2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

Poll closed Jan 2, 2019.
  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. No plans, really. I want to make a bigger purchase (new motorbike), so the dolls have to stay back a bit.

      If possible, I want to finish several projects. We shall see...
    2. Since I'm new, my only plan is to get the NieR: Automata 2B doll by the end of 2019~
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    3. I actually have a narrow focus this year! I am going to make some of my dream dolls. One is the mouse doll of my dreams and I have the Pipos cheese mouse on layaway. Then I'll get the body on layaway. Then I'm going to hybrid by own Luts Spica. I missed him and he has haunted me for years! With luck I might be able to make the bunny of my dreams as well. But I better not push it.

      With GREAT good luck I can get some bodies for my two floating heads.
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    4. Paying off my little fee girl and making more crochet stuff.
    5. Oh boy ok, here goes.

      Iplehouse SID Alberto for Conradd, (technically ordering tomorrow but he won't be here till into 2019 so he counts ok?) lol
      Faceup, Eyes and Wig for Con,
      Ringdoll Grown V1 body for Heiss (Dollzone Raymond)
      Horns and Faceup for Heiss,
      Get neck mod and colour matching for Kazuki (Elfdoll Vivien/Classydol hybrid,)
      Faceup, Eyes and Wig for Kazu,
      Dollzone Yuhan head (Unnamed,) to go on Immortality of Soul Class 50 body,
      Faceup, Wig and Eyes for Yuhan,
      Cuartos Doll Lell for Risi,
      More clothes and props for everyone!

      Why yes I do have too much stuff to buy/do and no I don't have enough money for it all. lol
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    6. 2019 plans are going to involve selling rofl.
    7. This is just a great opportunity for me to clearly lay it out for myself, so I appreciate this thread.

      The fun part:
      1. My ultimate grail body (DC A04) should be coming home in April or May, depending on some factors.
      2. Switch Dojin head coming home... at some point. He has to be shipped from South Korea to Japan and then to me stateside, so he's gonna be a little traveler.

      The less fun part:
      1. Chilling the hell out and not buying new resin.
      2. Finish up mods where applicable, faceups... general art stuff that can be fun, but takes a lot of energy
      3. Wardrobe building

      The neutral part:
      1. Set firmer boundaries with the community part of the hobby, because when I have no limits it sucks all the enjoyment out of dolls for me. Self care is important, my dudes.
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    8. Probably STOP buying dolls (but I have one more I need left) T__T why does everything I love cost a foot.

      1. Buy A 5th Motif Goohwa
      2. Get crazy crazy good at faceups (SOMEHOW)
      3. Finish waiting for Dollshe to GIVE ME my Amanda T_T
      4. Finish my character for my Soom Narmer
      5. Go to either a big korean doll event of Mr Hoffman's
      6. Redo my Iplehouse Edan, Casper's faceup
      7. Do a giveaway for my Instagram page once I get to a certain follower count ^_^
      8. Get my hands on a fancy rainbow alpaca wig
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    9. My plans for the new year will be:

      Getting my Atelier Momoni (Inala) her face-up and blushing
      Buying new clothes for my MerryDollRound Fang (Fumiko)
      Getting my Granado Vindoll Jupiter (Ronon) his face-up and blushing
      Buying clothes for my Iplehouse/Luts Saytr Yul (Sugar Baby)
      And getting my Ringdoll Rinku (Kuge) his face-up and blushing

      Gonna be a busy year... *_*
    10. I plan to have a tan-skin doll...either LM or PW. Missed this summer event...Sad
    11. Since I'm saving for a wedding (!) dolls will be taking a backseat a little... though I'll be finishing off my girl early 2019 before I get sensible xD
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    12. My main goal for 2019 is to have my dolls 1) here and 2) looking the way I want them to. I stayed true to my promise to not buy any more dolls, but I did WIN one in a contest. :XD: I'm going to send my Raspberry off for a faceup once one of the other two dolls arrives since I already know how I want her to look. I just need to get looks for the other two dolls planned out, and then I can send them all out, too. It's basically a matter of waiting and planning at this point! I have the money and the artists in mind at least. :3nodding: Very exciting year coming up ahead, and hopefully I can have all three dolls ready by the time Doll A-Kon rolls around in June.
    13. My plan is to simply work on the two I have now. Since I'm going to be attending school in 2019, I can't be too loose with my money. I want to be able to focus on studying and being able to pay for my tuition(I really want a job in the computer field. ;o; ). So, for now, I'm saving up money to get their bodies, and I'll probably be able to buy them this month since I'm working extra days at my work(who doesn't love more money 8D). After that, it'll just be putting some money for them when I can, and the rest going to school.
    14. I might focus on making clothes, wigs and especially shoes in 2019. Or even make a little doll. I have the clay but haven`t start it yet. I made a design for a special shoes before. So many be in the 2019 year I will try to make it
    15. I plan mostly to make clothes and customize wigs for my boys (after they arrive - if they arrive... This may as well be a plan for 2020 - Dollshe is kind of slow...)
    16. I recently got rid of a bunch and I'm hoping to focus on my current ones but who knows lol I will probably keep buying an selling, there's just so many neat ones and different companies i like to try.
    17. This year I’m planning projects for my current dolls. I started my first brushed-yarn wig and I hope to be able to hone that skill this year. I’m also hoping I’ll sew a few things for the boys, but it’s hard to motivate myself on that front because I find sewing so frustrating! Mostly I just want to kit everyone out, and do as much of it myself as possible.
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    18. I'd love to find the time to complete all my outstanding projects and start work on clothing patterns. I also need to clear out dolls I'm doing nothing with and make room for one more... One more... :mwahaha
    19. Congrats on your first doll! What I have planned right now is to sell off some of my dolls and accessories to pay off the Fairyland Rens I put on my credit card. :sweat Hopefully I can manage that without having to get rid of a lot. If take care of that and save up a bit I'd like to finally get the Resinsoul Yao I've been wanting.
    20. Hopefully Buy iplehouse YID Lucia & Lucian, KID Beau & Peach, and JID Daniel
      Finish my BJDivas SoulDoll 12month layaway
      Get my iplehouse Boris & both my Harucasting Adoris faceups
      Start sculpting my first heads
      Learn how to make clothes for my current dolls and incoming Harucasting E-Minor
      Finish shooting & editing my 2018 unboxing videos and make some wig tutorial YouTube videos