2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. My doll plans for 2019 are to get my first SD and YoSD dolls! I would also like to branch out more with some male sculpts and creature/pet sculpts to give my collection some more diversity!

      2018 has been nothing but bad news but ever since ordering my first doll back in June of 2018 I’ve been feeling so welcomed by this community and it’s made me feel so much a peace.
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    2. For 2019 I want to:

      - finish paying off my Souldoll Devonia layaway
      - get really good at wig making, make tons of wigs
      - figure out my favorite methods for eye making and continue to work on that
      - sew something every week even if it’s garbage
      - do at least one faceup per month, at least during the good weather months
      - finally dye a doll (could happen before 2019 tbh but I have a lot of home made gifts to work on before Xmas)
      - attempt an elf ear mod on my practice head
      - sell a few dolls, get my collection down to the really special ones
      - use money from selling dolls to buy a body for my Doll Leaves Noir head

      Seems pretty ambitious when I see it all laid out like that so I will also add:

      - don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish everything - there’s always next year!
    3. I’m waiting for my Luts Elf Nana and CrobiDoll Davi to arrive. Nana will arrive by the end of the month and I just finished paying for Davi so he should be here by March of 2019.
      They’re gonna be shelling 2 of my characters (Ephraim and Kaida) I’m so excited !
    4. My first plan is to get a cocoa momonita in the next pre-order, she's my number one priority!! Then I would like to try and get a Feeple60 Moe body for my Soony head. In terms of current dolls they all need some more clothes so that'll be on the list lol. After that I'm not sure cuz all my other wishlist plans are quite pricey cuz it's either full SD dolls or an SD body *_* so that may stay as far future plans for now haha
    5. EDIT: Wow I already have edits.

      Ok, here we go.

      ~ 2019 ~

      Dollshe Rythmos body
      Rumpeldoll Morfeo head
      Dollshe Amanda Beauty head
      Ringdoll White Rabbit full set
      Musen doll Dual – shipped!! already omg
      Ringdoll K head

      Need to buy:
      I've come up with two more characters I need as dolls so there is that.
      Body for my Death of the Family Joker (Dollmore Glamor Model in WS)
      Body for IOS Jaguar mod (Dollshe Pure Pale)
      Body for Rumpeldoll Morfeo (Dollshe Classic or Rhythmos)
      Body for Musen Doll Dual (Dollshe Classic or Rhythmos) ORDERED! :D
      Jointed hands for Harley (SDF F)
      *maybe* body for my DC Fergus head
      New head for Poison Ivy (no clue) - Current want is Dollshe Amanda head Paid, hope she works out
      Ringdoll K head(s) (maybe two – it depends) - oops I bought one TWO already
      *maybe* Two fashion doll sized dolls to be Teen Wolf characters (lol seriously)
      THAT IS IT. NO MORE DOLLS Oh well.

      Mods and projects: Started
      IOS Jaguar is getting modded into The Batman Who Laughs.
      I am modding an Iplehouse Luo head to mod into Batman
      My original sculpt, who's temporary name is Lump - he's ongoing but I will still be working on him in 2019 but I’d like to get him finished and cast in resin
      Eye making. I kind of fell off doing this, but I want to continue and get better

      Mods: Future
      I have a crazy mod I want to try to my favorite subject – a Ringdoll K head
      * maybe make a new tail and arm for 5Star Aiden
      Neck mod on my incoming Dollshe body so the head will fit

      Faceups and makeovers
      Granado Xavier: face and a new wig. Not sure how to do the hair. I'll have to look into maybe getting a wig commissioned for him D:
      LTF Luna (Chibi Aishe) – faceup and scars
      LTF event that I can’t remember. RF? (Chibi Uriel) Faceup
      CP Delf Breakaway – wig, eyes, clothes, faceup, body work
      Serenade doll rabbit - faceup, eyes, clothes
      Dollzone Carter -- faceup for both heads
      Unoa B-El -- faceup
      A couple of my Unoa face plates need redoing – I have to go through them
      My Mini group that I am redoing that will become Circus performers:
      RS Song
      Unoa L-Bi
      Dollmore Ujee
      Unoa Lusis*​

      I have a few other dolls who need tweaking here and there, but this is it. I am more finished with my collection as a whole than I think I've ever been. So go me!!

