2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. My hope for 2019 is to actually own (adopt) a doll. As yet I haven’t decided which one it will be ! My problem is I have identified at least 7 who really appeal. What are the chances of a bank loan ...............:)
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    2. 2019 has me excited, everyone’s plans are very inspiring! The goal which I usually always break is NO NEW DOLLS :eusa_pray I would love to just focus on the ones I have and finish styling for some of them.
      - do more face ups and body blushing
      - work on doll safe storage/display
      -budget for new eyes wigs and some clothing
      -make time to take more photos
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    3. I need to focus on getting my Minifee some clothes as they are sadly neglected compared to the Pukifee! I also need to get a Facebook shop for my doll sewing up and running. I've been working on making eyes lately and I think I've finally figured out the perfect method so I want to keep working on that too!
    4. Save up money. Get Volks' Lady Oscar. No further plans. That one's gonna be expensive enough.
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    5. Next year I want to get mark at least 2 of my grail dolls off my ever growing list of grail dolls. I also want to attend a convention in Oregon (its horror themed this year, perfect for my first boy who is on his way to me now!), I want to learn to sew, I want to finish modeling, casting, and selling my first bjd, and I'd also like to make some new friends in the hobby. I'm new to the hobby so I think these are probably some good beginner goals for me :)
    6. 2019 plans.....

      • No new dolls! I need to focus on the ones I have. (I think I say this every year...)
      • Get some new outfits for my dolls
      • Sew some new outfits for my dolls
      • Get new eyes for some of my dolls

      I’m sure there’s a few more things but these are on the top.
    7. 2019? Actually not as much as previous years, since my collection is pretty much complete:

      --Get Meg a faceup.
      --Continue to commission clothes for everybody.
    8. I can't believe it's already been a year! I was able to accomplish a lot of what I wanted for 2018, so hopefully 2019 will be similarly successful.

      Current plans in no particular order:

      -Complete the Volks project doll I ordered. She'll be here next week and will need a head (and thus a faceup), hands, and suitable clothing.
      -Get the Doll Family H 65cm body in white resin for Ezra, secondhand or not.
      -Get the smaller Dollzone 1/4 body in normal pink resin for Ofelia. This might still happen this year, sales willing.
      -Commission faceups for Jun, Nuada, Ofelia (after she gets her body), and the project girl (after she gets her head).
      -Similarly, welcome Freya and Verdandi back when they return from their faceups.
      -Keep honing my sewing skills. Currently I'm good at pants and only pants.
      -Reshell Lorelei, maybe? Only if a perfect match comes around.
      -I'm still hoping to find a Merrydollround Fang within my budget but that's always a long shot. If it's meant to happen, it will.
      -I'm really happy with the size and scope of my current collection, so there's not too much I'm looking to add. Still, I want to avoid impulse buys this coming year and generally take things slower.
      -I've had a great time attending the local meetup so I definitely want to keep going with that. I want to take more ambitious photos, too.

      Here's to a new year!
    9. -2019 is going to be the year I finally stop procrastinating and learn to do face-ups!
      - Make profiles for my dolls
      - Take more doll pictures
      - Maybe downsize the collection a little? Although I tend to have the worse seller's remorse when I sell or trade my dolls!
      - I'd like to try some modding. I have a few older "project dolls" that I am restoring and it would be interesting to stretch a bit!
    10. -Sell my 1/3 head
      -Do my first good faceup
      -Possibly shell an oc
    11. I have a wishlist but first-sight-love always happens, you know.
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    12. I'm pretty new to the dolls and stuff. My plan is to know the system well and to start developing my own taste for settings and styles of my dolls.
    13. 2019 Goal:
      Get Meloni pale
    14. clothes! i have a 72cm body that was accidentally ordered and i plan to clothe him now that he has a head u.u
      i hopefully will also have enough to order an I.o.S. I next year.
      then there are a couple heads to be painted and a few bodies to be acquired.... i also got a couple I.o.S. Koo to find someone who can paint them how i want...
      but getting I and clothing both of the naked fellas takes precedence... so we'll see about the rest.
    15. -find/buy a perfect body for my doll
      -learn/start doing faceups
      -develop my dolls character more (and find perfect clothing, eyes)
      -learn how to make my own wigs!

      basically my goal is to "complete" my first bjd-character and while doing that learn as much diy-techniques as possible! ive always admired people who do their own doll-wigs and faceups,...but i really want to learn it,too.
    16. Next year, I wish to get more dolls ( probably 1 or maximum 2).
      My wishlist is currently filled with DD girls.
    17. I'm going to make a list, but we all know that I'm going to fail almost immediately, right?!

      • Faceups: Sano, Tendaiji, Chuo (all new kids coming in blank), redo Otakar, Dagny, Visha, and do at least three #looks with practice head Taotao. Maybe give Boris some blushed hair?
      • Body blushing: Sano (at least his scar), maybe Boris.
      • Restringing: Boris (the bottom of his torso needs to be replaced), Otakar
      • Clothes: Chuo (first outfit), some day clothes for Dagny, get Boris some actual ding-dang pants, maybe a nice shirt or two. Get Sano his Shinsengumi haori and generally keep practising Japanese clothes.
      • Bodies: Bring the Money Mug to the bank and use it to buy Sojobo and Mugetsu's bodies and Nadya's hands
      • Mods: look into getting some less expensive modding supplies and sand out Vit's head/headcap. (If this happens, he also needs a new faceup). Maybe also Taotao's.
      I'd also like to clear off a couple of dolls from my wishlist. My heart says the AoD Qing Jin for my Souji, but my brain is wrapping very loudly to get Tianzhu (Angell Studio Mini Gus, it looks like) and/or Konrin (OT DFA Pumi). New dolls are dependant on finances, though, and I can't even begin to guess what mine will look like in the new year. Fortunately, bar those bodies, I own everything I need to complete this list. So do it, me!
    18. I want to buy SOOM Lazule, SOOM Dia boy and Zaoll Luv.
    19. It’s hard to make up a plan since we don’t know what new dolls may be released next year :/ but I do want soom’s R.Shoshon in their special grey skin tone!!!
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    20. My plans are currently timid at best, but thus far these are it. Listed in the order I'll be, hopefully, doing them.

      Start layaway on Supia Juah
      Find a male body to fit and match
      Order body
      Buy Orville's first outfit and wig (already in cart)
      Order Doll Family-H Beilan head
      Find a female body to fit and match
      Order body
      Buy Jena's clothes and wig
      Find sculpts for Angelina and Yasu, maybe find something for Anthony and Simon.
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