2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. Let's see... I have three dolls I'll probably be selling (after the holidays!! the post office is too scary in December). One layaway I will finish paying off in January (Cuartosdoll Hecate - big ole wolf) and a couple of miscellaneous purchases that will round out my doll's looks.

      I am planning to get rid of the extra clothes, accessories, wigs, parts, etc. I have and just have each doll as a complete display piece since that's what they basically are for me at this point. I never even photograph the poor things.

      I like the balance of the group I'll have left, with just kid and adult versions of three of my characters. And the kids double as their selves in the main story (one reincarnated, one ghost) so the only real duplicate is Emie in human and wolf forms. Which is awesome so who cares?

      ...plus my cute little skeleton BJD, but he's off topic anyway!
    2. Still can't believe that 2019 is right by the door *sobs
      Well 2018 me probably gonna beg 2019 me to stop procrastinating and learn how to do face ups!
      For dolls.. Hahaha my eyes kill my wallet !! Still rooting for SWITCH and hot dam 60 bois!!
      Yet my wishlist still being ignored..
      Hoping to grow some love for my first boy crobi (yes haven't got him a name just hit me haha).. and don't have to sell him away..
    3. 2019 will be year #3 for me with these wonderful creatures.

      my easy retired life allows me to simply follow my imagination through the days. the main plan from 2017 was pjs for everyone and I've managed that pretty well, last year it was about giving everyone a manicure and I've failed that completely...this year I am opening that idea up to trying everyday to paint without fear. I don't work the way most of you do, I use only acrylic paint over gesso --

      the biggest daydream that has been coming to me is turning a tall corner shelf I have into a treehouse with the bottom shelves being ground level and then a fox den. this space is yosd size and I have a bundle of this size doll coming so this I believe will be my other main focus for the year.
    4. I've honestly all but finished the wishlist I started 5 years ago when I started my bjd hobby, so I don't have any plans to buy any new dolls. I do have two heads in need of bodies, and two dolls whose hands I want to replace, but that's it as far as possible resin-buying for 2019.

      Mostly I want to finish all of my unfinished mod projects and get the half of my doll collection that's blank and/or in pieces all completed and put together. Some of the main projects I really want to do this coming year are:

      -get my Souldoll Robb painted and make him a decent outfit to replace the placeholder junk he's been wearing

      -finish modding my Granado Nightmare Boyd head, get him colormatched to the body I have for him and get his face painted, buy him eyes and new hands, make him a wig and something to wear

      -finish the leg replacement mod on my Elfdoll Rita hybrid that I've been dragging out for absolutely ever because it takes a LOT of sanding and dremeling; restring her and buy her a new pair of eyes

      -replace my Supia Muriel hybrid's super wonky Doll Family hands and do some body blushing on her

      -redo the tattoos on my Islanddoll Noah hybrid

      -learn to make shoes; I've been wanting to do this anyway and now I have the perfect motivation in the form of an Iple girl with huge feet who can't wear any of the shoes in my kind of large shoe collection

      I'd also like to continue improving my photography and my pattern-making skills, and to make some headway on the torn-apart travesty that is my art/sewing/doll room. It's in mid-renovation and it feels pretty chaotic and isn't the most user-friendly work space or a particularly nice setting in which to photograph my dolls and doll projects right now.

      And then there's also the head I want to at least start on trying to sculpt....! I've made quite a number of very blobby, very ugly practice heads in the last year and a half, and I wanted to hopefully get at least the beginnings of a decent one made in this coming year.

      If I get even half of that done in 2019 I will be so happy for real :mwahaha

      EDIT: well apparently now I have another item to add to the list-- my husband got me a doll for Christmas. So...