      Superheroes/Villians who STILL need their costumes
      Batman – has most of his costume but I need to tweak it. After his head is finished
      Moon Knight (regular costume)
      *Poison Ivy (after she gets a new head)
      The Penguin
      Robin (he also needs a possible faceup and hair and maybe body work, also a name. I don’t know which one he is yet)

      Space. I have none. I have got to rearrange my areas so the dolls have more room

      So I kind of got a start on this over the weekend finally. There is a long way to go, but I see a path now. Fingers crossed. Did even more to this. I'm on my way to redoing all my doll space!! Which is in my year plans every year.... --> SO CLOSE

      Clear out some of the things I don’t want anymore. Which means seriously selling some heads, and at least one body, and a lot of clothes. A lot of clothes. Maybe wigs too.

      This is the first year I did not put "take better photos" on my list and maybe I should add that.
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    6. Well, my plans are already changing and it's not even 2019 yet.

      I've got... 5 heads incoming. Hopefully, by the end of this year, they'll all be home. Three are currently imminent, on their way, and the other two are awaiting shipping. Then, I'm looking at putting a 6th on layaway. So, so much for focusing on those already here...

      2019 will mostly consist of what I originally intended, but it will also now consist of bodies! A new one for Ethan, if all goes well, and maybe one or two for the floating heads incoming. But, they can wait a while, if necessary.
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    7. Reading everyone's doll plans, I realized it might be a good idea to make more solid ones myself. I usually have only a vague idea what to do, then I get suddenly inspired and after that it's the ever familiar "how many months until I will be able to afford it?"

      Now I have two 20018 additions into the group of my original characters.
      One is shelled as a Soom Euclase in grey skin and is yet to get face-up, eyes, clothes, wings... So I would like to see him completed. But I have to admit, I sometimes think I probably won't have time and energy for such a big project as him in 2019.

      The other one is now shelled as a Luts summer 2014 head on a tan Supia body, but I realized she doesn't really fit what I had in mind, so I'm going to get rid of the body and the head and instead shell her as a Luts Spica on a Supia body.
      Which brings me to the plan of getting a Luts Spica in brown skin and also trying to dye the Supia body to match the head. I have never dyed a doll before so I'm simultaneously really excited about trying it and also 99% sure I am going to mess up.

      If actually also sew some clothes or buy three or four pairs of shoes that are now missing for everyone to be properly dressed, I will be quite proud of myself :D
    8. Most of my doll plans for 2019 are just transferring over from my 2018 plans list, but I hope to...
      • Make more outfits both casual and in character for Caspar.
      • Make more outfits both casual and in character for Callista.
      • Make Caspar's traveling quilt.
      • Do photoshoots and photostories with both dolls.
      • Pick a face-up artist, save up for, and get Crobi's face-up done.
      • Make clothing for Crobi.
      • Find and buy wings for Callista.
    9. My DV Cloris is on her way home to me!!!! Got my shipping notice yesterday. I can't wait to get started on her!
    10. My collection nearly doubled in 2018 (though some might not actually arrive until January...), but also it's been split up between two houses for most of the year and I haven't gotten to enjoy my two big girls since April, so 2019 will DEFINITELY be a "focus on the dolls I have" year.

      • Buy a head for my Narae40 body when it arrives... planning on Minisup Hayul
      • Paint the two blank dolls and two floating heads
      • Jade: new faceup, bust mod
      • One full outfit (w/ shoes + accessories) for everyone (attempt #3 at this goal)
      • Check off one of the doll cosplays on my ever-growing list (Maybe Saber? Or Luka? Or the FE Robin I started on ages ago?)
      • Practice photography, take some new profile pictures
      • Finish off the missing details from Rebecca's Chii costume and do a photoshoot
      • Fairy box for the teeny-tinies
      • Couch for the bigger crew
      • Try dying wig fiber
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    11. Well, my plans mostly revolve around a character of mine I'm planning to shell. I already ordered her head, a Switch Taerin, so next year I have to find a body, do her make-up and get her clothes. Here's a little layout of what it looks like:

