2020 Doll Plans

Oct 16, 2019


What are your doll plans for 2020?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2020.
  1. Buying new dolls

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  2. Paying layaways

    47 vote(s)
  3. Working on the dolls you have

    226 vote(s)
  4. Sculpting

    35 vote(s)
  5. Making clothes/wigs

    152 vote(s)
  6. Practicing your faceups/body blushing skills

    119 vote(s)
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    1. Being new to the hobby (Oct 2019) and going a bit crazy on the doll purchasing, my 2020 plans are:
      - Finish my collapsible roombox setup (this is for taking photos)
      - Decorate my doll shelves (where all my dolls will be displayed)
      - Only purchase doll related anything once my last doll is paid off (approx July 2020)
      - Hopefully there will be a preorder of 'She is a Dragon' and that will be my only other doll purchase in 2020. If not, I am sure something else will come up
      - continue to enjoy making things for and playing with my dolls
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    2. :aheartbea Update on my plans! :aheartbea
      • Purchase a Luts Honey Delf Sherbet in March
      • Continue paying on my Luts Delf Anna Marie layaway (hopefully pay her off early)
      • Buy an outfit for my Kid Delf Bory
      • Put an Myou Doll MSD boy body on layaway
      • Continue getting face-ups, clothes, shoes, etc. for dolls that need it
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    3. EDIT: oh no I did things I didn't mean too
      Bought my favorite a new body, which means I have extra body I can make work for the Morfeo
      Did a trade for a body, and then had to buy a head to go with it
      Also I want a Black Canary doll now

      So I have a few plans now, and I figure it might be good to keep track of them somewhere.

      Parts I need to finish what I've got:
      Body for Morfeo head
      Devil Hooves for Hellboy - 1/6 size
      Unicorn Hooves 1/4 size
      Devil Hooves 1/3 for Lucifer (?maybe? I don't know if he really needs hoofies. might be cool tho)
      Wings for Lucifer
      New doll for Chibi John
      Possibly a new body for David, I hate his Soom one.
      **Oops I forgot one - I need a new Iplehouse EID head for Bruce Wayne that goes with his Batman head better.

      Also Possibly someday:
      Body for modded Joker so Sherlock can be a thing again
      Body for TBWLs and oh yeah I need to finish those mods
      That amazing-looking Horus doll*
      The three headed witch doll*

      * I probably won't get either of these but they're so amazing they're on my list.

      Organize my doll parts. They're out of control. I have a large drawer of heads and a large drawer of bodies and random dolls and a large drawer of everything else. I could make like, 6 dolls at this point, of extra stuff.

      Organize clothes. Maybe get some new 1/3 stuff.

      take better pics. I say that every year and it never happens but you never know.

      Mods on TBWL
      the head I started sculpting and never finished
      make eyes again.

      That's not too bad. I can do....some of it.
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    4. Okay, so, some things have updated already. That sewing machine was borked, so I had to buy a new one, after never even getting the use the old one. The sewing repair shop just handed me the feet and took out to the dumpster. But I have one. And I am slowly but surely learning to use it. Here's to making something on it finally.

      Also, after all these years, I finally bought a camera! With money I probably shouldn't have spent, and buying accessories I probably didn't need to. But I bought it! And I am dying of impatience for it to arrive. Maybe I'll finally put more than one picture on my Instagram. Filling it out is also on my list.
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    5. I think I might try making YT videos this year. I can never find the kind of videos on bjds that I'd need, and I wonder if others feel the same?
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    6. I want to get crafty this year. I'm thinking:

      -Finally get into shoe making
      -Finish a previous yarn wig and branch out into other materials
      -Make at least one clothing piece of accessory per doll every season
      -Just maybe get into resin crafting and make some eyes or little props
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    7. I haven't done this in quite some time so I can't remember what most of my previous doll plans were but better late than never

      As for 2020 Doll Plans:
      • get a body for Shimo
      • get a body for DearSD SwD Megu
      • figure out the dolls I have and get them more clothes
      • take Nadeko out for photos more/take more photos in general
      • buy Yumeko shoes
      • get Mafuyu a shorter wig
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    8. So my plans changed...again lol

