2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. My plan is to buy a Dc Lance and possibly shell another cute girl( I really want a Dz b45-012)!
    2. I really want to have two boy sds and another girl so I’d have four dolls total. My venitu is the first boy that’s coming, the second I want to be migidoll or ringdoll perhaps...I’m still not certain haha. As for my girl I want supia juah or hael in tan. Wish their wait times weren’t so long though! I’m a second hand buyer so maybe I’ll see a few when I have money for it. But for now my other goals are to avoid spending since I need to move later and pay for college but a girl can dream.
    3. Here are my 2019 plans:
      - Packing my room for the incoming dolls
      - Faceup-ing the blank eggs
      - Try to sell some heads that I can't bond with
      - Get a body for my 2 Pygmalion doll heads cos Idealian's neck is too big for them
      - Get a body for my Bimong Narin or try to make a neck donut so he can fit on the 65cm bodies I have
      - Get a Soom supergem doll if a sculpt I like is re-released so I can share the body with my other supergem heads
      - Buy or make some clothes for my ID75 boys and ID51 that I just ordered cos it's too hard to find clothes for these sizes
      But I have so many bodies I want so don't think I will be able to get them all in 2019 money-wise :sweat
    4. 1) stop buying impulse dolls. Just stop. Dacrya needs a body. Famine and Lilith. We’d rheir wings modded on. Almost everyone needs wings. Many need faceups. Also, clothing Focus your energy there. And your money.

      1a) wings for: Balik (half started), Rina, Red, Lura, Dacrya, Chromis, fierene, Katherine, Laura, Venestus, Jack

      1b) Red, Venestus, Rina, Lura, Dacrya, Miracle, Byolo, Thanatos, lilith’s new head, azrael

      1c) clothing. You need to do that dollmore order (even if it includes some new resin...). E and C need clothing, Thanatos needs clothes, basically everyone needs it.

      Exception) Impl Aurora head, white skin. Dollmore Zaoll dreaming Luv, Kara klum heads. MAYBE: exception for one.... one impulse doll, or if a Pathos Tale Pan comes up. Possibly for Key, if the engraved f60 head comes up, or for Dia, if Dollshe has a good sale on 28M’s. Possible exceptions of I get a better job.

      2) armour for Rina, fierene, Lura, Lilith, E, C, pan if I get her, Dacrya, Chromis, Venestus, Thanatos, Jack possibly more characters.

      EDIT: apparently that f60 boy is happening
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    5. My 2019 dolly plans are boring...really boring -___- Since I have to save money for a down payment for a house, I simply won't be able to spend so much money on doll related stuff.
      So my 2019 plans are to focus on the dolls I already own and try to make them look nicer by giving them new face ups/modify some of them and sew them new outfits and make them new wigs.
      I would also love to get around to take more photos of them- including taking a group photo of ALL of them together :3
      IF I found the money to buy new resin, I'd love to get a new MSD body for my Bimong girl or bring home a yo-sd sized girl I have been dreaming of for many, many months... but I doubt that will happen ._.

      Wishing everybody best of luck with the 2019 dolly plans :daisy
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    6. 2019 plans:
      - Sell a few clothes, wigs & eyes I've been meaning to downsize
      - Attend US Dolpa in September
      - Hope no dolls or expensive outfits come out that I fall in love with

      It will be a year of saving mostly. I've got a move to a new state coming in August I really need to focus on saving for from now and I really want to be able to attend Dolpa again as my main goal for the year.
      If I happen to have a bit of extra money, I'd like to:
      - place an Enchanted Doll eyes order of 2-6 pairs of eyes
      - add to my boys' wardrobes
      - place a Crobidoll wig order of 2-5 wigs
      - be able to put up wtb's for the few older outfits & shoes I've been casually hunting
    7. Get everyone good wardrobes like I was supposed to in 2018 instead of talking myself into a few more dolls.

      And learn to make resin eyes. I bought the dang mold and still haven't done anything.
    8. For 2019, I'd like to...
      • Purchase the Volks Sailor Mercury DDS ✅
      • Purchase the Volks Sailor Mars DDS ✅
      • Purchase the Volks Sailor Moon school uniforms for Mercury, Mars, and Moon ♥ ✅
      • Return to Japan and visit Tenshi no Sato again
      • Take at least one picture per week of my dolls, possibly more when there's better sunlight
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    9. The plan is to get good enough at face ups that someone might want to commission one. Not that I actually want commissions, I just want to be able to have presentable dolls in my style without paying the cost of a new doll for one.

      Also to clear a spot in my room for the dolls. They can't stay where they are.

      Buy clothes and / or make clothes for the dolls I have and am getting.

      Lastly, Stop buying dolls impulsively. I've been having a lot of problems with that. I really need to think about things for longer before just swooping them up.
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    10. My plan for 2019:
      Get my first Doll!
      I want a Switch boy and a Volks girl.:chibi
      This is my dream...for 2019!!!
    11. -Hopefully my doll love gal should be in the mail soon, but with how customs are in the holidays... might be a next year thing. She's stuck in customs rn in Poland.
      -Finally finish sewing my Nyxyscreations Luna's clothes and Island Doll An-An's clothes (both got their faceups though!)
      -Buy eyes in a variety of sizes, for testing purposes with new dolls
      -Finally finish sculpting my doll, who is very close to completion! (then also finish the next one which has a lot more work to do, hopefully)

      And last but not least... Get at least two dolls from this list!
      -Impldoll Belinda.
      -5stardoll Elaine
      -Doll Family A DuoDuo Deer
      -Doll Leaves Yoko or Amara
      -Doll Leaves Maya
      -And so many more that are much more expensive so it won't happen unless my financial situation changes!
    12. haha me too! This hobby is burning my wallet.
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    13. This, 2018, year was unpredictable for me. I had planed to get DF-H Shan Nai or MYou Delia, and buy a lot of accessories from taobao. Instead I got two chibi Unoa faceplates and SD10 boy body... oh and 3 pairs of glass eyes.

