2020 Doll Plans

Oct 16, 2019


What are your doll plans for 2020?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2020.
  1. Buying new dolls

    136 vote(s)
  2. Paying layaways

    47 vote(s)
  3. Working on the dolls you have

    226 vote(s)
  4. Sculpting

    35 vote(s)
  5. Making clothes/wigs

    152 vote(s)
  6. Practicing your faceups/body blushing skills

    119 vote(s)
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    1. I've ordered Ringdoll's Great Mentor (grown) Hui, and Doll Chateau's Noah with a Sharon head. I received a practice head for faceups, and I have made a number of eyes this week. I'm hoping to attempt to sculpt a full size doll soon enough. I know it's a huge undertaking, but hey, might as well give it a try.
    2. I would like to order a DC Vincent before he is discontinued for sure! I would also like to look into making or buying some clothes and wigs for my current dolls.
    3. I am saving for an Iplehouse BID. I will be getting another BJD as a souvenir at a doll luncheon. These may be my only two for 2020, unless another doll calls out to me.
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    4. I bought a LUTS Corni so hooray for doll #2 and I’m saving for a Smart Doll but who knows if the SmD will happen this year lol

      And of course, clothes. Always clothes for Chloe and the new doll to arrive whenever.
    5. My main doll plan in 2020 is preparing for Dollscar but I suppose that this one can go to hell beacuse of the coronavirus.
    6. I jinxed myself. Not only have I not sewn any projects for them this year, but we got two new dolls and hopefully might get a third if things turn out right for us. *sighs* At least most of them are out of their boxes now. :sweat

    7. Finally paid off my LittleFee Shiwoo's shipping fees, so now I'm waiting for the notice to tell me that he shipped. :evilplot:

      Which means I need to find clothes and a wig for Ichi-chan. He wasn't in my 2020 plans at all, but I'll make an exception for him since he's a grail doll. He's going to end up a redhead, and I'm still debating on what color eyes I want to give him. I hope that he comes with his cat outfit, but even if he doesn't, he probably won't wear it very often.


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    8. If I can afford it, I plan on buying a permanent body for one of my boys, when I feel I can afford a layaway for it and maybe an outfit for that boy.

      But, that also depends on Granado's releases, if they make any [with the current way of the world], and if I can afford a layaway with them.

      Also, I do wish to move on some of those I've come to neglect too much, to free up some space and funds. So, I need a bright day that I have free from other responsibilities, where I can photograph and list all those I've organised for rehoming. That way, I might be able to do both the body and a third Granado guy! While I'm at it, I'll have a clear-out of unused accessories and clothes.
    9. I had 2 dolls on my wishlist (well, a full doll and a head)- those 2 have been ordered, so for the rest of 2020 I will try to save up money for bodies.. which is sort of boring really :sigh
    10. I have one doll (Supia Nael head + Nobility female muscle body) on my waiting list.
      The international situation is very uncertain now... :(
    11. I am still hoping for the convention since it is towards the end of June but we will see. I've done a trade, head for head and found an extremely tempting deal on another head I've loved for years. I also bought a girl to be Kensetts girlfriend, a Withdoll Nana in grey. While I've also been working on inventory in case the Convention happens. Things are changing at Pointless Lore and Pub.
    12. Right now my plans for 2020 are to get all of my current dolls their proper wigs and eyes, work on finding shoes for everyone, and finish up everyone's wardrobes. I added dolls to my collection pretty quickly this year so I need to catch up. I also have one doll that I need to sell as she doesn't really fit my current collection.

      As for future doll purchase I believe I just have one more planned for this year. I hope to bring home a Iplehouse Soo later this year. Looking at my current budget I will be able to order her and her accessories in June or July.
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    13. Hoping to order a Volks from the FCS at the beginning of April. If there isn't a sculpt I love, I'll buy from another company and wait for next month's FCS. I'm strongly considering dolls from Luts and Angell Studio. In total, I want to get three dolls this year (not including off topic dolls I'm eyeing), so I have to narrow it down to just the right ones. Who knows, my luck with the Volks FCS could be bad and I might not get a doll from them this year. But once I order and have sizes, I'll spend my wait time buying clothes, wigs, and eyes.

      That's all assuming I'll have the money with the pandemic going on, things could get worse and I'll have to wait longer for my plans. As of right now, my budgeting looks all right but who knows with the way of things.

      A big thing I gotta do this year is get a display case. I have a rowdy cat and I don't want to stash my dolls in the closet where I never see them. So that mean investing and making space for some new furniture.

      Also I'd love to try making it to a doll meet sometime later in the year. But that's more of a vague wish than a solid plan atm.
    14. I really want to buy a DD! DD is cute and lovely! But compare to bjd, I am afraid DD is difficult to maintain, it's soft.
    15. A display case is also in my plans for this year. But, that means I'll have to move things around in my bedroom. :sweat

      And, once the pandemic is over, I'm going to host another meetup at our local IKEA. :whee:

    16. Well, I wrote down my plans when this thread first began but I haven't kept them very well. While I haven't bought any BJDs, I did buy several OT dolls. Now I have dolls that actually need clothes so I hope to get back into sewing. Plus my big thing is to restring almost all my 1:3 dolls. They are getting quite old & their elastic is shot. This should be interesting as I don't have much strength these days.
    17. Well my purposes this year with bjd I went through the wish list and 25 dolls stayed in 10 or less, and ... I put one before yesterday.

      The best thing of all is that half is the head of one place, the body of another, I love to do Hybridations, I hope to finish some of those that I already have and make up one if or if and remake another.
    18. I wrote that update only a month ago, but things have changed so much since then so I figured another update is in order.

      I most likely won't be dog-sitting this fall so my plans to buy the doll I chose to shell Fletch and the body for the other doll will need to be put on hold. I was going to use my dog-sitting money to pay for both in full. I may be able to do layaway instead for either one or the other, but not both.

      Also, I'm currently in quarantine with only a couple of my dolls and a very limited crafting supply, so working on my current dolls is mostly on hold too. I can only work on the ones I brought with me (and again - limited crafting supplies). The rest are packed in boxes ready for the move we have planned in July, but depending on the situation, I might not be able to go back by then. I packed them so that my husband wouldn't have to.

      I received the doll I paid off in March (he was secondhand) and I'm still waiting on the body I ordered.
    19. My main plan this year (and into next) is going to be getting bodies for the floating heads I've ended up with. I've ended up with a DollPamm Icarus, two Doll Chateau MSDs, and a DollZone Noel head that all will eventually need bodies, and I want to re-body my DollZone Mo since I'm not a fan of his old body.

      Other than that, I want to finish up developing characters for all of my dolls and come up with "official" outfits for everyone.

      I'm probably going to avoid any other major doll purchases, unless a Soom Cheshire (with fangs) or a Soom Nor (with elf ears) comes up.
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    20. I'm getting a Trinity Doll from Dollmore. Somehow. Someway. She's the missing link between one set of my dolls and the other that will bring the entire family together. Can't wait its going to be epic. If only if weren't for that little problem called MONEY.
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