      Dolls/parts I plan on purchasing this year:
      • Myou Doll Nina (tan)
      • Doll Family-A Mitu (tan)
      • Doll Family-A Little Peach + 26 cm Body ver. I (dark tan)
      • Doll Chateau K-02 Boy Body (WS)
      Dolls I plan to put on a long layaway:
      • Doll Chateau Alan Elf Head (green)
      • Doll Chateau K-Body-12 (green)
      Other plans:
      • Continue getting face-ups for dolls
      • Pay off my Luts Delf Anna Marie layaway
      • Buy clothes, shoes, etc. for those who need it
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    9. This year I need to get one boy and one girl SD body for some floating heads and I’m considering another msd size. But what I really need to work on is organizing the bits I have. I did just buy some UV resin because I wanted to make some super glittery eyes. I also need to do some intense wig styling and finish up some sealing and eyelashes on my face ups. Other recent projects I wanted to start was making some hats. We will see how that goes, I might find it’s harder to make what I imagine without some sort of pattern.
    10. For now my plans are:
      - Waiting for my Granado Enoch to finally arrive and pass customs
      - Finish my Norman Reedus Minimee project (Still deciding on a body)
      - waiting for my Dollshe Arsene (which will probably not even arrive this year XD)
      - Searching for a Granado Vindoll Michael in tan (since Vinyl dolls are so much easier to take to conventions etc^^)
    11. For the start of the year my plans are:
      -Try not to buy new dolls (No more than 10! )
      -Buy bodies for all spare heads (Which is quite impossible: since one of the head souldoll vito size is a premature in medium size, but I don't want a brand new size, it would be expensive and hard to get his accessories:()
      -Buy fine tailored clothing for my beloved Robin<3 and other dolls as if it fits
      -Sell all resin medium size dolls I own
      -Find a suitable wig for poor old Arsene, excepting one or two, all the wigs I own somehow looks weird on him
      -Do a satisfying face make up for doll
      -Take good photos of dolls:eusa_sile(I am supppppper bad at photo taking)
    12. My plansto date:
      - Finish sewing the outfit for my Kid Delf Bory
      - NAME HIM :XD:
      - Pay off my layaway for Qiong Qi beast version (hopefully early)
      - Buy both my boys new wigs and eyes
      - Sort out clothes for Qiong Qi because he'll be naked
      - Get a cute satyr for a project
      - Practice face-ups and body blushing
      - Resist the urge to put my doll goals on hold to buy my spouse DC Victor
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    13. It's been four months since I wrote down my 2020 plans and there have been some minor adjustments.

      I'm still working on the dolls I have. In fact, I'm taking a small break from sewing to browse the forums right now. I'm hoping to have two new outfits done by the end of the week for two of my dolls who have been needing an updated wardrobe. I still plan ear mods, making eyes, doing/redoing face-ups, as well as the more major mods I need to do.

      I have ordered one of the bodies I need. I plan to order the other in fall when the company I plan to order from usually has their anniversary event.

      I have decided on a sculpt for Fletch and I plan to order him before the end of 2020.

      I've also made plans to buy another doll who isn't going to shell anyone from the main storyline, but he's still pretty important to me. I'll be paying him off in March.
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    14. I had planned on focusing on my current dolls this year, but I've already ordered two dolls! It's only February! Might be a rough year for my wallet.
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    15. I wish this year can end all the dolls i've. Buy bodys, clothes... maybe new makeups!
    16. Welp, I'm now trying to buy a head for a sculpt that I've kind of wanted for a long time, so wish me luck! And then he's going to need a body. Oof.

      Still working on clothes for my Crew, but now I realize that I'm going to have to get eyes for some of them as well!

      Twyla, my weretiger girl still needs a faceup and wig for her tiger head too, Sternauge needs me to make his merman tails, which I've never made before, and I have fabric to make Chiyoko her goth lolita dresses and....

      So. Many. Things. These dolls are SO very needy! :whee:

    17. My plans are definitely to work on dolls that I already have! I want to make a wig for my new Enoki to fit the style I imagine for her and work on putting together various outfits so they all have more options to choose from. I'm interested in practicing faceups too now that I live somewhere with more space for crafts!
    18. Hum I wanted to answer the survey but I can't (or I don't know how ?)

      Anyway, my doll plans for this year are
      - buy new dolls ! For now I really would like an Iplehouse Arvid and a Dollshe Rey Lewis. And an other girl but I'm not decided yet.
      - Sew clothes for my two girls to make their characters completed
      - work on their story, maybe make some photostories with it
      - sculpt pet dolls (dogs and horses 1/3 size mostly)

      In fact, it's more than a bucket list
    19. 2020 WILL be the year I get my first tan skin doll!
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    20. The two major plans are Jo from Volks and R from LLT. However, both are sold in terms of lottery. Praying!
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