      -get my new, completely blank Angel of Dream Yuki painted, buy her eyes, make her a wig, and make her something to wear :mwahaha
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    5. I'm hoping to beef up some of my boys' wardrobes and maybe bring another boy home. We'll see!
    6. I really need to buy some wigs and eyes for 2 dolls i have and 1 I'll be receiving in January....
      Also want to buy and make them some clothes of course! I only have two outfits to share between 4 dolls ugh
      Need to save up for 1 more Switch body for the last one of my floating heads too......
    7. Congrats on your first doll! I'm getting my first one by the end of december as well! :D And I really want to try and get an Iplehouse Bichun in 2019 if my wallet allows it. ^^'
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    8. It's nearly 2019 already! I've been obsessed with dolls for nearly a year! :?

      2019 is going to be full of customising my first doll, so I guess that means buying a sewing machine + fixing up a wardrobe for him, getting him a wig, a face-up (I'm not sure if I want to send him to an artist or do it myself?? England's dodgy weather probably isn't great for MSC :sweat).

      I probably won't be buying any new dolls (except Dream Valley's Yo-SD Ian which I'll be buying in the next couple of weeks before he discontinues!) until late 2019.
    9. I will either be buying the Dollfie Dreams 2B and 9S or a MaskCat body for my MaskCat head and maybe Dream Valley Vine. . . .

      I have to decide what I am doing today since the deadline to order 2B and 9S is tomorrow. . . .
    10. Haha... so I had told myself there would be no new dolls for the rest of the year maybe a body if the right one on the marketplace showed up, but otherwise, no. Well, I have a boy on layaway. My first SD boy. Because of that, I have to buckle down with my plans for 2019. I can't be as casual as I was in my previous post. So onto the plans!

      1. No impulse doll purchases. There's a specific list of characters I've been pushing back. They come first.
      2. Doll Bodies. Those floating heads need their own bodies.
      3. Shoes. Too many dollies without shoes. Buckle down and just order them.
      4. Sew more clothes. Make your own and sell what you don't use to get some money back for materials (and anything else you need.)
      5. Make more eyes. Keep making and sell what you don't use.
      6. Finish permanent wigs.

      I think that just about sums it all up. But you never know... XD
    11. I often fall victim to not achieving my goals, so I've streamlined the process a bit by having only one main goal, and the rest are "would like to get to but probably won't."

      My overarching plan is to get my dolls to reach the point of complete units--the right body, the right head, optimized posability (so mods which allow their existing bodies to pose the most), the right underlying structure (so completed mods), and all parts matching (colormatching: dyeing and painting): so fix the canvases so that I can move on with other steps.

      My main goal is that I need to work heavily on all the mods I need to complete for my dolls so that I can move to the next phase: faceups--almost none of my dolls are faceupped, and the main reason is that they're not modded, or not color matched.

      If that gets done, I need to move on to wigs (which for some reason is more important than faceups) and eyes (I have several dolls that need custom handmade eyes, and I plan to try doing it myself).

      Finally, faceups and outfits would be lovely to get to, but I think I may only succeed with step 1.

      While this is ongoing, I need to list more items for sale. I have several things that I haven't put up for sale, and they need to go to people who will actually use them.
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    12. Hi guys!
      With the new year approaching I'm looking forward to paying off my Alice 01 and receiving my DC Hathaway. But I'm not looking forward to basically taking out a loan for DD's Rose of Versailles dolls. :XD: I don't have many friends in the community and genuinely look forward to see what other people are doing with their dolls. Even if its a novel I'd still enjoy reading about all your plans for your girls/boys!:hug:
      I figured I'd do the poll for fun! ;)
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    13. -Buy Magpie (dollits miso)
      -Dye Magpie blue, do her faceup, make her horns and buy her clothing
      -Commission French braid alpaca wig for Cecile (MDR Zuri) and curly pigtail wig for Magpie
      -Once Enna’s body (dream valley 3 arm one) arrives, dye it black and get her put together, also buy her neck connecter before her body comes and paint her minifee hwayu crown when it arrives
      -Get Cecile’s faceup redone to actually fit her character and start building her wardrobe and getting clothes would really wear lol
      -Buy zbrush and start 3D sculpting the grasshopper “centaur?” bjd girl I’ve been planning
      -Learn to sew and keep practicing faceups

