winter event.:doh So I’ll be taking the majority of 2019 to pay off a nice big extended layaway with FF&D for the new Luts sculpt (Senior Delf Kathy) as well as additional Luts items like wigs, eyes, and outfits I’ve been wanting for a long time. I’ll need to find the perfect name and character for her, and create a very special display space for her as well. And finally, refinish my grandmother’s old jewelry box as a sentimental and integral prop for her character.
      3. Pay off the layaways for my Dollzone Tarot the Star head and her Doll Chateau K-05 body. Then work on her face-up while refining my ideas about her name, character, style and display. Make her a wig.
      4. Continue working on my Chic Sparrow doll journal.:thumbup
      5. Now that I’ve purchased my account upgrade, continue updating my Doll Profiles until ALL my crew are properly represented. (I really hope to have this completed by the end of the year.)
      6. Re-do the face-up on my Volks MSD F-04 Mire.
      7. Happy days! I was just able to snag a crucial member of my crew after a hunt that has lasted 7 years! My little personal fairy companion, Grannybelle, is finally being reshelled as a Fairyland Realfee June! So now she will need a face-up on all 3 of her face-plates, a wig and special eyes.
      8. And because I’ve finally found this very important and pivotal character for my collection...NO MORE DOLLS this year!!! (I really mean it this time!):eusa_naug
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    4. No new resin this year. All clothing and accessories!

      • Clean, suede and restring all the big dolls - maybe one of the MSDs since she's bad.
      • Clean out the closet and rearrange storage for faceup supplies. Fix up each box for each doll and one for general SD and one for general MSD stuff.
      • Stands for all SD dolls (8 of them!)
      • Stands for MSD dolls (3 of them)
      • New mask, new filters.
      • Update doll profiles here.
      Individual dolls:
      • Nomine (Soom MD Amber): Bomber jacket made, new casual shirt made, figure out pants for those hooves, pants for human legs made. New faceup.
      • Syrobi (Twigling Ingenue): Full outfit, shirt, pants, poncho, hat.
      • Heleri (Souldoll Shiva): Full casual outfit for 4-armed version, new pants, top, hair decorations.
      • Mirisa (Soom MD Breccia): Full casual outfit, dress outfit and new wig on the way. Casual shirt, pants, shoes. Maybe new faceup? I don't know if I want to wipe her company faceup yet, but if I find a good person who is open and the money is there?
      • Alexandra (Souldoll Swinte): Full outfit, shirt, pants, shoes. New wig, eyes, new faceup.
      • Lawson (Soom SO Wolf): Casual outfit, pants, shirt, jacket. Formal ish outfit, too. New shoes, new wig, New faceup.
      • Deimos (Doll Family-H Hui Yin): Casual outfit. New wig. Sleeping head painted.
      • Stella (Dollzone Clare): New casual outfit, potentially new semi-formal outfit. New faceup. New wig?
      • Unnamed (Soom MD Amber head on Heliot Body): New eyes, faceup. New shoes.
      • Sparrow (Withdoll Nana): elf ears modded on, faceup, satchel bag made.
      • Sienna (Resinsoul Li) and Lark (Withdoll Dark Elf Angela): nothing.
      • Finn (Soom Fosy): Faceup and blush
      • Aiden (PukiPuki Piki): Fix leg, new blush, new faceup, wig and outfit.

      Yep, big year for cleaning and updating!
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    5. My first doll will arrive hopefully either late this year or early in 2019. I'm very excited!

      I plan to learn a bunch of crafts, basically. I'm going to learn how to make wigs, sew clothes properly, and make miniatures. I'm going to get a practise head to learn how to do face-ups. I'd like to make a little room for him. I'm also considering putting another doll on layaway so he can have a friend, but that'll just depend on what happens in the rest of my life.
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    6. ahhh! Everyone has such great plans!!! I really want to try and learn some sewing and doll crafts. I want to make dioramas and such. I'm excited to see what a MSD girl feels like instead of a SD. I'm worried it will still be too big. I'm excited to have her. I'm thinking she won't be in until December or
      January, I bought her in August and it takes about 4 months to get to DDE. I'm worried about the post losing my mail in the holiday fuss
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    7. 2019 Goal:
      1. Get mocha brown Waseon!
      2. Get mocha brown Pavian!
      3. Get a Ryuzo for God’s sack! This was my 2018 goal and still didn’t fulfil it!
      4. Maybe a F65 :3nodding:
    8. My plan is to get a job so I can spoil my dolls! :) As for purchases, my dream buys are a Kid Delf Lio and a Mini Dollfie Dream, along with more catboy and catgirl dolls. I also want to make at least one wig and one article of clothing for any of my squad. Oh, and to get up the courage to dye my Pukipuki green!
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    9. No more dolls (or at the very least, SUPER cutting down purchases), a lot more clothes. :sweat I have a few dolls I've already paid in full coming early 2019, so I hope to direct my attention toward really developing and customizing them as well as my other WIPs
    10. Oh yes! I have lots of plans! Especially now that buying dolls is out of the picture for a while. (My wishlist has shrunk so small!). I'm just stoked, my plan was to not buy any more dolls in 2018 and while I did buy some dolls in the end, my doll count is actually lower than when I started which is absolutely amazing to me!