      So for the 2019 year I "plan" to:
      1. Buy a cheap 1/3 girl body, preferably a sd13.
      2. Get/Make a head for the body, which I already own.
      3. Make a taobao order
      4. Learn to make shoes
      5.Sew some clothes
      6 Maybe get another 1/3 doll/body?
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    14. For 2019:

      - Maaaybe buy an Abadon head from Luts during their Winter event if they offer him in brown skin (to reshell Shia) (ABANDONED)
      - Maybe buy a coffee skin male body from Resinsoul to reshell Shia (or hold off until 2020) (ABANDONED)

      - Buy secondhand Luts centaur (To be named Sheiver) (DONE)
      - AFTER THAT... Don't buy a new doll! (I did an oops :doh) (Pet dolls might be okay...)
      - Pet dolls include: SytheticEphemera Pumpkee, Lanaisaevadolls Jackalope in black)
      - Orrrrr buy a Luts Zuzu Delf Persi to make into a bunny (DONE)
      - Finish Resinsoul Mei face-up, Luna (Also name her)(DONE)
      (Or sell her)
      - Face-up for Resinsoul Nian, Nepenthe (Also name him) (DONE)
      - Buy eyes and wig and horn for Luts centaur, Sheiver (DONE)
      - Sew poncho and shirt for Luts centaur, Sheiver (DONE)
      - Make accessories for Luts centaur, Sheiver (DONE)
      - Face-up for Luts centaur, Sheiver (DONE)

      - Actually do some doll photography
      - Organize doll supplies and materials (DONE)
      - Figure out how to display dolls (DONE)
      - Downsize collection

      * September Edit with New Goals:

      - Give Zuzu Persi, Corvid a Face-up when she arrives
      - Re-do face-up for Luts Centaur, Sheiver
      - Arm tattoo for Luts Centaur, Sheiver
      - Remove mods and body blushing from Mirodoll body
      - Re-do body blushing on Mirodoll body
      - Face up for Luts Pumpkin when he arrives
      - Use Pumpkin head on Mirodoll body, to be named Hollow
      - Make shirt for Hollow

      Dolls bought this year cuz I was bad: Luts Zuzu Delf Persi + Luts Bunny Ears, Luts Pumpkin head + Luts Pumpkin head accessory
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    15. I hope my Amanda Beauty will come sometime 2019.:XD:
      I need to sell some parts, hopefully people will be looking to buy them.
      I need to paint parts/faces, maybe modify that neck. Make some clothes, figure out wigs and eyes.
      There are a few releases that I should resist, but hopefully I can budget for merry doll round's Coppelia. Bimong's new girl will be hard to say no to as well, although I'm not sure when that might be released.

      I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! :kitty2
    16. My plan for next year, is to finish all my current dolls.
      I went through "dolly-purge" this fall, and sold majority of my dolls, leaving me owning only 3 dolls. And I hope to keep it that way :sweat

      When I sold my dolls, I was left in a situation, that I only own artist dolls and I have almost no clothing that fits for them. So, next year I plan on buying clothes for them - shirts, pants and shoes. Makes me laugh that this has been my plan year after year and I never feel like I'm making it happen :lol:
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    17. Considering I didn't quite manage to achieve my 2018 goal of finishing the doll I'm working on, I'm going to have to bump that up to my 2019 goal. I did at least manage to finally order her some eyes (yay for holiday sales). Still needs hair though. And I need to find appropriately drape-y dollweight fabric for an outfit so she's not just sitting around in her shift.
    18. I didn't even come close to finishing my 2018 plans, so I'm keeping my 2019 plans as minimalist as I can.

      -re-do face up for Keira (DIM Larina)
      -face up for DIM/Loongsoul BB hybrid
      -clothes for Elise (Supiadoll Noa)
      -white robe for Vindoll Michael
      -body for Gretl...maybe
      -reorganize doll cabinet/rethink doll storage

      I don't plan to buy any more full dolls or heads this year, no matter how tempting they might be. It's time to enjoy the doll family I already own and spend more time working on them.
    19. right at new years ill be going home and picking up my dolls, which ive been apart from for so long lol--so, 2019 will be updating their clothes, getting some new wigs/eyes, and maaaaybe sending my favourite boy off for a better faceup!? ive been waiting until i have them in-hand before i drop any money on doll stuff, but it's been a hard wait lol.

      all that aside, i'd like to keep saving to buy myself a new doll, a fullset from ringdoll. im probably gonna have to move again come may so idk if i can justify it, but ideally ill buy it for myself as a birthday or christmas present... part of me wants to just buy it now as a 2018 christmas present but, i really dont need to be spending that money, haha. ill just wait and buy a few things for my existing dolls to tide me over.

      after that, who knows! maybe buy a practice head and faceup supplies .... ? :evilplot:
    20. Bodies (Rainman pretty much scuppered my plans to get the floating head count down to nil... :sweat). I'm probably going to be going for a Dollshe 26F and a Dollstown 17 Vision for a start!

      If I manage to get the cash together, maybe a Twigling...

      And culling the couple of dolls in my group that get nothing done with them.