      And of course, I need to focus more on my current dolls! :sweat
    12. I want to try to make my first little doll. And I plan to play with the dolls that I have now. Because I finally have free time, and I feel like a dark creator, who has many, many dark plans that he has been carrying for a very long time and will finally be able to fulfill them all. Wish me good luck =)
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    13. If there was good natural light I might focus on my dolls but it's cloudy everyday so I can't take photos or even paint since artificial lighting confuses me while painting because the colors are not accurate and I can only get good photos with natural lighting. I want to focus on my dolls more but I can't do it because of that :( I wanted new dolls but I lost the lottery entry I was hoping to win .I will probably buy a new doll from volks or soom but for now I just want to focus on my current dolls .
    14. I really wanna get my hands on a villitunes doll and possibly a SIO2 bleater in 2019! Other than that, my YoSD size girl needs some shoes. qvq Humble plans to start with, but the new wdolls will of course spin off into doing their wardrobes and faces etc.
    15. I love this poll :3nodding: though somehow I’m sure out of all the posts maybe 2-3 of us will truly stick to our plans :lol:

      I’ve been planning on downsizing my crew for a long while now, but I’m not sure of how to start. I’ve already packed most of the clothes that I don’t use and plan on finding the time to post them :sigh

      Other than that I’d like to focus on my two main OCs and perfect their characters, tattoos, and attire :kitty1 while waiting on some dolls to arrive in 2019 and have them get face-ups :blush I can’t wait!!

      This is to wishing no more of buying new dolls :sweat
    16. For 2019:

      Paying off:
      - Nothing Sapiens Aua and Tardigrade
      - DC Pluto

      - Nothing Sapiens alien they have teased

      Focusing on (current dolls):
      - Doll wig, eyes, outfits and face up for my Aua
      - Doll wig, eyes and faceup for Pluto
      - More doll stands for my current collection

      So my 2019 is already planned out. There is always the possibility of unplanned doll purchase of course, but hopefully I can resist.
    17. I usually don't like listing my plans, but as long as I don't take it as pressure to fulfill it all and keep it fun, it should be okay. I hate making lists and not being able to check everything off. >_< But here goes:

      (highlighted are the in progress and highest priorities)

      DoA Specific:

      -Retire from the DoA staff. Not sure exactly when, but this is the year. I have been actively doing this for 12 years (out of the 15 years DoA has existed) and I can't do it forever. This should finally give me the time and energy I need to do the other things on my list.
      -Make Profiles for my dolls, like seriously, I haven't made any. Even making one will be a goal.

      Parts to buy:

      -Rumpel Morfeo needs a Dollshe Rythmos body (also I need to find him a name!)
      -Fairuzah (Seed Arts Wol) needs a body (Doll Chateau? ShinyDoll Thaasa?)
      -Djuna (Edelweiss Gagnon) needs a body (Switch 65? Aria 18?)
      -Studio Naiko Kanji needs a Doll Family H 68cm boy body (and a concept, a name, a faceup)

      Things for the otherwise completed crew:

      -Swift needs to be shipped out to @Amet for a faceup Done
      -Sean (SD17 Williams) needs tattoos
      -Lex (Switch Sohwa) needs tattoos
      -Kyūya (HM Omicron) needs more rings - one for every finger!
      -figure out what to do with AiL Bertram since the character was reshelled and I want to keep him

      General doll crafting:

      -Try making wigs again, it's been a while
      -Try making anything with all the doll scale/weight fabric I've bought

      Waiting on:

      -Rumpel Morfeo is away getting a faceup from SDink ~<3
      -Mystic Eyes for Idris, it's almost at the two year mark since I ordered fffffffffffffffffffffffff
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    18. My current plans are to work on my current doll, and possibly buy a few more. But since she needs her faceup finished and blushing done (weather isn't agreeable), I haven't made too much progress yet. I'm hesitant to work on her clothes other than drafting patterns and testing muslins before I do her blushing, as I don't want to accidentally stain her body before I've sealed everything.

      I started a project journal for her, and aim to keep it up, but with the thunderstorms we've had this past week, and now the heat (pushing 30°C and it's not even noon), I may not get much done for a while other than the clothing.

      I was planning on sueding her after I do her blushing, but now I'm wondering if maybe I should do it before, to make the most of my time. Hm.
    19. Wow :nowords:
    20. I want to buy a new SD girl as the main character from my nanowrimo novel)) And maybe a boy for her or some characters from another story, but I'm not sure yet.
      And of course Koya needs faceup and some outfits :)