      So, what's in it for 2019:
      • Send Kenji and Taemin to my favorite artist for faceups
      • Finish Scheherazade's diorama/ display area
      • Spoil Wisp and little C with some clothes, specifically, because I haven't put actual effort in them yet
      • Last year was the year of shoes and eyes; literally everyone has new, sparkly, perfectly fitting eyes and enough shoes to go with their outfits, finally! So, this year the goal is to fill in my other dolls' wardrobes with their "perfect" items that are missing from them and get or make wigs to match.
      • Actually sew more clothes; I'm not the best seamstress but I will never improve if I don't try.
      • Μake character profiles for everyone!
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    11. My plans for 2019, in no particular order:

      - Paint all the blank faces, or try to at least paint half of them
      - Sew more clothing, perhaps set some of it up for sale
      - Get some of all the bodies home for the floaties I've got
      - Get home eyes and wigs for those who needs them
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    12. 2019 in general is going to be a budgeting and save up kind of year for me to get my first doll.
      It will be a year of researching.
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    13. Only solid plans right now concern the dolls already here. As much as I want to bring home another one, I don't have the space or funds right now. Plus, I have a couple of dolls waiting to be 'finalised'. Clothes, eyes, wigs, shoes that fit their characters and 'other personas' [a couple of them 'cosplay' other characters from time to time].

      If I find the funds, space, and time, I may get the head of the doll I want and make the body and completion my 2020 plans.
    14. Lol, 2018 was the year of the heads so I have a lot of work ahead of me in 2019:
      • Bring home at least one of the following bodies: Switch 65 boy, Switch 57cm girl, SD16, SDGR Girl, or Sadol63. Girls are my priority this year!
      • Face-ups for Oasisdoll Natalie, Migidoll Jina, Edelweiss Gideon, and Rosettadoll Zio
      • Taobao order for clothes
      • Enchanted doll eyes order
      • Doll profiles!!
      • Practice sewing and face-ups
      • Attempt wig-making

    15. I hope in 2019 I am not going to be doll buying crazy like I did this year. Bought 5 and about to buy another one. 2 or 3 of them will arrive next year but still... 6 dolls in a year! :(

      • Receive Dream Valley body and Dollzone head
      • Receive Ringdoll Akaoni (if she doesn't arrive in December)
      • Receive Ringdoll Wei Wuxian (still on the fence with him)

      • Buy Ringdoll Jade Human version
      • Buy Ringdoll Jade demon version around the secondhand market (may end up going beyond 2019)
      • Build a SmartDoll Sana when I go to Japan

      • Work on my Hiei doll from Yu Yu Hakusho; doll face and body, outfit, wigs creation etc
      • Sewing new outfit for my crew
      • Dioramas
      Now that I typed that out, I realized the same amount of doll is still the same lol about 3-4 a year... and continue to "receive" until 2020...
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    16. I'm planning on getting a Soom baby :)
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    17. Being new, I feel there is a lot that will come in 2019. I want to start making doll clothes for my dolls, I have two Dolls I want to purchase early next year for two characters I've realized I wanted them in doll form. Plus it will give me an excuse to continue and flesh them out since I haven't touched their idea in years.

      Try and keep doll purchases for next year to be no more than 3 dolls (so the two i have planned, and one for whatever surprises that pop up next year... it'll be hard to stick to only one, and fear that someone else will show up later and ruin everything haha!

      There are a bunch of skills I want to develop like learning to do my own face ups, continuing to practice knitting, learning to sew doll clothes, and learning how to best apply my ideas to the blank dolls I will eventually buy!
    18. My plan is just to get my doll and be serious with that hobby. I liked dolls for a really long time but I never really DID it and went all into hobby. I think it's because of money for sure... But just.
    19. My plan is to look at new offering and events that’s available for maybe Yosd sized dolls. On one side I hope they release something I love but on the other hand, I hope I don’t love the new releases and can save money...
    20. What I really want is for the rental gods to smile on me and let me move somewhere that I don't have to have everything crammed in one room, but given the market around here.....

      In lieu of that:
      * learn to use Flickr or something you change-resistant lunatic, photobucket is not going to magically change back.
      * relatedly, get sale pictures taken. The space problem is not going to be solved by hanging on to things
      * this goes for the floating heads as well
      * bodies or bust
      * maybe rs zhen (because dragon) and/or ltf shiwoo (because shiwoo). AFTER others get cleared out.
      * but you do realize bodies for the floating heads means that's actually five newbies right?
      * right????
      * hope that seedarts does another run of Wol so Tully gets a decent head.
      * more clothes, notably clothes that actually FIT because you keep buying dolls in weird in-between sizes
      *on a similar note, actually buy shoes. One pair each is not enough. Some don't even have that.
      *never enough wigs.
      *sit down and figure out who needs restringing, then do that. Get Nobuyuki's magnets while you're at it.
      * F A C E U P S
      *blush Mori. The sculpt deserves better and you know it.
      *stop looking at miniatures you hoarder we just had the no space discussion.
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