      Basically after I buy miso I just want to focus on getting my current crew perfect and spoiling them before buying any more new dolls, but if I get them adequately finsihed I may consider probably either a supia Eunice or another MSD to add to the demon crew
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    14. Goodness, I have so many plans and I'll probably get to like a 1/4 of them!
      I'm waiting for three dolls right now, one of whom is on layaway (he's a Dollshe 55cm Arsene, so I have no idea when he'll be sent out, sigh) and probably won't get any more, unless I really can't help myself (like if Sio2's kitty Ragdoll is too precious or Myou's Zuzana won't be available anymore).

      Project-wise, I want to work on some crochet, jewelry, and furniture/diorama design for 1/4 scale. I've planned out a diorama using The Sims and now I just need to figure out how to bring it into reality while keeping things neat and stored away.

      I have two wigs to perfect - one for my Narae (Evie) (trying a yarn type right now and it's looking... ok.) and one for my future Dollshe (DS guy, still unnamed) when he comes. The head size is the same as Evie, so she'll be the wig model until he arrives.
      Then, I have some sewing projects to restart - some underwear, dresses, and robes. Plus, I need to remake Evie's eyes and test out eye colors for the DS guy. Won't know what size until he's in my hands, but I have a couple heads to use for testing.
      Also, I plan on practicing faceups until I can be confident in touching Evie's face.

      Plus, I want to try some sculpting for Atelier (his partner Isabeau might be an Alice01 from Ringdoll, but I haven't decided yet, since the scale could be off), since no one has a 1/4-ish scale sculpt of a big beastie like him (He's supposed to be massive and Evie is supposed to be short - about 5' tall, so I'm not sure what that means other than Evie gets to be my base reference). That means anatomy study!

      Finally, I plan to work on some scale art dolls to match everyone - sculpting some pieces in zbrush.
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    15. Doll plans for me would be to pay off the rest of a layaway by at least the day of my Birthday! I think I'm going to focus primarily on my current family which will be eventually two dolls haha. So that would be to practice faceups, and also sew clothing for them since outfits cost so much! I'll also have to look out for wigs and eyes, etc.
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    16. My doll plans are working on my one current doll. She needs everything. I would like a SD doll. I don't know what yet maybe resin or a Dollfie Dream. I also want to work more on sewing because I am horrible at it but I love making my own items for my dolls.
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    17. I plan to finish off buying my OCs, but the one needs some SERIOUS customization with clothing, so that's the other focus I'm gonna be thinking about. I gotta learn how to sew and use a sewing machine, soon. D:
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    18. I'm trying to get my current group "finished", with the right wigs and eyes, and face-ups. I'm trying to do any non-company face-ups myself, but I don't have much skill at it yet. I've been making them clothes, so they have gradually expanding wardrobes. I am currently waiting on a doll from Dollshe, and while I should have him paid off by the end of the year, but it's going to be a while before I get him. And a lot of them could use more shoes, since most have one pair. Blue sandals do not work with formal clothes.

      I'm planning to get a floating head I have a body, and that will be my first hybrid and my first modification project. I'll have to get the head/neck to match, and dye the whole thing. Unless I make the other hybrid first, since it will be less work.
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    19. I want to blush my Ruca, and the FID Lawrence I just ordered. :dance
      And because he'll be shelling a beloved OC of mine, he's going to need clothing, and special eyes, and props... <3 I have a couple of things for him already, if I'm honest.
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    20. This year had a lot of big life changes, so besides sewing and trimming wigs I haven't really done much with doll stuff.
      For 2019 I would really like to save and get my MSD girl a better body, now that I finally figured out which one I like. My smaller girl needs some shoes as well, which I keep putting off buying. I hadn't thought about buying new dolls, I'd have to see how stuff pans out as time goes by. But I'd at least like to get my two girls some new stuff; one fits Barbie clothes, so that's mainly been my bjd-related purchases this year.
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